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November 13
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APRIL 26, 2012 11:58AM

Liveblogging my lunch- updated with pictures

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Lunchtime fountain
Representative potato plant. They sprouted last night!!!
Old fashioned hydrangea. Horrible to mow around.
Blackbird on a stick.
Thanks for sharing my lunch time!


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So, I am at the Port waiting on my Brickhouse sandwich, which just came out. Roast beef, horseradish sauce, whole grain bread & veggies. Off to sit by the fountain now.
Yummy. I'm eating pasta. May I join you for lunch?
Liveblogging is new concept to me. Sounds sort of Facebookian. Your lunch sounds better than mine which I am eating now: ham and American on a Deli Flat with a dill pickle. Two Hershey kisses for dessert. There's liveblogging right back at ya. R
At the fountain. Presumably 60 degrees but feels warmer, enough of a breeze that I'll probably eat my hair, too. I'll post a pic later- the phone won't let me do pictures. I'll let you know how the sandwich tastes.
I'm hungry, hurry up with that sandwich!
MM, Gerald, glad you could join me!
I hate to eat and run, but I have to go to work now. Thanks for sharing lunch!
Very tasty sandwich, and the fountain just shut down.
MM, thanks for stopping by!

Erica, I wish I could have delivered.
Sunshine, breeze, people studying and napping, NKOTBSB Don't turn out the lights on the headphones. Good times.
I seriously need a pedi.
Sounds like a good sandwich. It's not quite lunchtime here but I'm thinking chicken gizzards from Go-Chicken-Go.
This title sounds dangerous. You aren't having an upset stomach are you???
Hi Phyllis : )
I haven't been around for awhile, how's the garden? I see the potatoes are planted! Home grown -- yum!
Hope your day goes well, hi to Indiana...
OH, just finished breakfast here, on Late Start Thursday. Wanna' smoothie?
I love my kid's school. Just when you cannot get up for the school morning rush one more morning, they start this late start stuff. I love it. Fortunately, I work from home, or I'd not be so thrilled with this...
Nana, I love chicken gizzards! The only place I know around here to get them is KFC. So jealous.

JT, hi! Is it a fruit juice smoothie? Yummy. I wish I had late start day. 7 a.m. every day. Pooey. Things are going well. The marigolds died so I planted some old seeds and watered them. Onions are growing. I need to get salad planted.

How are things out west?
And the fountain came back on and doused me. Who plans these things?
And time to go back in. See you later!
Sorta like Twitter, huh. I just finished - leftover asparagus, mashed taters and cornbread. Then a dark chocolate mousse with raspberries my wife and daughter made last nite. I'm sated! Bon apetit, youse guys.
ah, message received! Good old psi...
in Quantum Physics, it means: a waveform,
and is used in various forms of the Schrödinger Equation.

Schrödinger Equation:Solutions to Schrödinger's equation describe not only molecular, atomic, and subatomic systems, but also macroscopic systems, possibly even the whole universe!

How clever you are!

I might liveblog my weekly session with my prostitute...
Hey we're doing pizza today...Lyhn likes Jalapeno on her's.
Mine was healthier - soft boiled egg and asparagus.
One, and I do mean ONLY one tiny bakery in this part of the capital city (Naha) makes the most delicious mini (maybe 5" in diameter) pizza with real cheese (dairy is a no-no in Japan.

Just had one and am going to bed now (3:20am).

SHHHHHH - don't let any of the diet bloggers know (am not doing good on this "diet")

I missed all the action. I had a leftover salad with grilled chicken, mozzarella, grape tomatoes, red onions, green peppers and ranch dressing, a little container of hummus and a multi-grain sandwich thin. Ate outside in the raw NYC air, very stimulating.
Matt, gourmet! Impressive!

James, that would be, um, interesting... But would your prostitute appreciate the inattention to her charms?

tg within, sounds yummy.

Sarah, that is healthy.

Mark, sh-h-h-h, your secret is safe here.

Julie, very yummy.

Erica, that sounds good! And fresh air is good, too, isn't it. :0)
my prostitute is a well read eastern european gal with
amazingly long limbs, such as legs and arms.
she thinks she is superior to me.
just cuz she can recite vaclav havel and also kafka.
plus, the damn woman knows her freud.
and! also her poe, i dunno why.
she did her apprenticeship
in france, i think.......

um the pt was:
shrodingers equation says you are gonna get alot of ratings
not on this,
but the next post.

it is not reliable, this equation, for we are in the quantum realm
and ya gotta take into account the higgs boson.
whatever that is.
James, you are too learned sometimes. I looked up Higgs Boson, but I don't have time to get a PhD in Physics right now. Why not just concentrate on your prostitute.

Maureen, every day by that fountain is meditative. It sounds like the beach.
I ate air and some water. For dinner too!! !Teehee!! What? :D
Tink, I will always share my sandwich with you.
Heh reminds me of my 2 sisters constantly updating each other on what theyre up to over Twitter.
I've never had a Brickhouse sandwich but it sounds yum. What's for dessert?
icy, that was homemade zucchini bread. Yum. I put in dates instead of nuts, no raisins, and this was a new recipe for me that used sour cream. Really tasty.
Late breakfast of whole grain toast liberally smeared with unsalted butter and orange marmalade with coffee.
More pics of the growing garden please.
Such a breath of fresh air Phyllis.

Life is fun!! Yes it is...
Can't wait to see the recipes and fresh veggies spread all over....
Nice idea, "live blogging". Right up there with Video Diary!
Here I come licking my lips, looking to see some sumptuous delicacies and all I get is potato and hydrangea... rare roast beef, that's what I'm fixing today...
Thanks for the share. Quite lovely.
Mission, hopefully we'll have green beans and cabbage soon. I need to plant more, too, but it got cold. Pooey.

Ash, I'm glad you liked it. I don't know about me on video, though.

jmac, rare roast beef sounds tasty. I was too hungry to photograph the Brickhouse.

Mary, hi! Everything is lovely this spring.
Thanks for this peek at a slice of your life.
John, anytime! I really love lunch by the fountain.
My prostitute likes to hear me talk physics.
She thinks I am one smart dude. Plus, your fountain picture
gave her a naughty idea, which we did, but she wouldn't let me
live blog it, cuz she wanted me to read to her about that
Higg's boson, which you don't seem to like.
She giggled at yr blackbird on a stick.
James, a giggling prostitute sounds like fun. And you are, indeed, one smart dude. Glad your friend liked the fountain.
I love roast beef sandwiches with horseradish and eating them by a fountain. Or any body of water. Even without a body of water.
Stim, I find everything tastes better by fountains.
Wow, this is one looooong lunch. Hydrangeas are a nightmare to mow around.
phyllis, i encountered some of yr wisdom on another blog.
"(Mundanity -did you know this word has two definitions and they totally contradict each other? Noun 1. mundanity - the quality or character of being intellectually sophisticated and worldly through cultivation or experience or disillusionment 2. mundanity - the quality of being commonplace and ordinary)"

i feel this might be rather a deep spiritual truth, is
why i am quoting it back atcha.

mundane men, calling prostitutes... on the telephone...
quite ordinary, and yet when you get the right gal,
things get extraordinary...she works her trade to pay for higher
education, she says...she is in Yale....

she once told me, "jimmy, you are so much wiser than
all my profs."
I said, "am i also a better lover?"
she sighed and nuzzled me saying, "sort of not even a question, babe'

Now she wants a blog on OS.
My whore.
She wants to tell of mens' deepest erotic secrets,
and i say, go for it.
Matt, indeed. And well worth it. Sated.

James, if she does, I want the link. I need to learn these secrets again.