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November 13
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MARCH 10, 2012 7:49PM

Easily Mislead and Missing My Tag-Along

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Some of you may have noticed I hit follow on a certain avatar. I didn't know, at the time, who that avatar was. I have unfollowed.

These past two weeks have been a time of unspecified anxiety and nightmares for me and today I am just mad at the world because my Dad threw away my Igloo Tag-along Cooler that I've had for almost 30 years, kept in mint condition, and loaned to him for a trip. He forgot that it wasn't his and didn't want it anymore so he pitched it. I spent a couple of hours on-line today looking for a new cooler but they don't make coolers in that design anymore. The lid was removable and flipped over so you could set cans into the little circles. I would put mine on the floor of the passenger seat and only clip the side closed next to me so I could easily reach over and grab a snack on a trip. The best part was the long, adjustable canvas strap for a handle, which meant I could hang it on my shoulder and keep my hands free for other things.

I loved that cooler. A lot. It was freedom to me.




Mine was blue with a white top and a blue strap with thin white lines running through it, but you can see how convenient this little thing would be.  I won't buy this one, though. I'll keep looking for something for me now.

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I have a favorite cooler like that too, Phyllis. I's in the basement now, but I used it this summer when I took a trip out to Oregon. I instantly recognized the lid that flips over and becomes a convenient place to put down a can of pop or beer or whatever. I can see where losing something like that is like losing an old friend.
Oh, too bad!
I can relate exactly.
I used to have the best cooler that fit just so under my canoe seat...my favorite items packed in there perfectly...
ps -- I'm not sure what the first sentence meant, but I'm guessing it wasn't fascinating at all, if you know what I mean?
nudge, nudge.
wink, wink.
...as we all try not to hurl.
John, you get it exactly. I hope Dad stumbles across mine as he finishes wrapping up his house, but I'm not holding my breath.

JT, you know, too. Isn't it amazing what those little coolers represent. And you're right, the subject of the first sentence was not fascinating at all. nudge, nudge
Oh man! I'm sorry about that. I hope you find one you like.
Thanks, MM. I did some random Googles and found a whole new world of coolers so I feel a bit more optimistic. Life is changing every day, I just didn't expect to lose all of my friends along the way. :/
Sending you hugs. Sounds like you need them today. Here is a joke for you:

A minister was seated next to a cowboy on a flight to Texas. After the plane was airborne, drink orders were taken. The cowboy asked for a whiskey and soda, which was brought and placed before him. The flight attendant then asked the minister if he would like a drink.

He replied in disgust, “I’d rather be savagely raped by brazen whores than let liquor touch my lips.”

The cowboy then handed his drink back to the attendant and said, “Me too. I didn’t know we had a choice.”
That's a good one! Puff is asking what's making me laugh. I want a choice!
Sadness, family can make us so crazeeeeee! Wait... I'm having a brief moment of euphoria because no one else has access to my stuff. I have a lot of things that are old and seem irrelevant but I find very useful. Still miss my old onion/nut chopper. The new one is not as solid but I've moved on. I hope you find the right cooler, at least the search is entertaining.
Bleue, isn't euphoria nice. I won't be loaning out the new cooler, that's for sure.
How annoying, I hate when people do that kind of thing. I have found myself not offering to share things I want to see again, as they rarely return and, if so, not close to the condition they were loaned in. I guess you get to find something new, and perhaps some new adventures to help break in the new tag along.
I know how you feel. I lost something too, earlier today. A comment. Someone threw it out instead of asking me if I wanted it back. Nudge nudge, wink wink.
OB, isn't it sad that it has to be a choice between who gets disappointed.

Margaret, you could always get a restraining order stating that all utterances are your legal property and can't be deleted without going to court. nudge, nudge.
Me, too. Mine's red and white. I think it's buried under Mount Junkmore in the basement somewhere. Maybe it crawled there on its own, its feelings injured by my neglect of late.
frustrating. both.

you never know around here.

but then you do. secrets don't remain secrets forever. cartouche maintained two of the most popular writing personalities on this site for the longest time. when she admitted to being her alter ego o'really?, the shit hit for a week or so. but she created the second name to explore comedy writing and didn't want one personality to influence how you perceived her words in the other.

most of the time though, it is impossible to maintain more than yourself. being who you are honestly, is hard enough.

dad is a knucklehead. we have a bunch of those in the family. I've never lost a cooler, but I've lost a million books, clothes, pots,jewelry, dishes (recently MY FAVORITE COMB THAT I AM FINDING IMPOSSIBLE TO REPLACE THANK YOU, YOU RIDICULOUS LITTLE MONKEY)...all kinds of stuff. it's frustrating.

I hope you find the replacement soon. but you can't really replace old one. that one had all the memories. except, this one will have the memory and the laugh (hopefully) about your knuckleheaded dad and how he gave away your favorite cooler and you ended up with this one.
Chicken, dig it out! Dust it off! Relive the good times! Or send it to me... You don't have to do that. Searching for a new one is bringing me to the present. A growth opportunity.

Monkey, I agree that keeping one personality up to date here is a lot of commitment. As to Dad, the parents had a history of disrespecting my stuff and I worried but I thought I had impressed my wishes on them this time. A lot of this is disappointment on being found not worthy of respect again. Good luck on finding a comb. That really is the worst thing to shop for. I dread the day I lose mine. It's about as old as the cooler was.
Maybe he did you a favour.
After about 29 years they acquire a funky smell.
He probably did, but not because of the smell. Store them with the lid off is the secret.
Addressing your first point, which I suspect refers to the same avatar Margaret referred to in her comment above, I just visited it where its most recent post resides in the "most viewed" feed, with only 1 rating. I found that many of the comments in the thread have been removed, including mine and all of Kim's. The avatar did leave several comments critical of its post, so evidently it has no interest in a discussion as to why it always gets an EP within a handful of minutes of its late night postings. My comment suggested that instead of Emily perhaps the offender is higher up the editorial/management food chain. I mentioned Kerry...ZAP!!!
Just stopped by to rate and say I wholly endorse Chicken Maaan's comment. In fact I doubt I could have said it better myself.
Chicken, I'm not sure who you mean, and it is excruciating to do a search on a phone. The person I discussed has only ever gotten one EP, which is still one more than I have. I admit, I do wonder about the DOs sometimes. It's almost like there's an algorithm in place to tag them as soon as they're published.

Matt, thanks for the R.
I can't keep up with all this either!

shit. someone give me the details. QUICKLY. I feel as if there's a big twist party somewhere and I'm sitting in my livingroom watching lawrence welk.
Alright, Monkeyshines, here we go now: a-one and a-two and a-...
I always remember my first cooler purchase. I felt so grown-up and self-contained. That sure is one snazzy cooler...nice colors.
Beth it is the strangest things that make us feel grown up, huh. That's what this cooler did for me, too.

Monkey, maybe the key to Laurence Welk is actually drinking champagne while listening to the music.
I am totally confused but still hope you find a new and improved cooler!!!
LL2, thanks! The search is the journey, be it for enlightenment or a cooler.