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SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 2:38PM

Hurts so Good.... The Reasons to Get Out of Bed Series

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 I am going to attempt to do a series of things that are "Reasons to Get out of Bed"....a true heads on approach to the parts of my depressed mind that are in my control to change.

Keeping it simple, to start...

For example:


I think this is the most addictive, sweetly angsty, beautiful pop song to come along in well over a decade:






I have heard this song  maybe.....100 times? More? I never, ever get sick of it. Ever. EVER. It's weird. The video is fun for the look of it (and the Eric Roberts cameo...mmm mmm handsome.), but really, the song just kills me.

(Kills...heh...pardon the pun.)

By that I mean I feel the melodies in my chest.  Takes the melancholy and turns up the sweet....ouch, but gooood ouch.

What excites me personally about The Killers while it is  often the case that once past your teen years music rarely affects you in the way it did when you were young, this particular band makes me drive along again, for the first time in decades, with them cranked to full volume screaming my head off to the song. This band makes me feel young, delights me with it's originality, how each song is so different from the next it is almost hard to recognize them at first, and just the true FUCKING EXCELLENT BAND sound they have. Also....quite a few of them are pretty enough to make my panties wet.

Now that they have been around for many years and put out a few albums, I keep rediscovering them and taking fresh delight in their brilliance. first reason to get out of bed is this. The Killers.


Hopefully much more to come.





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I miss men wearing eyeliner.
for you, I'd give eyeliner a try...
oh Brian...I love you and smother you with kisses.
I gotta say - that first Killers album. That's desert island material. Not a bad cut on there.
The Killers have provided the musical score for my life of late, especially their song All These Things That I've Done I totally agree...Very talented.
Very cool idea for a post theme. I agree, this song is great. I don't love The Killers overall, but this one is awesome. Thanks for putting it in my head.
Sheldon, I am with you. It's a perfect album. Perfect like her are. Up there with "Nevermind the Bullocks", "Los Angeles" by "X", and "Graceland" by Paul Simon.

Lynnnn...Hells yes.

Robin...see answer above.

Sorry Alysa....once it's doesn't leave.
If I started to write a list of the music that would get me out of bed and scream my head off I'd still be here at Christmas. Well, maybe it wouldn't take that long, but you know what I mean. Rated!
I used to wake up every morning to Jewell's "You Were Meant for Me". I like The Killers but that's still the standard for sweetly angsty, beautiful pop songs. It's been over a decade now though so I guess The Killers will work too.
Interesting, P13. It's quite well done. Loved the costumes (bet you did too) and the music/lyrics work.

BTW, That's Eric Roberts playing the jaded old man, right? God ... I'm ancient.
Sorry you're feeling blue, but THANKS for turning me onto the Killers, I love them!

Do you remember the ABCs?

I think the easiest way to help battle the blues is walking. It really helps, inside and out.
I am older than you so my sing the lyrics loud and proud would be The Police Bed's Too Big or the Cure's Love Song... never tire of them.. Great post. I like the way your mind works.
Cure is my favorite band...I'm 42, Missy.

Walking is always good. I do that daily. Now I am looking for more.
BoRed....The Costumes are the shit! I adore them. In fact "Mixed Period Romanticism" is going to be a future topic.
Bed's too big without you.......bed's too big...without yoooooouuuuuuuu.....

Yeah..Nice. The Police. Another reason.
And yes...that's Eric. Fucking gorgeous.
Nice song and what a wonderfully stylized video.
Brilliant writing idea! Also the video (and song) is visually beautiful. I enjoyed it very much.
Ok, but have you heard Richard Cheese's cover of "Somebody Told Me"...?

And Bingo Jet EyeLines...Steve Miller....just saying!

Nice post :) Hi!

- ds
Hi sweetie...not Richard Cheese, but I did look it up and listen...

I am afraid I don't understand your second sentence at all! Sorry!
I am such a musicphile I'm going to have trouble with this one( see any post I've written!). But I'll think on it....

I think darkside meant to say Big Old Jet Airliner. I just did a tribute post to Steve Miller which will be posted next week for his birthday.
I did, in fact, mean to say "Bingo Jet EyelinER", sorry...thanks for the correction.

Richard Cheese is...well...I just find him funny as sin, and I met him after his concert, and he's a genuinely kind man, and a tremendous liberal to boot.
I loves me some libruls.
I am a musicphile too, schmoopie...I just picked someone random that I loved.

I could write a huge piece on Adam Ant alone...but I am thought of as weird enough.
Oh I can imagine you'd like this video. It's as if you produced it!

Though I beg to differ with you greatly on this point, Ms. Persephone:

"that once past your teen years music rarely affects you in the way it did when you were young..."

Wha? You didn't say that! Not true, not true. It's with age that powerful, heartfelt songs mean more. (I'm working on a list now of bands I like more the older I get.)

There's very few things that turn me on more than putting make-up on a pretty man. There. I said it. Sigh. Oh I had such a pretty boyfriend who let me indulge in this fantasy to the nth degree. I couldn't wait until I was done. Then I'd make out with him, smearing his lipstick all over the place.

I like your series, by the way. It IS the small stuff sometimes, many times.
Beth......oh Beth...I SO understand. HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT.

And HOT. Thank you for sharing that..I understand, personally..more than you know.

I am glad you kept your passion for music. Mine is there but is a low, glowing fire for music, rather than the huge flash it used to be..

Art...on the other hand...fine art?....will get me buzzing until the day I die.

You are right.....I could have made this video..cept if I made it, it would have damn plot you could follow. Also, somehow, I would have to be in it, and Eric Roberts would have to kiss me, and this would require many takes.
Love the Killers! Another dark song I love (and which I think you might enjoy) is Bjork's Isobel (Deodato Mix)

In a forest pitch dark

Glowed the tiniest spark

It burst into flame

Like me

Like me

My name Isobel

Married to myself

My love Isobel

Living by herself

In a heart full of dust

Lives a creature called lust

It surprises and scares

Like me

Like me