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MAY 19, 2009 6:13PM

Show off

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Ok, so I am SO freaking proud of how my "Leda and the Swan" earrings came out I have to show them off...




But seriously....when you think about it...




You better be one hot fecking monkey lover to be able to seduce and land a fluffy lipped redhead in the guise of a BIG FREAKING BIRD.


Who makes this stuff up?


THIS thought is helping with me with my misanthropy. 


Have a nice day!

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WOW! If I'd made those, I'd brag, too! =o)

Very nice work! Now I want some. Rated
These are beautiful. This kind of work must be so rewarding.
Those are stunning, really.
Exceedingly cool - and I'm sure, a welcome break from misanthropy - those are gorgeous!
Incredible work Persephone, vintage, unique, elegant.
Those earrings are HOT! I happen to be a fluffy lipped redhead so I am jealousing!!
Those are kick-ass! Great job..
Omygod! Those are awesome.
i love your work, p. you really are talented... and kinda hot.
kinda Cap'n? bite your tongue- Ms P is boiling hot
Gorgeous earrings! And I like your new photo, too.
Beautiful earrings! Beautiful new avatar.
You are showing off, and you every bit of talent and right to do so!!!!
I'm not a "jewelry person" but those earrings are to die for.

My favorite ancient bumper sticker: HONK IF YOU LOVE LEDA
Wow! I wasn't expecting all these nice comments...THANK YOU everyone.

I am going to make a pair for myself, I think.


Thanks again!
Gorgeous! I love the goes so well with the red hair and the background color of the portrait. You are so talented.
Those are extremely cool.
Gordon.....that's..that's brilliant.

I am very pleased that everyone's reaction isn't just.."huh...those are...odd".

When I was making them, I kept going back and forth between.".OH MAN, I LOVE THESE COLORS TOGETHER...these are so rad!"...and "Hrm...ok, are these nuts?"

They are very Renaissance to me, which is my absolute favorite era for art and music. They really are gorgeous earrings, so gorgeous, I had to come back for a second look! :):)
Aw sweetie..that was a sweet thing to say.
Damn you have some extensive skilz there, girl! Those are most beautiferousness in every way!
Just beautiful, I follow several Jewery artists blogs and have been trying my hand at it. Much work, especially when you don't know what your doing Your work really is great though. BTW have you heard of " all kinds of artists, cool site for networking and showing your stuff.
Those are fantastic.
These are GOGEOUS!! What else you got???
Tell you what, you better be one whole heckuvalotta woman to be able to wear those earrings! They are awesome, P - just awesome.
Those are freaking beautiful! I love the look of Leda too, though it looks like her lover sucked on her upper lip a bit too long, but she liked it so it's ok. Much better than collagen--lip sucking that is.

Gorgeous work.

Oh, and yeah, if I saw a formidable woman wearing those, I'd be intimidated.
Oh Good God - of course I mean GORGEOUS.
And they SOLD....bang!


...good thing I can make more...whew!

Thanks everyone!
So much talent!
Oh that sexy Leda and her swan. These are beautiful! Say, did you ever see "Harold and Maude"? In one scene 80 year old Maude showed
young Harold a painting of hers, and in one corner of it she had
painted Leda and the Swan, with herself as Leda. Uh, you know FYI
They are beautiful indeed...and I'm not at all surprised they sold *like that*!
Dakini....that is one of the greatest movies ever made.


I keep it for emergency uses only these days. As in, I save it for when I despair..and it works like a drug.

You know what I mean?
I think I sold them for too little....hmm..

Just $ this economy it seemed like a lot.

maybe I should up the price...hmm
These are gorgeous, Persephone!
Are you by *any* chance interested in findings and beads? My mom used to make jewelry and I have *tons* of this stuff...PM please, if you are.... xoxo
Those are great. I could never pull those off.
I know what you mean girl.
I could, I could!!

or rather...

I'd try!! I'd try!!

holy moly! You are a true artist. They are amazing! so beautiful.
If you think the swan is hawt, have I got a goose for you!
How lovely...dragging myself in after grant negotiations...and seeing something so beautiful and uplifting...xox
those are amazing.. jewelery and corsettes, any other talents we need to know about?
those are amazing.. jewelery and corsettes, any other talents we need to know about?
I really need to see Harold and Maude don't I?

And the earrings are loverly.
Look at the delicacy and beauty of those earrings! They are incredible... oh I love them... rated, girl, well done!
Barbara.....yes. god...get thee to your netflix cue. without you is like ....pouring a bowl of cheerios and realizing you are out of milk. Hope the day went well. are very generous.
So beautiful! You are so talented.
Poverty is excellent inspiration.

Ok...I am drenched in nice comments here....very honored.
How funny... I was just thinking of Harold and Maude the other day! Ruth Gordon.... what a great person!

Sigh... I GUESS I'm glad the earrings sold... Now I'll have to resist the temptation to buy 'em.
Those are really, really beautiful earrings!

The detail is incredible and the symmetry is stunning.
oh my lord in heaven, these are my fantasy earrings come true!!! i love big dangling earrings and these are stunning!!! what a fabulous picture and theme. as a fellow misanthrope, i had forgotten all about the whole swan possibilities. plus i'm from Boston and we have, i hope, the Boston Gahden with the swan boats. love love love and gratitude for you huge talent and going to look for a link to your other jewelry.
Gorgeous, original work. You are so talented and smart, girl!
these tales are deep rooted sexual fantasies...

You should feel very proud. Very cool.

And $42 was a deal.
You wake me up with hiccups.
... but seriously ....
when you think about it...
Mother mercy. You share a happy duck thought, so much to say ... shush. Hatched gems. A goose came by and shook his head to affirm .... `something is wrong with plutocrats. goose quacked that thought. duckling. Yo are no turkey. You are fun at cracking a shell. You white as a swan? You no yellow duckling. A Quack quack quack. Ay,
good duck,
better than a duck,
and no ugly rooster,
and no silly duckling,
and no sim away sadly.
Scared wild geese fly away.
a peacock has ugly web feet.
at night snakes shiver. fears.
You seem awake. Yep. Alive.
A pretty swan hangs her head.
A beautiful bird graces a pond.
Everyone said:`Prettiest Swan
in the neighborhood. Beautiful
The swan does swim gracefully
Have a Nice Day! okay. thanks.
Wow! Leda is sooo hawt. I'm not sure what sound a swan makes but I'm making it.
Stunning. I visited your itsy store a while back and I adore your work. Someday I'm gonna sell enough of my art so I can buy some of yours. You are truly a gifted artist, my dear. $42 was a great deal and I know what you mean about "today's economy". ;-p
I am seriously coveting right about now.
I like these. A lot.
P3, I think you may be my hero. Brava!
So nice. The shades of blue, the arrangement, the image....truly lovely.
If I had money to blow, I'd head up your way, buy out your stock, and force you to teach me your secrets (without eating your brains to gain your knowledge). I love to bead but you take it to another freakin' awesome level. I must know how!