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If I must.
Native Los Angeleno now in the wilds of the Fingerlakes of Northwestern NY. Love makes you do all sorts of strange things, don't it?


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MARCH 5, 2009 8:28PM

Gimmie - Now Continuously Updated...

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Because I needed to post something lighter on top of my terrible post from earlier.

Here is some selfishness.


A view from my front porch last week...




And the view from this same porch last April.


I have THIS to look forward to....


I have this.


I have this.


I have this.

And more.







 Sometimes shocking beauty is enough.




EDIT: More good things:



David and I

 David (and some chick...)



 English muffins and bread made by my beloved. You really can't imagine the Eggs Benedict that can be made with these.



 Mr. Spooky and The Big Tuna



Beautiful vintage Photographs. Which I the hundreds.



My beloved, Messy, Moss Green Studio.


 The Bestest Best Friend in the Whole World: Brad. Aka: Monkeypants








My Creative work...



diningroompears The funky and colorful pears I painted for the dining room, and the lilacs to come.




Big Tuna is so nice she needs to be featured twice. Don't let that expression fool you. Fatty McButterpants is very sweet.




Sammie - Read his story here.

 I wish he were mine, and he's not,  but just knowing he exists is good.




 I remember when this was the most beautiful man in the WORLD. Still love this video.
 I used to work in the mooooovies. Here is a candid taken on the set of "Great Balls of Fire" many many years ago.....can you recognise the stunner on the left? No, that is not me on the right. I am so delighted I found this!
 I just made these things this morning (March 10th..) I am having a REALLY great creative morning, and these three pieces make me extra happy....!
 I want to be an Airship Pirate Queen!
 Opals are good...opals are your friend.
I am really pleased with this new Madam Butterfly necklace...
Back to work!

More reasons to get out of bed as they come to me.




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I needed some reminders.
Aaaaah! So sweet! What a contrast in colors! And what a wonderful view. How often do you sit outside in the spring and summer enjoying your morning tea? If I had a view and a porch like that, I would have a big hammock and never leave except to pee. Now that's living!
re-birth. a beautiful thing. be well!
When its nice...we take every meal outside and work outside, all of it...

Plus, there are pray mantis and lightening bugs....two of my favorites.

Also...when the Maggies and the Lilacs bloom...if we open all the windows the house smells divine...


We are killing ourselves to live here....but...well...its worth it, and it wont always be this hard.
What a wonderful view anytime of year!! Thanks for the spring hope!
Looks and sounds awesome - Peece! David
You are surrounded by beauty. Aaahhhhh......
Yes...and I appreciate the beauty in a very ...reverent way.

Although David probably wishes I would stop running into the house with the latest cool bug, wild flower, or rock I find.
all fantastic pictures plus my lord! I love your jewelry. You have an amazing view. Both in your backyard and of yourself. :)
Persephone, your name is most appropriate--do you bring spring or does it bring you? Either way, spring's almost here...

what a lovely family you have (two-footed and four-footed alike).

Do you have an Etsy site for your jewelry? It's exquisite.
I do....but I am sold out of the Steampunk stuff you see above at the moment, as I am doing costumes for an opera right now.

(less hairy than that sounds, but still plenty hairy)

I have other silliness up...but check back for the steamy stuff in a week.
Your life is rich with beauty! Wish I lived closer to you - I think we would be good friends IRL.
That's a very kind thing to say. I miss having girlfriends close by, as I have only lived here a year, and friends are hard to make once you are older than 12, I find.

There are many terrific people here that I wish I could have close by.

Oh the dinner parties we would have.
Thanks for sharing the pics. Love your creations. You are so talented.
Love all of this. Love lilacs, and cats, and vintage photographs (love Louise Brooks), love studio, sweet men and jewelry. I am glad to have this glimpse into your life.
Lovely photo essay. Thanks for this lovely post. Sammie looks a lot like my childhood dog Lucky and with that brings sweet memories.
What a wonderful morning surprise! We had fresh snowfall in the night and now your photos!
I *love* the photos.
I am not suprised you like steampunk. How cool are you?!?
Love the photos of your fur-people and your handsome man.(What a snuggly bear!) And you are cute as a bug!
Being so visual, I am thrilled to be able to put images to your writing voice.

I can *so* imagine the dinner parties. Costumes would be manditory, no?
How generous you are to share yourself like this with us. It is wonderful to see so much happiness after learning of your earlier heartache, and near destruction.

What you have done here, these pictures, I feel like you are trying to reassure us that you are okay, that you are living a beautiful life; as if you are worried that we would think that no one could emerge from the despair that resulted from the doings at the hands of monsters.

This speaks of the depth of your character, which was always there and undoubtedly enabled you to survive and to become.

I am anxious for the flowers of spring, giddy with delight for the daffodils to bloom, and the scent of lilacs to overwhelm me.
Fun post. I love the name "Big Tuna" for a cat. Your front porch view is awesome...
I am ok.....and my life, in spite of its stressors...(stressors we are are all feeling right now...) is pretty damn beautiful. I have love, I live on a lake with a dock I can run off , splash and scare the fishies...I get to be creative full time and work at a studio at home.

I am truly blessed. I worked VERY hard for my's been worth it.
I love all this, love love love. I especially like your creative works and Big Tuna (wish I had thought that name up first).
Oh NO.....Blubberstick IS the funniest pet name of all time. All time.
Jezuz, that view is frickin beautiful. Where on this good earth do you live? No, never mind. Don't tell me otherwise I might drop over and I'm such a lousy guest (bad jokes, rearranging furniture, inappropriate celebrity impressions, that sort of thing).

And your jewelery is gorgeous, especially the second piece. Do you have a metal studio?

Thanks much for putting up the picture of Sammie but now I see McButterpants looks hungry so you better get him something to eat before he disappears.

Have a great day.
OneBark..thank you! I live in the fingerlakes area of upstate/western NY...about 45 minutes from Rochester. Come. Bring doggies. Don't move the furniture, but impressions are welcome.

Meanwhile...I don't have a metal studio yet. Those items are made from the hundreds and hundreds of old brass stampings, filigree, watch movements, old jewelry I take apart and put back together as I like with solder or epoxy, depending on the item.

Smithing and casting are new to me, but I am going to enjoy creating molds and doing more metal work. There is a nice work bench in the basement....we are working on it....and I am taking classes. life is rather excellent, isn't it?

This is just splendid, Persephone. Just like you! Rated.
Ah...this was lovely. Every bit of it....
Beautiful digs, P13. You and your fella must be very happy there!

The metal work especially appealed to me. I recommend smithing (wonder why). Pounding on hot steel to create art is good for the soul.
three things.

Beautiful view, winter and spring.
I freaking love the pear prints. LOVE THEM!
I'm always available for Eggs Benedict brunch.

Oh, and one more thing---love those kittys.
its so funny..the pears are such a departure from my normal painting..but I loved painting them so much....did em in an afternoon...was fun to not be serious, you know?
I needed to add the Adam and the Ants...I just did.
homemade english muffins are surprizingly easy....most yeastly role doughs would do, just cut, let rise, and then cook on a dry griddle! will get the smooth outside, lovely inside....they are amazing.

"roll" dough...not "role" dough...ahem
So beautiful!
Your steampunk jewelry is calling to me.

Expect me on your etsy sometime soon =P
Counting one's blessings is a lost art. Thank you for reviving the form, my dear Mlle Persephone!
Thanks for the pick-me-up post. What a bunch of wonderful things to love.
OMG, so many gorgeous pictures. They, and your art and your man and your Imperial Cats and YOU are just simply glorious and breathtaking!
I loved this post, it had a soothing effect. And I LOVE your work at jewelry! Do you export any of them to Argentina? (sorry, I live in Buenos Aires...) I´m not kidding, I´d like to know... Rated for beauty and talent!
I am in love this the necklace with the little hand and key!! How much? I´ll save up dollars, I´ll promise!
Marcela that necklace, I fear, is long sold and gone......I am hoping to have more in that style soon...I am sold out of Steampunk stuff and am working on a new batch of rings, necklaces, cuffs, etc......we can talk. That runs about $48....not outrageous, but everything seems outrageous right now, eh?

I ship all over the world....thank you for your kind words..

Sally...thank you especially.
You are right, that´s not outrageous at all. You are great Persphone, a very talented person. I´m happy I´ve met you here.
Bumped for the Baldwin.
You worked on Great Balls of Fire. My god. We know some of the same people. Including that girl. Is that Crystal? I'm pretty sure that's Crystal.

Holy Mary Mother of Pete!!!

I went to school with Crystal. And two of my bestest friends in the whole entire world worked that set some, some lovely boys named Tom and Stephen. Did you ever meet them?

I'm having a moment of stunned. Pardon me while I'm a bit ... huh.
That's Crystal...whom I don't really know. It's a long story! to PM you!
The newest pieces are making me drool! I'm still coveting the Frida earrings in my heart, though....
Aww....I am glad you like the Fridas....I like them too, a lot. There will be more, should you ever decide you gotta have em in the future.
Lilacs. I could not be more jealous. They won't grow here. (Doesn't get cold enough, apparently.)

Loved this post!
What a beauty and fulfilling life! Love the lush that is "country" New York. Reminds me of where I landed, northwest of Woodstock. We had the magnolia, the dogwood, the endless fruit trees. Smelled so Good!

Congrats on such a wonderful life.
the spring pictures were very uplifting.

and I love some of that jewelry, especially the stuff with the mechanical parts. it would be awesome to have an earring like that.
I like your moss green studio. Mine's a sort of tangerine orange.

You completely scared me off from reading your last post, but I'm curious. probably made a smart choice...Avoid.

I love orange too!
Thanks for the tour. I liked your latest creations and the pear paintings. Like to see more of your vintage photos.....
A photo-blog of way cool things--I usually settle for the old desktop of "View of Saturn from Triton", so that I can pretend I am living on...well, Triton.

PS, you may already know about this, but if you collect those vintage photos, there's a Russian studio that makes splendid fakes--"Retro Atelier." I find the vamp/ fake-Egyptian fotos of the teens/twenties more smoulderingly erotic than a thousand Hustler centerfolds!!

It makes me want to outdo Straub's "Ghost Story" by writing the ultimate 20s erotic-horror--Anais Nin Meets Amityville!!!

Sorry, got carried away. Linky-dink:
Anais Nin is my personal to enjoy!
Rated for opals. And for having a most awesome front porch.
Yikes! That’s a cool old pic of Alec Baldwin.
You have created such a beautiful life for yourself. These pictures are beautiful and since I'm a lover of bold bright colors, I can't stop looking at your red wall with the beautiful passionate pears. Your jewelry is stunning.
Very beautiful stuff. So tell me that the portrait of the nude in your studio is you. I't okay to lie to me.

It's pretty much me....cept, you hair and thinner arms.

(totally squeeing out with the coolness of the above comment!) (Spaz!) (Happy Dance!)
The site was down when I was here last-so I couldn't respond by dancing with you...
I'm late to this party, but I covet your studio, and I really like your pear paintings. =o) And the flower photos. Also love the jewelry.
Blossoming trees are one of my favorite things about springtime.

The man on the left from the Great Balls of Fire photo... I ALMOST recognize him, but can't quite place him. I just feel I should be able to. Arrrrgh.... (William Hurt?) Dang mental synapses! Rated, naturally.
Alec Baldwin, sweetie!
Such spectacular pictures! You are surrounded by beauty - both natural and made by your own hand. Simply amazing. Love your kitties, too.
I was absolutely STUNNED by that pirate ring. Holy moly. What a masterpiece. You are capable of such beauty.