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JUNE 8, 2012 8:46AM

Giving out information and blogging

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I'll try to keep this short.
I've been online, blogging etc., for about 15 years.
In that time I've met many people in person, went to luncheons, became good friends with a few people, and also met people I'd never like to have anything to do with again.
There's always a few of those.
Back about 10 years ago or a little more, I met someone online, a girl about 2 years younger than myself, so she said.
What's sad about this is ten years after the fact I've found out she was not who she was, after sharing personal information and countless hours just chatting. I was sharing too much, I felt. So, I became suspicious, as did other people that I really do know.
She never gave her real name on any social site, facebok, blog, post, nothing.
When I realized that I knew very little about her, not even what she looks like (as if that would be the truth either), I cut her out of my life.
No longer e-mailed her.
No longer messaged her.
No longer included her in what I blog.
In fact, I've cut out nearly everything I do online aside from OS and an art blog I keep up.
Two weeks ago I deleted everything online I have to show for aside from those two items.
I found out she was most likely another female I befriended online 5 years ago. Again, never giving out information, never sharing anything worth knowing. Always polite, but things gave it away. Even though she assumed a new online alias and made up completey different information, we (friends and I) smelled her out.
When I deleted my blog about my life, she would e-mail with weird comments asking me to blog again. When I told her she was free to blog, she recited her lie that her new husband was a member of the NSA so she couldn't blog.
That's fishy in itself. You can't blog, but you can read it?
You can't identify yourself, but you can chat with people online?
Seems a little fishy to me.
So, I cut her out, and now instead of e-mailing me once a month, she's miraculously e-mailing me nearly every other day.
That's pretty amazing for someone who is allegedly a bank of america VP living in Delaware (and my website tracking info showed NO HITS FROM DELAWARE. Instead, plenty from California).
I even googled her e-mail, and it gave a name.
Odd indeed for someone to be in California claiming to be a VP of a bank in Delaware.
Then again, who really has proof, but my chances of meeting her to verify anything is moot. So, I'm thinking of asking her to discontinue e-mailing me. Agreed? 
Well, peace out folks...  :-) Have a nice day.

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Agreed. Time to cut the clutter and make room for the new things coming up in your life.

I am so-o-o-o-o excited for you.
A timely warning. I wish I'd been more cautious.......
thanks justphyllis: :-) I am slowly getting there.. next u/s is thursday! :-D
Ρeeling,your thinking has been my trouble,cause sometimes I feel so vulnerable revealing so much of me,my name,address ,city and job to comρletely unknows,but that is the online maturity that we all must have and decide with you we want or not to be.I started online only for jobs shake but in time I understood the need I had for friends and to be honest sharing and reading similar stories that I have not got the strenght to write,gives strength.I found your writing extremely interesting,cause this is my first blog and I always like learning about this.Rated!!