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MAY 5, 2012 11:29PM

MBALI "Flower" (Sketch)

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I was bored. 

 It was between classes, freezing cold because the day before it was in the 80s and they turned the A/C on and didn't shut it off. 

 I was noshing on lunch, listening to Adele, and thought that since it had been about a month since I've sketched that today  was the day.

 As soon as I posted it on Facebook, a lady I know called dibs. 

Three hours later my mom tried to call dibs but she was too late.

 She still doesn't know.. shhhh don't tell her. But the money I get from this will pay for my airline ticket this summer. :-) I haven't seen the family in a year. *sigh*



 8 1/2" x 11"

Graphite on Paper

 Private Collection

Tallahassee, FL


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You just whipped that out because you were bored?! I am way so amazingly impressed.
Excellent piece...
Sure wish I could whip out that kind of beauty simply because I was bored. Unfortunately, I have not the talent and I tend to be a tad more base! Your talent is so obvious - Be blessed - Duke