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APRIL 24, 2012 10:22PM

My first commission: "The Buffalo" arrives home.

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A friend of my husband's is a retired chef originally from Wisconsin. About six months ago he married his long time lady friend and moved to North Carolina, but he still visits the Chicago area because he likes the people here. 

 Occasionally visiting, he stays at the Comfort Inn and my husband picks him up for the morning prayers. In the afternoon on a sunny day in the summer they can be seen sitting on our back deck, puffing cigars, and glasses of scotch. Living it up. 

He approached me last November hoping to bring home a gift for his wife by December, but I explained to him that oil paintings need time to dry. It bought me time to procrastinate. ByFebruary he asked again. He wanted the painting for Valentine's Day.


Okay, so I discounted the "friend" price on the painting.

I finally mailed it off last week and he recieved it tonight.

*Whew!* :::wipes forehead:::

I'm glad they enjoy it, and hey... I never thought I'd paint a buffalo, but it was a good experience.




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looks like you painted 2 buffaloes...
I assume that the American Bison can be kosher, but how in heaven's name could you immobilize one?
Why did you choose to paint a Buffalo? Just curious.
Oh, it's wonderful. I have always loved these behemoth animals, they are alluring. They are mystery, power, and sustenance. I think it a mighty strong image to have chosen for this gift. Lovely work, Orange, just lovely. R. - and yes! Art as Tag! :-)
I really like the painting but did your friend want you to paint a buffalo for his valentines day gift, or was that all your doing?
Oh, thanks everyone.
Yes, it was his request because his wife collects all things buffalo. :-)
Buffalo is plural. :-)