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APRIL 21, 2012 10:45PM

Making Opportunity Happen

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We were ending our Sabbath in the usual manner: Prayer, followed by a lot of eating, followed by a lesson, followed by more prayer... followed by... you get the drift.

 Anyway, during the eating  part I changed seats from where I was near the ladies to a chair near my husband. A friend of ours happened to be seated there and he is an artist. 


..."And tomorrow, my neighbor you see, he's a musician, he asked me to come and play in my gallery"

 He spent 10 years remodeling and building his own home adding an addition to the top. The addition is literally an entire art gallery housing the many works of his late father Chaim Livschultz. 

"You should come over and visit sometime" he said to me.

"How is your wife? She is well?"

"Yes yes thank you she was cooking up a storm for Pesach (passover) She was sick but she's better now."

"Oh, coming to your gallery, could I come tomorrow?"

"Oh, well, tomorrow isn't good, the cellist is coming over and I am to sketch him...."

 "Wow, do you think I could sketch along with you? Is that being pushy?"

"No no no... he asked if I would bring people over... let me e-mail you tonight. Some people will be watching, some will sketch."



See, you have to make things happen folks.

Somehow, I know good will come from this. I've been over several times before... but never to sketch. I've been trying to get him to mentor me for 5 years and he is always too too busy. So now, I've made my way next to him to at least sketch by his side. That in itself will be something of an experience and most definitely will learn something.

 He pushed me off onto his sister and brother-in-law... well, pushed off isn't the best term, because they are also fine artists, but I always wanted to study with Misha. 

So, hopefully, tomorrow evening, I'll have some fresh photographs to share. :-)

 For now here are a couple photographs from my last visit. 


1. Misha standing in front of a painting larger than a wall in a livingroom, I think it's 6 feet high and 12 feet long... something insane.


2. In this painting, Misha points out a small painting, painted by his father 3 days before he died. 




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You are so lucky to know such talented people, keep workin' it.
rated with love
Misha looks to be a fine painter and one no doubt anyone could learn from him.
thanks romantic... workin it workin it!
Watching you grow is like watching a flower open......!

thanks sky. :-) *fist pump in the air*
Sure you were pushy, but, hey. Good move!
Squinching my eyes closed, crossing my fingers, and wishing really hard for you! That wasn't pushy, BTW, merely seizing an opportunity.
thanks chicken and phyllis. :-D pushy.. .pffffft. heyyyyy

Wed night is the night. Music and Art. :-)
Fascinating, great artist, I look forward to the next photos! How fortunate you are to know him and be able to see his father's works.