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JUNE 4, 2012 7:31PM

The Killing 2.11: Circling Back

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I thought from pretty much the beginning (see my reviews of last season, listed below) that Gwen was the most likely killer of Rosie.  Initially, it seemed plausible that she was jealous of Richmond's affair with Rosie, who after all was found in a campaign car.  When it turned out that Richmond wasn't sleeping with Rosie, and suspicions were piling up on his opponent, the corrupt and ruthless mayor, I had less reason to suspect Gwen, but something about her has continued to bother me. 

And now, with last night's latest stunning twist in this superb series, it looks like it's either Jamie or Gwen as the killer.   The keycard with Rosie's blood on it turns out not to be the key to the mayor's office, but to someone apparently working for the mayor, with campaign posters for Richmond all over.  In other words, either Jamie or Gwen, a double agent.

It's still a question of where this agent's loyalty ultimately lies - with Richmond and feigning really working the mayor, or vice versa.  It's probably the latter, but the bigger question is -

Is it Jamie or Gwen?  Jamie's loyalty to Richmond seems indisputable, but would he kill Rosie to protect Richmond because he wrongly thought Richmond was sleeping with Rosie? I don't see that - as fiercely loyal as Jamie is, there's nothing in his background to give us reason to think he would kill for Richmond.  But what if Jamie's really working for the mayor?  Highly unlikely, given the bad blood we've seen between Jamie and the mayor's aid (whom I was beginning to slightly suspect, before that last scene last night).

So that leaves Gwen.  She had emotional trauma as a girl.  Whether really working for Richmond or the mayor, she has motive (jealousy over Richmond and/or wanting him to win; or wanting to protect the mayor's wrong doings from public revelation after Rosie got wind of them).  Unless it turns out the blood is not really Rosie's - Holder told us it wasn't forensically confirmed - the arrow's pointing towards Gwen.  Or - maybe Gwen and Jamie did it together (with Gwen doing the actual killing).

I'll be keenly watching every moment of this season's final episodes.

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