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APRIL 27, 2012 3:49PM

Awake 1.9: A Reason to Stay

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An excellent, really satisfying Awake 1.9 last night, which moves the plot nicely, powerfully along.

In yellow world, Britten is going along with wife Hannah's desire to move to Oregon, and get away from their painful past.   This move would have dramatically changed the basis of the series, and I knew that something had to happen to stop the move from happening.

Britten finds the reason in blue world, where Rex his son is broken up about his girlfriend Emma breaking up with him.  Britten provides good fatherly advice to Rex, who talks to Emma, and finds out that she was pregnant with his baby (but lost it).  When Rex tells this to Britten - in another fine father/son scene - and Britten discovers that the conception occurred right before the crash-up that took Hannah's life in blue world and Rex's in yellow world.  (Kudos to the script writer for the adept way this conversation was handled - giving us the precise information, without being likely to ruffle any FCC feathers.)

Back in yellow world, Britten realizes that the same conception must have occurred - before the car crash - and there's a chance that Emma didn't lose the baby.  We and Britten had already seen in this episode that given events can be reversed in the yellow and blue worlds - such as a single event in a sporting game that can change the outcome of the game.  And, sure enough, Britten discovers that Emma is still pregnant with his grandchild in yellow world.

So now Britten and his wife have a wonderful reason to stay.   And we also know that this will put Britten's life in danger, removing Captain Harper's best argument to the villains to leave Britten alone - that he's leaving town.  All of which gives us more than reason that ever to stay with fine, intellectually provocative series.

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