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APRIL 9, 2012 2:02AM

The Killing 2.2: Holder

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As intrepid as Linden is, she's never going to catch Rosie's killer entirely on her own - there are just too many people and obstacles in the way of that.  She needs Holder.  In The Killing 2.2, the two get back together.

Holder is in some crucial ways as powerful a character as Linden.  He's weaker - ethically - than Linden.   But that means he has to struggle more, win a victory over himself, in order to get back on the path of doing the right thing.  He did this last week, when he proved that his superiors just wanted to bury the Rosie case - not really do anything to find her real killer.   Linden realizes this tonight, and she pulls Holder back from some brink and back into partnership with her.

They'll need all the help they can get.  The mob boss - Yanic - bald-facedly lies to Stan, to get him off the track of the real killer, which evidence that we and Linden and Holder are beginning to see is pointing in Yanic's mob's direction.  Of course, we've gotten lots of false leads in this story before, but sooner or later one is bound to pan out.

The greatest strength of The Killing remains the portrait it provides of Rosie's family in the aftermath of her death.  Tonight we see Mitch in a tryst with a guy she picks up in a bar, desperate for some kind of feeling.  It's another facet of a family unraveling, disintegrating, understandably unable to come to tems with the brutal loss of Rosie.  Mitch's sister is the only one holding them together.

Jamie is also a hero, doing his best to keep Richmond afloat.  The candidate at first can't accept that he'll never walk again, but begins to see the harsh truth by the end of the episode.  Does he still have a chance to get elected and a role in finding Rosie's killer?  I'd say yes to both.

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