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MAY 27, 2009 1:53AM

Rush Limbaugh Endorses Sotomayor

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               Rush Limbaugh - Excrement In Broadcasting  (EIB)        

I once knew a fellow called Shorty who could, after a bowl of beans, sing the first 4-10 notes of some Top 40 Oldies in B-flatulent. If you were upwind, you could enjoy a game of Name That Tune like no other.

For a long while I considered Shorty to be the Grand Master of this particular talent - at the top of the 'art, and setting records that would never be broken. But that was years ago, before Rush Limbaugh demolished all of Shorty's endurance records and stole his crown.

Rush Limbaugh is the undisputed champion of Ass-Whistlers, able to maintain a modulated flatulence for three hours a day, five days a week.

Today, Rush issued his gaseous opinion of President Obama's Supreme Court choice, Sonia Sotomayor.

Rush declared that Sotomayor is a racist!

This caused some confusion for a couple of  hours, as the entire Republican Party illiterati turned out to endorse Sotomayor based on Rush's apparent enthusiasm for her loyalty to conservative values.

Limbaugh spent the last hour of his show clearing up the GOP's error, saying that what he was spincting is that by upholding a lower court ruling that went against white folks, Sotomayor  was a "reverse racist", the opposite of a traditional conservative forward racist.

This prompted Fox News to change their screen banner from "Sotomayor: She's one of us!" to "Sotomayor: Supports white slavery?"

Rush expressed regret that Sotomayor followed the rule of law in the Ricci v DeStefano case, refusing to commit to judicial activism. "If there were no activist judges" he end-toned "there wouldn't have been a Bush administration."

He then claimed that Sotomayor was overrated because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed.

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Very funny! (In a bitter kinda way...)

"Excrement in broadcasting" - worth the price of admission.

And I am still grinning over - "end-toned" and "spincting" and the key of "B-flatulent".

What a blow hard he continues to be. Let's hope that Rush's (Tossing the) Salad Days are soon over.
Rush Limbaugh, current head of the GOP, makes other republicans shake in there shoes. It must be amusing to him that no matter what noise comes out of his ass, they have to smell it, and say nothing. Funny post.
I am so tired of this man. I really wish he would just go away. Does anyone get the sense that the Republican party knows they will lose this fight but is actually using this nomination to raise money (and in Rush's case, ratings)?
Very, very funny...and clever beyond words. Thanks.

As I mentioned in another blog about this nomination...I truly hope the Republican Party wakes up...and stops the nonsense.

We need the help of everyone...Republicans, Democrats, Third Party, Independents, EVERYONE! We all have to be pulling the wagon…or it is gonna bog down.

I’m expecting little resistance to the nomination…and what little is there, to be subtle. Limbaugh is a windbag. I don't take him seriously.
Good morning.
Thanks Myriad, I've called his "institute" that for years.

Tenacity - Thanks for the salad tossing reference. I didn't need to eat these cholesterol boosting eggs anyway.

scanner - By using a Bic lighter, Limbaugh's assbabble becomes "Flaming rhetoric"

Shivaun Rush's job is to sell the products an aging population uses. When America no longer has a use for herbal "manliness" extenders, we will no longer have a use for Rush.

You're welcome Frank. I'm not sure we need or can find a practical use for Republicans. The other 65% of us can pull the wagon. Let them continue pulling the manure spreader.
"Reverse racist?" Would that be an "egalitarian?"

Oh yes, the political code word signifying the most important thing: a white person is the ostensible victim. See, all the other ethnicities get lumped in under one word but white folks get their own special description, chosen just for them.

Maybe next we can have "violence" and "reverse violence." Or "arrest" and "reverse arrest."

Since we're talking about Limbaugh, how about "white rage" and "reverse white rage?" Oh, wait...
Do any of the anti-Rush people here ever actually listen to his show?

Because I have a feeling he's commenting on this statement by Sotomayor reported in the NYTimes:

"I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”(source)

Now to me that's a pretty racist statement on the face of it and I'd guess it's at least part of what Limbaugh's referring to.

That said, I still think she'll be confirmed but, it's not exactly a promising opinion she has rendered here on "white men," our shallow life experiences and lack of judicial wisdom due to skin color.
Kevin. Good point. We can neutralize all concepts that way. An egalitarian vacuum.

phm - It would help to know the difference between "racial" and "racist."
Most dictionaries list the meanings.
I have listened to Rush's show many times. The man is a well paid garbage mouthed simpleton performing for a loyal audience of intellectually bereft political wannabes.
Enjoy the show.
Oh my God. She was responding to Ginsburg's and O'Conner's declaration that a 'wise old woman and wise old man would make the same type of decision.' She disagrees and so do I.

We are our experiences.

Latina women would have vastly different experiences than white men. I mean, that's a given.

Perhaps, but unfortunately we'll never know for sure, a wise old Latina woman could have helped this country avoid the miscarriages of justice, the embarrassment, and the collassal waste of precious time that Dredd Scott and Plessy v Ferguson cases (to name the obvious) were to this country.

I love how Rush Limbaugh and the like think that calling her a racist makes it so. I love it even more that people actually believe it.
Sotomayor was chosen because of 4 reasons: 1. She's a woman. 2. She's hispanic. 3. She is an activist judge. 4. She hates the Consitution and believes it should be changed...just like Obama. I called this months ago. She will be confirmed EVEN THOUGH she has had 60% of her opnions overtunred by the present Supreme Court. Obama's war on America continues. Next: health care.
If I asked you to back up what you're saying....you couldn't, so let's not pretend you actually know anything about "activist judges" or have a functional knowledge of the Constitution. You have slogans.
Thanks for dropping in.
Paul-There is no need to prove anything. She is on recored (and video for that matter) as saying that judges make policy. That by definition is an activist judge.
I'm sure you dwell in scat, as I have read your adolescent half wit remarks.
It's nice that you've found an ideology that accomodates your cerebral deficiencies.
But at least gather up a couple of neurons and realize you will never be up to taking me on. You're far too stupid to play in my league.
Nick, I'm showing the proper level of respect for your "mommy denied me love" repressed adulthood remarks.
Begone, Dimwitted Troll!

I have deleted the Nick babymind comments. All the Nick fans, a group that includes Nick and nobody else, can find all the Nick they need through the process of elimination.
Don't forget to flush.
Agree with Frank. Rush Limbaugh needs to be stopped if the GOP has any hope of ever being taken seriously and we DO need everyone at the table to fix our myriad of problems, which won't be solved by the time Obama's reign ends (whether it's four or eight years) no matter how "anointed" his followers deem him to be. I have been both Democrat and Republican (what can I say; I voted in the Ohio primary for John McCain in 2000 due to my loathing for George Bush II). However, I have no party affiliation and see clearly that everything Frank says is true.