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January 01
On the surface I'm a well put together, successful mother and wife, but under the cover of perfection and smiles lay the story of child abuse, domestic violence, life in the adult entertainment industry, coping with understanding society rules, roles, religion, honesty and crime against humanity. I'm lost under the covers of life, trying to shuffle through all this mess, trying for have it all make sense. * Disclaimer: The people, location and events have been changed to protect the innocent, any similarities to actual persons, either living or dead, are merely coincidental. Thank you for reading


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MARCH 21, 2011 6:15PM

A Day of Judgement

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Today while working at my mother-in-law's fruit stand with my daughter. A man came up to the counter and asked my daughter why she wasn't in school? I spoke up and said proudly, because she's making straight A's in the virtual home-school program, "she's home-schooled". He said "Ohhh Nooo" with an exaggerated long pause. I asked what he meant by that, thinking that he may have thought she was one of those bad kids that had to be pulled out of school and I was getting prepared to defend her. He looked at her and said " Look where she ended up, you want her to teach you?" and pointed to me.

I didn't know what to say (a loss of words seems to be frequent dealing with people lately), as I was so surprised a complete stranger came to the conclusion that because I was operating a cash register that I was neither intelligent nor had any other options as a job. Should I have told him the economy wrecked my family and we lost everything, I have a higher education, my income a few years ago was more than he has ever made, I am a professional, I'm helping my mother-in- law with her business because she has helped me, I can read, I have dined at the finest restaurants, stayed at the best hotels, I held a job as assistant to Speaker of the House, I was a community educator for a domestic violence shelter, I have owned my own business, I am not an ignorant redneck?.........

I chose to use it as an opportunity to teach my daughter not to judge a person by their dress or occupation. You never know who you are talking too and just because they don't wear their education, fame or fortune on their sleeve does not mean you should assume they are beneath you.


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"(a loss of words seems to be frequent dealing with people lately)"

There are no words when one is dealing with ignorant, judgmental assholes like that guy. He wouldn't have heard any of your words anyway because he'd already made up his mind. Jerk.

In my book you are a remarkable, strong and intelligent woman and your daughter has a great role model.

Keep picking your battles by not wasting them on those that just don't get it.