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December 31
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OCTOBER 27, 2011 7:16AM

Dear 53%, You Have SO Missed the Point

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Look, for what it’s worth, I’m one of you, one of the taxpayers. That doesn’t mean I don’t get what Occupy Wall Street is all about. I know the FOX puppets have been telling you it’s about lazy, irresponsible people who want handouts. Because it’s always about lazy, irresponsible people, right? And we work hard to support them with our taxes, right? And it’s not fair. No, it’s just not fair. There are jobs out there. Why don’t those people just go get a job? 

Except that’s not what OWS is about. Take a closer look. It’s about redirecting the policies of this country so that it represents and works for the interests of everybody -- not just the very rich and powerful. It’s about accountability. It’s about what happened in the first decade of this century as the effects of deregulation became painfully obvious in the housing market. It’s about the loss of American jobs in the name of rampant profits. (When was the last time you called a call center and got an American??) It’s about the privileged few who have swindled the hard-working many. It’s about Bank of America laying off 25,000 people while the chiefs get millions in compensation. It’s about CEOs making millions while crushing unions. It’s about hedge fund managers who do nothing but skim off OP money as they transfer it from place to place. It’s about the firing of teachers, the stagnant wages of police officers, and the closing of libraries. 

OWS is not trying to take anything away from the 53%. What’s happening here is not a call to arms, but a consciousness raising. A very few people have by hook and crook managed to take control of OUR government -- the institution that was created by earlier Americans to help us manage our lives, educate our children, police our streets, build our roads, etc. Therefore, OUR government no longer serves us. It serves them. It serves the coal companies but not the coal miners. It serves the oil companies but not the shrimpers and fishers of the Gulf Coast. It serves Big Agribusiness but not the small farmer. It gets in bed with Wall Street and leaves the ordinary tax payer in the cold. 

It’s time for the pendulum to swing back the other way -- towards you, the 53% who are part of the 99% whether you want to be or not. 


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Exactly. I just don't understand what that 53% website is all about. Like it's some kind of badge of honor to have to work three jobs to get by, and pay more on your house than it's worth.
Thanks for the comments. Some of them seem to be missing the empathy gene.
How do you understand someone who actively works against their own best interest? Even more how do you communicate with that person?
Tell it, sister!!!! Thanks for having the patience to deal with these morons. If you make more than $250K a year, and you don't give a shit about anyone but yourself, I say go for it! Vote for the status quo. If you don't fall into that category and you support the status quo, I'm thinking you're either brainwashed, a moron (see above), or seriously smoking something.