Out on a limb

Out on a limb

Out on a limb
August 10
My goal it was to reach a star... I spread my wings, but flew not far I hoped to make it past the rim. Instead I'm stuck... out on a limb


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JUNE 8, 2011 3:15AM


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       I've been working at the hospital for over twenty years and have rarely seen a patient in such terrible condition.   A family of four on their way to the beach had been struck from behind by a large moving van. The parents in the front seat had escaped without a scratch. A four year old girl sitting in the backseat had suffered only minor bruises to one arm, but was in hysterics over her friend who had been sitting next to her. I only had to take one glance to see why the girl was so upset. Her friend had taken the full force of the impact, as the trunk of the car curled up over her.

      She'd incurred multiple fractures to both arms and legs. Her small and delicate chest had been partially crushed. Although, her most serious injuries had occurred as she'd been catapulted hard against the front seat, causing her nose, and a large portion of her face to shatter on impact.

      The young girl stood before me, I could tell she was traumatized, so I did what we always do in this situation.   I lied!

      “I promise, I will save her,” although deep inside I had my doubts about being able to perform the reconstruction work this patient would require. “It will take a long time,” I remember telling her, “and you may be upset the first time you see your friend again.” This was always the hardest part to explain to a child. The way we, ourselves, look in the mirror, and the way we see others (the way they appear to us) is something very superficial. It's being friends that count, it has nothing to do with looks. They believe grown-up doctors can fix everything, that they can heal and repair all sickness and damage. Sometimes they understand and accept our limits and other times they reject our efforts.

      Somehow I felt this little girl would accept the final result no matter what it might be, as long as she got her friend back. As I walked the girl and her parents out of the room, I heard her say, “she'll be alright now. The doctor said she'd be alright, and she wouldn't lie about that. Would she?  She'll save her, I now she will save her.  She'll put it back together, I know she will!




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Well after three weeks of vacation, I found it rather hard to get back into the swing of things. Here is my short story to this weeks writing prompt (Put it back together).
While on vacation I had little access to computers, so now I am looking forward to reading all this weeks Wednesday Fiction.
Good story and photos. That doll hospital has intrigued me ever since I was a little girl. I'm sure it all came out ok. What a responsibility!
This is excellent, Limb! A perfect story. It carried me through a complete wave of emotion, and I had no idea where it would lead, then the picture, and then - it all came together. Love it! R!
Excellent twist - I absolutely didn't see that coming! I had a doll I wanted to send to the Doll Hospital once.... Thanks for a really fun take on the prompt, and welcome back!
Just as I was getting toward the end, the "it" pronoun in the title hit me between the eyes and gave away the ending. Up to that point I too was on a roller coaster ride.

Well done. Delicious writing!

Zanelle, somehow boys get cheated in this field. I've never heard of a matchbox hospital, have you? Thanks for reading and rating.

Songbird, Were life, (or stories) predictable, they would not be worth investing time in. Thanks for reading.

Alysa, Your boyfriends prompt gave me several false starts until settling down on this one. Thank you for reading and rating.
Gads. You almost had me weepy.
I almost started to do flashbacks.
I've seen black boots full of blood.
Stop these bloody wars. Play dolls.
No I feel like some milk. Fill boots?
I never heard of a boot cup. Camp?
That's where the war looters train.
They never fix anything. They ruin.
Hamartia means - ruined inner soul.
It's secular/spiritual. We need Soul.
Thanks for what you do. Shoot stars.
Bio- Wishes
Recall - Fall
No be a Fool
Wish for Life
Skypixieo, "It," always gives "it" away, doesn't "it"!? Thanks for stopping by. Reading and rating.

Art James, Glad to see someone new. In the whole of things, I'd rather see more Barbies than GI Joe's! Thanks for your comments and rating.
Interesting read. If you look way back to an early story I posted called, The Waiting Room you'll see we were thinking along the same venue. ;)
Bravo and rated! Loved the twist at the end. It really took me by surprise.
Dolls and doll hospitals have always been on my mind. This was such a unique story.
This made me cry as I used to read stories as a child about doll hospitals.
Excellent and rated with hugs
I love it! Welcome back! I was gone for a week too....it has been fun catching up!
you had me cringing and then how grand!
This is very cleverly done, bravo! I was taken by surprise.
I've been on a fiction hiatus as well, so you're not alone.
Blinddream, I found it! As usual a good read. Thanks for reading mine too.

Gerald, glad you enjoyed, thanks for reading and rating,

Babylovesme, Thanks for taking the time to read and comment.

Linda, Sorry I made you tear up, but thanks for reading and rating.

Susie, since I was away for three weeks, I doubt I will even try to catch up. Hope you had a grand time.

UME, Thank you for dropping by and cringing for a while.

Neilpaul, a twist of lemon always adds flavor! Thanks for reading.
Not only a great story, a great comeback. This had me from the get-go!
You got me. I'm reading this on my cell phone so I had to scroll down before I could see the photos. R
Scanner, All us hard-guys fall for a doll story now and then.
Thanks for reading and commenting.

Trudge1, my eyes would go blind if I tried reading too much, on that kind of display. Thanks for stopping by and reading.
So glad it was fiction. You played well with our emotions. Great story.
Trilogy, Sorry to cause unrest. Thanks for reading and rating.
'Way cool story! Truly inspired (nothing like the delirium of jet-lag, eh?). It reads well and I know it could be a great micro-drama, or...hey! A short student film?! Ya, das is gut!
Missed you limb! Glad you're on the fiction wagon again. A little ambiguous tension about the worse off victim: still could be a girl, not a doll, at least the way I read it...
ASH, Thanks for the comments and the R. Now if I could just get you to remember to turn on your Skype once in a while!

Blufeather, thank you for dropping by and reading.

Stone, I promise you, she's a doll.
Your a real Doll.I just know it.
This was so well crafted; I forgot I was reading fiction for a second-
SOOOO, I got a bit perturbed when I read that you PROMISED you would save her-

1st Do No Harm
2nd NEVER Make Promises!

Imagine my relief at your “GOTCHA” at the end-LOL!
I loved this!!!

Rated for Promise Kept!
Algis, thanks for coming by, and reading.

AJ, Glad I got you going in the wrong direction. Roads leading in straight lines are always boring. Thanks for reading and rating.
Do the nurses wear fishnets and smoke cigarettes at the New York Doll Hospital? A great twisted tale.