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OS Weekend Fiction Club
December 31
Hello fiction writers of OS! Here you'll find weekly prompts for Fiction Weekend, as well as links to stories written for each Fiction Weekend Open Call._____________________ EVERYONE is welcome to participate in the open calls. THE ONLY REQUIREMENT IS TO WRITE A FICTION PIECE! __________________________________ Here's how to take part in Fiction Weekend: 1. Every Monday, a prompt will be posted here. Come by and check it out. 2. Ideally, try to write a fiction story based on the prompt. But if the prompt doesn't inspire you, you can write a story on any topic you like - THE ONLY RULE IS THAT IT HAS TO BE A WORK OF FICTION. 3. On Thursday night or Friday morning-ish, the Stories List will be posted for that week. If you've written a story, announce it in the comments section of this post. Please include a short description and the title. 4. Show support for your fellow participants: If possible, please try to read and comment on at least three stories. ________________ For more information, or if you have any questions, please see the list of links below, or feel free to contact me!__________Happy reading and writing!

JANUARY 20, 2012 11:34AM

Fiction Weekend Stories for 1/20 - 1/22 2012

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This is the place to read Fiction Weekend stories for this Friday/Saturday/Sunday - and to announce your own piece! 

Stories will be posted throughout the weekend, so feel free to check back regularly for new pieces to read.

If you're participating, announce your piece with its title and a brief description in the Comments section of this post.

This week's prompt was: 


Write a story where one character tells another character's fortune.


Or, if this prompt didn't do it for you, you could write a fiction piece on any topic, in any style you wanted. 

Everyone is welcome to join in - if you feel inspired, go for it! 

The only requirement is that a piece announced in the comments be a fiction piece.  For information about how to announce a story, etc, please see our "Bio" in the left margin of this page.

If you're not sure what qualifies as "fiction" in terms of the Fiction Club, please read this 

 You have all weekend to write your story and announce it in the comments section below.

Happy writing and reading!  

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The Path of Fate is my short story for this week. Think, HBO's Rome meets Natural Born Killers (or Bonnie and Clyde, if you prefer) and you've got it.
Portales - Using this week's prompt of: Write a story where one character tells another character's fortune.
Most of us have to go through the narrow woods. Some of us don't make it out:

Hi everyone. This week's Shinobu Mochizuki story starts with her mother predicting how the Tilt Girl's life will be like.

More excitement in and out of the closet.
Short daydreaming story. Very positive and uplifting. No gore. I guess I am just a wuss. "The Counselor in the Back Room"
Everytime I say Oh this week I am not going to write fiction...something punches me in the head and I change my mind.

So here is the latest blow The prophecy as it goes less fiction than truth. And again, I will post all of yours. If you come in late, please PM me with the link so I can add it to the end of my post.

Just posted my Fortune Tellling Story now.
I would have posted this earlier if i had Internet over the weekend:
Let's try that again:

"One Middle Eastern Groom"

I'm not as tech savvy as Seth to link it within the comment (sigh)
Well, I had put a comment on here about mine, but it is gone. Mine is the prophecy I have also linked the others at the end of mine.