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February 03
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MARCH 3, 2012 2:07AM

Can lesbians be sluts? The GOP agenda with lady business

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In what seems to be a mindboggling flurry of activity, the GOP members of congress have decided to spend their election year in office focusing on issues that have nothing to do with the economy and everything to do with creating oppressive government.  Somehow, through the sum total of the various legal restrictions placed entirely on the reproductive organs of women, their agenda can only lead to one outcome: lesbianism for all women, and perhaps some men too. 

You see, despite their proclamations that they want the government out of the business of telling you how to live, they want the government in the business of letting them tell you how to live.  Very fine line.  After removing all the possible choices a modern, mildly intelligent woman might want to make with regard to personal freedom and responsibility, there is only one way to satisfy their demands.  No more heterosexual sex.

It might be interpreted that this is only a stop-gap measure, until these women find themselves a husband and can start their true purpose in life- which is making more future lesbians and angry young men.  I have often wondered how it is they could be simultaneously against homosexuality and yet demand that anyone not married not have sex that could lead to pregnancy.  

We know they have been working overtime to keep as many young men out of the marketplace as possible, making them ineligible for marriage, or relationships with nice girls.  Boys and girls are figuring out that sex isn't all that it's cracked up to be, and the medications are helping them choose an asexual lifestyle.  Unfortunately, those who don't have the healthcare to provide the medications somehow slip through the horny slut cracks, and end up needing an outlet for their outrageously human sex drives.  With almost no eligible men to pay for their lifestyle choices, young women are going to be forced to only spread their legs for other young ladies.  Because sodomy is still illegal. 

Social anthropologists have noted the disturbing trend of married Christians who remain virgins after marrying, because of a lifetime of fear of sex ingrained into them.  Pastors around the country have taken to the pulpits, demanding  sex from their flocks in the pews, while simultaneously preaching the sins of sexual desire and impulse.  They now have separate services for married and unmarried.  

Sapphists agree that prolonged exposure to relentless pleasure with no chance of disease or accidental pregnancy tends to keep women out of the dating pool, if by dating, you mean marriage to eligible men who also happen to like sex with women.   

How will they keep casting for shows like The Bachelor, when women lose all motivation for sexual reproduction?  Are we becoming a nation of herbivore men?  Can lesbians really be sluts, if they aren't having sex with men?   


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laugh, I almost feel sorry for the GOP lately. Maybe we can just wait them out with all of them not breeding?
Julie- I see an unspoken tripartite plan unfolding: get women out of men's jobs by keeping them at home with babies (fix the economy! it's not unemployment if you're married and pregnant); get more men back into the ranks of the priesthood (fix religion and restore its stranglehold on secretive male society rituals that demonize vaheenas); supply more reluctant fathers to the ranks of sports coaches and scout troop leaders, as they will be needing to break free from the yoke of 70 years of marital bliss on the weekends. Come to think of it, it might even increase spending on Disney vacations, NASCAR events, and sports fishing equipment.
"You see, despite their proclamations that they want the government out of the business of telling you how to live, they want the government in the business of letting them tell you how to live." Fine line? I'd call it hypocrisy or maybe something worse.
hahahahaha ;D I love it!
OK with me. I'm a latent lesbian.
Seems unfair if they can't.
I should think, of course. Why should straight women have all the fun? Slutting should be a sport, anyway.
You're some smart aleck for a 'Quaker-Buddhist' freakazoid. Laugh it up. In the real world the right-wing Israelis are applying jujitsu to the reluctant Obama to ratchet up the pressure on Iran. The Republikan plan for women is a picayune sideshow to the military-industrial national security state bloating that will be locked in permanently with a new shooting war in the Middle East and a probable terrorist attack here. Then the super patriotic jingoism here will create the perfect atmosphere for a Forever War with a billion Moslems.

Under those conditions where do you think your liberal freakazoid agenda for women's autonomy and power is going to be then? People with your attitude will be completely marginalized. Welcome to the Republikan master plan to put you permanently in your place, while the world runs red with blood. How do you like that Ms. Quaker Oats?...wink
Wow this was a home run. Their hypocrisy has been perfectly outlined and highlighted in your above post
Keep the men at war and the women at grinding, underpaid jobs and they won't have time to think about sex. That seems to be the GOP way. Hasn't worked before. R
And if what Jejune Podiatrist said comes to fruition, it's going to be only women, old male politicians, and sperm banks stocked by other old male politicians to keep the world going. I knew there was an end game in there somewhere.
Jejune- I agree, I think they are suffering nostalgia for the Lewinsksy daze when they preferred to talk about cigars and pool tables, rather than the Middle East- while a young bin Laden was making a name for himself and the CIA was definitely not talking about it. In fact, Clinton brought up the need to focus on this danger and was told he was diverting attention from the oral sex charges on the home front. Our news cycle has the attention span of ... what were you talking about? Oh, lesbians! Do you think they'll let me watch?
Great post OB. I really think these guys (and girls) have suppressed their own sexuality so long they don't know what they are, until they are caught in a bathroom stall with a wide stance.
We're either fast entering a time that will dwarf the Salem witch trials in audacity or that will inspire the inquisitors to reassess their religion. I think Arab Spring taught us the latter scenario's the more likely.
Be afraid! Be very afraid! American Taliban leader Rick Santorum wants control of your genitalia. Press Secretary Rush Limbaugh couldn't get laid in high school and has declared his own war on THE VAGINA!!!!
I'm assuming the separate services for married and unmarried church-goers thing was tongue-in-cheek? God, that's a scary situation.
Please, please, please. I want GOP candidates to pay more attention to the really big issues facing this country, like the availability of internet porn and masturbation. Let's take government out of the economy and into the bedroom where it belongs!

“You see, despite their proclamations that they want the government out of the business of telling you how to live, they want the government in the business of letting them tell you how to live.”

Ha but you gals aint going for it. that is why we will get obama2. Hopefully a Lincoln, not a damn re run..
“ I have often wondered how it is they could be simultaneously against homosexuality and yet demand that anyone not married not have sex that could lead to pregnancy. “

They got mommy issues. Simple as that.

Read yer freud. As you have.

The unconscious is the larger circle which includes within itself the smaller circle of the conscious; everything conscious has its preliminary step in the unconscious, whereas the unconscious may stop with this step and still claim full value as a psychic activity. Properly speaking, the unconscious is the real psychic; its inner nature is just as unknown to us as the reality of the external world, and it is just as imperfectly reported to us through the data of consciousness as is the external world through the indications of our sensory organs.
 Dream Psychology :

Ha also………………..

Religion is an attempt to get control over the sensory world, in which we are placed, by means of the wish-world, which we have developed inside us as a result of biological and psychological necessities.
 A Philosophy of Life (Lecture 35)
i sure would welcome a slut in my life........i could read
her great poetry like, ha:

What is it men in women do require?
The lineaments of gratified desire.
What is it women in men require?
The lineaments of gratified desire.
No. 4, What Is It
I'm baffled. Boggled. It's as if the entire political establishment went back to the 5th grade. "Do you know what your parents did to make you?" "No, seriously???"

It makes me wonder how utterly ridiculous we must look to the Europeans.