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NOVEMBER 5, 2010 8:30AM

Scaring the Living Daylight Savings Time Out of You

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It’s been a rough and tumble kind of week.  First there was Halloween and all the constipation that comes with it.  Less than 48 hours later came the midterm bloodbath.  If I see one more headline claiming that this election was a vote against Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi, I’m going to pull a Snickers bar out of my ass and eat it myself.

I don’t think I can take another hour minute of this.

Am I the only one who reads this “claim” in very clear black and white?

“Real Americans” can’t stand the idea of a black man or a white woman in any position of real authority or power (unless those people are vying to fill jobs that demand such qualities as “certifiably photogenic but vapid never the less”).  Insert Sarah Palin’s disciple Christine O’Donnell’s name here.

Now for those of you who are suffering from Election Day hangovers or ad campaign withdrawal, not to worry.  If you’re not dumbstruck enough by what is happening to our country and the direction of the economy, guess what you get to do this weekend?

You get to really return to the Dark Ages.  And no, Dick Cheney is not in the building.

Ah, once again, we’re facing Daylight Savings Time.

Twice a year we go through this ridiculous exercise of springing forward or falling back to gain nothing tangible or to simply lose our minds.  Reminds me a little bit of the elections.  This sleep trickery/thievery makes no logical sense in the 21st century.  It’s like standing in line to get into my own bathroom even though I live alone or playing the lottery without picking any numbers and finding out the winner has blown all the money without giving me any of it. 

Like I said, it reminds me of the elections.

Not only does Daylight Savings Time screw up my system, it makes me feel as if I own an otherwise unattended clock shop.  After racing through the house willy-nilly synchronizing the time on every single watch, clock, TV and appliance, I discover I’m two minutes off somewhere and have wasted ten more of them to get that way.  I’m not saving a damn thing, including my own sanity.

On top of all this,  I spend at least one week on either end of this dumb semiannual ritual either chasing after sleep or staving off hunger.  It occurs to me that I do this for no reasonable purpose other than to bitch about it.  Or write about.

Looks like my time is up.

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back.

We’ve got one more hour to waste that we’ll never get back.




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Our clocks went back last weekend in England and I still haven't adjusted. It's about time this stupid ritual was stopped.

Enjoyed reading this a great deal. A refreshing viewpoint.
You had me, of course, at jump, at the first line. Then it got better. But I tht I owned the x-outs but ok hey I'm a shaaaarrrring kinda guy.
SO Rated. :)
I never like the switch between DST and standard time either. It always takes a month on either end to adjust. Right you are--a waste of time.
I like mountain time. Thats like 15 minutes difference, right?
So THAT'S where Snickers come from!

Fall back. I'm looking forward to one more hour of my kids torturing me. Ingrates.
I like this go-round better than the spring one. Losing an hour is just not cool, ever. Because it always ends up being an hour of sleep. Which one is the "natural" way? I can't even remember by now. And are you SURE Cheney is not somehow behind this?
If I read one more newly elected Congressperson (granted, most of them are in the south) claiming this was a victory for the values of a Christian nation, I might need to take a baseball bat to something
The era of the 1950s is no longer with us, meaning the reason for daylight savings time really has little merit these days.
You had me at "Snickers," of which I have eaten my very last one!
one more hour that these ridiculous people will be conjuring up something to talk about on Fox.
rated with hugs
I too wish it would stop! I don't mind gaining an hour as much as I hate losing thst one in spring. Just thinking about the fact that I am really getting up at 3 in the morning instead of 4 makes me tired!
If I was President I would just issue a decree to end this time change madness. Oh but our President would have to have it all approved first. A benevolent dictatorship is looking better all the time.
Thanks for the reminder! I always dislike the "fall back" side of it. Much prefer "spring ahead."
The Chinese have this one figured out and then some: not only is there no daylight saving time here, the whole damned country is on one time zone - when it's 9am in Beijing, it's 9am in Lhasa. This east to west distance is probably worthy of three time zones. Of course, it's pitch black at 9am in Lhasa as a result. Apparently , everyone just goes about their business, ignoring 'Beijing time' and carrying out their day more in keeping with local time. When back in EST, I loathe the clock change in the fall and pathetically bemoan the 5pm dark skies. My mood starts to lighten by the end of January when the promise of longer days is close at hand. I don't miss that part of home one bit.
I am looking forward to sunrise coming before 7:30. The darkness on the other end will take some getting used to.
Thanks for the reminder. I don't understand why we still do this. When it gets dark at four thirty, people just feel crummy. Maybe the pharmaceutical industry is behind it.
Thank you thank you thank you. One other person in the world who makes some sense...wait, there are several on OS, and you're right up there! I soooo needed this this AM...it is still AM, right?
Snickers bar up ur ass this morning?
maybe you need another hr. of sleep!
don't worry in a few days the 'tolds ya so' crowd
will quiet down when they realize they only have themselves to blame
for the crap that comes out of congress! :)
Now go back to bed!
At least the time change will give us an extra hour before being hit with 2012 political ads, which are scheduled to start at noon on Sunday.
Well, we're falling back into a "confederacy of dunces" in government, why not with every other aspect of time.
For many sane people things looked dark after the election. With the time change if will look even darker, at least on Sunday afternoon.
What was the rationale for this in the first place? Oh, like taxes . . .
At best one gets to party an hour more on Saturday night, only nowadays I'm played out by midnight anyway.
I hate the times changes. No longer relevant. Loved this rant!
Great writing! Thank you!
I appreciate the reminder, especially when delivered in the tone of O'Really!
Snickers bar? Don't they call it "the Hershey Highway?"
@ OEsheepdog - that is using your furry noodle!
It will be darker on Sunday! lol
I've always thought the whole daylight saving thing was ridiculous! Just another one of those things to add confusion to our lives. And if you need any more Snickers, I can send dozens your way--no matter how many we eat, we can't get rid of them.
I HATE it when the clocks go back. Dark at 5:00pm is not my idea of a good time.

Yes, absolutely, the vast majority of Tea Partiers believe that if a black man is in the Oval Office he'd better be pressing the President's suit.
I see Linda (in England) turned her clock back last week. That's because they are 5 hours ahead of us ... or ions (not sure which).

But FYI: This weekend ritual is to take us back to Standard Time ... or what I like to call Real Time (with or without Bill Maher). However, since the last "adjustment" to DLS, we are on Real Time 4 months of the year, and Daylight Savings ... fake time ... 8 months - Also reminds me of the election.
Can you imagine how I feel? Wisconsin went from blue to red and dumped Russ Feingold. I've heard that Hawaii doesn't do the time switch.
I love this and how you tied it in to the elections. I hate daylight savings time and all that, as well. We did it last week and I can't get over how dark it is in the early evening. I wish we could just abolish this crap forever. As for the elections, prefer not to think about that... R.
The only reason I liked living in AZ was because we didn't have to touch our clocks. Ahhh, life was simple.-R-
I remember how "lose and hour, gain an hour" used to confuse me as a child. As an adult, I still can't figure it out, except that it is tied somehow to the Minnesota State Fair.
I'd rather have the "extra" hour of daylight in the winter than the summer anyway, we have plenty of it then. At least my current office has windows so I can see where the sun is shining.
Do any whiners actually KNOW why "daylght savings time" was begun?
Do they know which American initially thought about instituting it?
Do they know what was "war time"?
Check out the "Wartime Act".
I like it.
"It’s like standing in line to get into my own bathroom even though I live alone or playing the lottery without picking any numbers and finding out the winner has blown all the money without giving me any of it." LOL!

I takes me weeks to adjust to the time changes, and for what?

I hate "daylight savings" -- it's jet lag without the flying. I think it's meant to disorient people. Arizona has the right idea -- they don't observe it!
I can't believe they're starting it this late. It's now pitch dark at 7am. I would LOVE for them to just do away with the stupid thing.
It's Daylight Saving Time, not SavingS. All part of the American fascination with using longer words (everyone else uses public transport, US has transportATION).
Rated with a nap.
I live in a state that has five counties on central time and everybody else on eastern time. Right now I'm visiting someone who lives in eastern time, so when I go home I will be two hours behind. That is going to cause one crappy Monday. Your post was excellent, however, I will never accept another Snickers bar you offer me. R
An hour throws you off that bad? You must be like one of those highly tuned systems where everything has to be in working order in the right proportion. Like an F1 vehicle.

To me clocks forward is tough. Gaining the extra hour is great since I seldom get enough sleep.
I love this! It was clearly written by both of you (and thanks to O'R for not too many strike-throughs). I couldn't agree more with every word (and wish I could get my mojo back to write almost this well again.

A tip from one with a large house filled with far too many clocks: I carry my cellphone around to check times as I set each clock. Unless a Verizon satellite decides to mess with my head, it works out well.

pee ess I love Snickers and now you've almost ruined them for me... heh
my sundial won't turn back.

There are so many things that are genuinely upsetting in the world, I have to admit, I can't get very exercised about DST. Especially not this disaster week. I can't see any particular value in it, but I've never found it horrendously upsetting, either. It's at about a mosqito bite level of annoyance, for me. I like long summer evenings when it stays light until eight or nine p.m., so.... I roll with it.
Yeah I hear ya. I hate DLST. I just read in England they are thinking of abolishing it because a longer day saves millions of dollars. The only time it was OK when I was a boy in Maine and had to get up at 5 am to feed the cows and horses. Now I say let them use electricity and keep the daylight for the greater masses.
We have timers on the TV, the cable box, and two microwaves in the kitchen (long story on why there are two--you don't want to hear it), that are all visible to someone standing in the same place. (Well, if you have young eyes.) Since it has become impossible to synchronize them, we refer to them as Family Room Time, Eastern Microwave Time, and Western Microwave Time.

Hmm. Guess we need to get a life . . . . .
;} fun...funny true. The illusion of time. tick tick tick...there it was. rated!
It was not the repiglicans who instituted DST.
However, I can hear all the obsrtuctionism here.
Why don't you all whine is red state ink?
OMG, you said it all perfectly. I hate "falling back" and "springing forward." And for what? So I can be extra tired and bitchy for a couple of weeks while my body adjusts? I was thinking about eating a leftover Snickers but you kind of ruined that for me...~r
The discomfort of Daylight Savings Time almost makes me want to live in Arizona. Nahh~
Look, we have Health Insurance Reform, a re-restricted market, a stimulus package that staved off a depression and a partially nationalized auto industry. It was mostly the blue dogs who went down. The liberals are still standing. There are more conservatives than there are liberals and there are more moderates than either. The country is going to get a two year breather. Not so bad. Everything needed to be done the first two years and everyone knew it. It was. The anti-Bush voted couldn't last forever. I figured out something about being liberal. Something only has to succeed one time and then it cannot be taken back unless there is a two thirds majority in case we hold the White House or a sixty vote Senate. We have done a good deal in two years.
As much as I am going to hate driving to work in complete darkness over the next few months, I did take advantage of the change and slept for an extra hour last night - and, wonder of wonders, so did the kids and the dog. So I look at it as similar to winning the battle but losing the war, but at least I feel refreshed right now. Tomorrow, of course, will be a different story.
Hate the Fall change. I don't mind driving to work in the dark, but I hate coming home in the dark. Until the change back in the Spring, I hardly see the sun. POOH!
Amr. politics aside (I can say that being Canadian), ...
Einstein taught us time is not linear but curved, so I suppose this DST just has us going in circles...
Here it is Sunday a.m., what time is it? Where am I?
I slept in, but it's not late-- I've lost my equilibrium, agghhh......
I have hated it all my life. There are also problems with it as the Monday following the switch, especially in Spring brings more car wrecks, infants still wake up on their clock and the poor dairy farmer has to get up even earlier for a good part of the year. The fall set back invariably instigates seasonal affective disorder and on and on. I have thought about suing under the tenth amendment which states there are other rights other than those adumbrated. One of them is for the sun to be at its zenith at noon.
Those who hate the fall change (meaning the earlier nightfall)

We just went back to standard time. If it weren't for daylight savings time, this would be the normal time of nightfall.

Personally, I like DST, and don't mind the week of adjustment in the Spring (the fall one doesn't require adjustment--it's easy to go to bed later and wake up later for me). However, I live close to the eastern edge of Central Time. When I lived on the western edge of Eastern Time, I felt it was unnecessary. The problem essentially is the artificiality of time zones (which is a necessity for modern travel/communications).
No no no no no! We're going back to STANDARD time. DST is the GOOD part of the year, when it stays light later in the day. I want year-round DST! Screw Standard Time. Let's just stay on the merciful side of the clock forever. It's all arbitrary anyway.