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JUNE 26, 2009 10:13AM

Please Don't Go!

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I just got here.   As a matter of fact, I joined Open Salon this morning.  

I don't have anything that looks remotely like Farrah's hair, I buy my gloves in pairs and I'm all for getting a bailout even if it might potentially come as a result of  ads by Google.  This hardly seems likely.  You all seem like a wild, smart and interesting group of people that I wouldn't mind getting stuck in an airport with (if the bars are open at least). And I'm not saying that in a bad way, so take that as compliment.  You have made me laugh for a couple of weeks now and the last time I did that from the sidelines, well, let's just say, things didn't work out between us.  Watching myself having bad sex is not my idea of a great out of body experience.

So please, be gentle with me.  I don't take rejection as well as I used to.  In fact, I'm allergic to it.  It causes me to break out in writing.  Or worse, to post photos like these before and after the Farrah phase in hopes of making your acquaintance.  






                                             DOES IT PAY TO ADVERTISE? 

                                       Only my hairdresser knows for sure.



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Love that shawl. I had many homemade shawls. Had a homemade bolero, too, in tan brushed cotton so it was supposed to look like suede (HA!), and Mom put black edging, like bricabrac, only it wasn't bricabracky, that said LoveLoveLoveLoveLove, in yellow then orange then yellow then orange, against black; and - this is the best part, are you paying attention? - the bottom half of this ensemble was gaucho pants (!), slightly below the knee, same LoveLoveLoveLove edging on the hem.

That was in about '73, Eighth Grade. And my hair looked exactly like yours, with just a little more cowlick.

Oh, welcome to our madhouse! You're marvelous, funny, lovely, and Good!
And your equestrian teacher made you a tutu.
avatar. O'Reilly.
Snoops are on my contraption. I gotta go. serious.
I ain't kidding! who?
I admire your hairdo and cylindrical, uplifted breasts, but because you have no waist I don't think a leopard print works well.
I clicked on this because the picture made me think it was another write up about Tasers.
Wow. This brings another pause.