MARCH 17, 2009 8:13AM

Question about unusual activity on my Statcounter

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Hi guys,

I placed a statcounter on my Siren Call of Mount Kilimanjaro  post on 01/26/09.   Up until yesterday at about 10 am, I only had 55 visits to that post....period.  I now have 90 additional  unique visits since yesterday, which makes me think the article was posted elsewhere. I don't think it's an influx of OS readers because the article is on page 5 of my blog.

My statcounter has no referring links, so I can't find out where these people are coming from.  90% of those visits are from foreign countries and the rest from the USA.  I googled the article and only got the OS link.  My daughter says that the article must have gone viral, but I have no concept of such things.  Is there anything I can do to figure out where they are coming from?  The only clue that I have is that some of the ISPs were from schools or universities.




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that's pretty weird. practically no hits for weeks then a flood huh? there's something odd going on for certain.
google it. It will be cached in places you didn't put it.

If it had been about clay and mentioned in my claygroup with a link, it would have hit 3000 inboxes in one day.
Jeff, I know, right? It's really weird!

Elizabeth, I didn't google the link to the article, only excerpts! Ok, I will try that.
Apparently it has been discovered by someone and too bad you don't get a penny per
Well, the second google search didn't help either.

Hey Brenda, I'll take a dime per hit....inflation you!
Inquiring minds want to know. I want to know. But, I'm as clueless as can be about stat counters.
how strange ...
maybe a teacher or curriculum specialist someplace listed you as a reference site for information on some project ... that's perfectly possible (I used to do that all the time) ... some are working on it at schools, some at home. Are the locations centrally located???
That's weird. I sometimes wonder if statcounter is very accurate. How long are this visits? Check it with the menu items on the left.
Univeristies, eh? cool...
Mike, it's mind boggling, for sure. I wonder if Artsfish or Harry Homeless knows? I got the idea from her and Harry mentioned something about how his Texas cops article went viral.

Ann, I suspected something like that when I saw the school ISPs. None are centrally located....they are from Poland, France, India, USA, Spain, Indonesia, Italy, Germany, UK, Kenya, Austria, Australia, Belgium, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Jamaica, get the picture.....sigh.
I think you are on to something, Stephanie. It says:

114 Less than 5 secs
1 From 5 secs to 30 secs
3 From 30 secs to 5 mins
5 From 5 mins to 20 mins
2 From 20 mins to an hour
3 Longer than an hour

Common problem with Visit Length Stats

If you only install the StatCounter code on one page of your website and your visitors never reload that one page. Then your visit length will always be less than 5 seconds! It is highly recommended to install the same code on all pages of your website you want to track.

So most will only show a 5 second visit if they do not reload the page.
I don't know about Harry but if anyone knows, it's Artsfish. She is really good and gave the idea to Al Gore to invent the internets. ;-)
Thanks, Mike. I will pm Artsfish!

Stella, those flags get me too! lol Congrats on your virals too....confusing though they may be.
Thanks, Stella.....I'm willing to bet that you do alright....
I was curious, so I googled just your title. Quite a few results:
Spooky stuff. But well explained. Thanks for bringing this up, onecor.

Where is a good stat counter? Could someone pm me?
yes, ditto on artfish knowing everything about this. and i've also had weird statcounter experiences but not as dramatic as yours. PM artfish and get to the heart of this. love love love and gratitude to Artsfish has a wonderful blow by blow on how to use it on her blog.
Anni, you are right....lots of results
Thanks, Teddy! I pm'd her earlier today
Here's an update:

Ok, it's been a whole week now. The counter was 55 a week of this writing is it now 626. I still have no clue, have no heard from Artsfish, so I will consider that it's a school assignment of some sort since quite a few of the visitors are from academia.
Hi Sorry I didn't make it here sooner!

I actually have activity on my stats like that fairly frequently - from "off OS" visitors. It may be that someone is searching with just the right terms that gets them to your post - because OS is indexed fairly high on Google. I have a couple of posts with Obama graphics that occasionally have runs in the hundreds and then nothing and then the stats go up again.

There really isn't any way to know where people are coming from - and the inner workings of Google are anyone's guess....
Thanks, Artsfish! I guess it will just chalk it up to one of those things. I've updated that post, asking visitors to email me about how they happened upon it, but they must be shy. lol My count is now at 919. Oy!