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JULY 11, 2011 10:11AM

“the devil’s temperature" and "a train"

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Dot Com 30 Rock quotes: Episode 210 (#2.10)

Tracy (Tracy Morgan) buys a cappuccino machine for the “TGS with Tracy Jordan” staff and stations it on Kenneth’s (Jack McBrayer) desk. Kenneth, who calls hot liquids “the devil’s temperature,” tries coffee for the first time, and is immediately addicted.

Season 2 Episode 10 picture of Kevin "Dot Com" Brown and Grizz drinking the "Devils's temperature"

This episode was one of the most talked about episodes with #30rock fans. It was written by  Robert Carlock & Donald Glover.  

Here are the scenes of  Dot Com from that memorable script of them dancing and singing  "Midnight Train to Georgia...

Kenneth: I’ve always been told that New York was the 21st century city of Sodom. And look what’s happened. I’ve become one of them. I’ve been Sodom-ized.


Kenneth: Mr. Jordan, I just wanted to thank you for everything that you’ve done for me. It’s been an honor being your friend and learning about the non-reproductive aspects of human sexuality from you.

Tracy: You can’t leave, Ken. Who’s gonna help me tell white people apart.
Dot Com: And what about our tickets to Spam-a-lot?
Grizz: And who will be my wingman in speed dating?
Kenneth: Oh Grizz, I’ll miss you most of all.


Midnight Train to Georgia
Tracy: New York. Mmm. Proved to much for the man.
Grizz and Dot Com: Too much for the man. He couldn’t make it.
Tracy: So he’s leaving the life, he’s come to know. He’s leaving.
Grizz and Dot Com: Leaving.
Tracy: On that Midnight Train to Georgia.
Grizz and Dot Com: Leaving on the Midnight Train…
Tracy: Wow wow.


Kenneth: I missed it.
Jenna, Tracy, Grizz and Dot Com: He missed it?
Kenneth: I missed that Midnight train to Georgia.
J, T, G & Dot Com: He missed that midnight train…
All: Woo Woo!
Kenneth: There was an 11:45 and I was misinformed about the time.
J, T, G & Dot Com: Misinformed about the time. Didn’t even get to stand in line.
Kenneth: Yeah I missed it!
All: He missed the midnight train to Georgia!




Gladys Knight: Hello? I’m trying to take a nap! What’s going on out here?
Tracy: Nothing, Gladys Knight. Sorry. Sorry everyone

#30rock Dot Com quotes from http://pregnantcornbread.com/episodes/210

For complete storyline of Episode 210 check out http://remote.lohudblogs.com/2008/01/13/a-brief-return-and-30-rock-leaves-on-a-midnight-train-for-strike-ville/

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Looks like an episode I'd like to see!

Very nice post, pictures and dialogue and all...
Myriad, 30 Rock starts syndication on Comedy Central this September, on tv 5 days a week. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.