..the mailman screamed and pointed up to the sky



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November 01
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I wanted to be a spaceman, found out I was an alien and married a redhead. life is good

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Most men know by male instinct never answer your wife if she asks you if she's getting fat, the ones that don't know it are no longer with us. So the other day I asked my wife if she thought I was getting fat and she said it depends on whatRead full post »


My lovely wife went through menopause starting about 2 years ago. Hell I really didn't see in overt change in her other than being moody and threatening me with death more than usual, it was the little things I missed.

It first started with appliances at our home here in… Read full post »


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             Jim Morrison, the noted Prophet of the Boomers discovered this phenomenon first in the 60's, he wrote a song too. This was when psychiatry took off and they determined everyone was crazy, if not they would make up new name for y… Read full post »

' it's easy how to tell what is wrong but that is not what we want to hear all day long. some people are like human tuinals '  lou reed (New Sensations)

              Look at the feed today or better yet look at the feed… Read full post »