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( Hooterville, USA ) WTFnews..;

            Due to the extreme dry conditions still persisting in some rural counties and recent outbreaks of forest fires near Walmart and large discount store parkning lots. Authorities have determined that the cause of these fire… Read full post »


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FEBRUARY 6, 2014 2:34PM

Exploding Poodles and Small Ugly Dogs


             According to a recent article in Filthy Rich Intelligence Monthly magazine there is a new threat being formed against all of us so honored One Percentile by the other poor people (who for the first time ever scored higher than us perecentage wiseRead full post » says my wife.

            Maybe I should of used pastime as my choice, she forbid me from getting any new hobbies ever. My longtime best friend and partner Jose was with me and my wife Michelle and his wife Mary (Jose and I share joint… Read full post »

....or move back home.

           I've never been quite sure what they call the generations following the boomers (like I), I have heard some call them boomerafterbirthials (think that was just in reference to politicians and car salesman type) or Generation xBox somethiRead full post »