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September 16
Making trouble whenever possible
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JANUARY 24, 2013 1:47PM

Big Brother Talks to Big Brother



I was winding up looking at the blood oranges and the corn just coming up in my garden, and I decided  to go inside to make more political trouble in Oregon.  Thanks to the internet, you can do that these days.

The first thing I did was to… Read full post »


Admit it.  Hugo Chavez is almost toast.  It's only a matter of time before he resides in that old Bolivarian pantheon in the sky.  And the press is doing a fairly good job of reporting on what can be gleaned from the secret meetings that Chavez's family… Read full post »


 Actually things have been going quite swimmingly in Ejido Wonderful.  Not only was everything in better shape than it's been in years when I got here, but I managed to put my garden in early.  Believe it or not, I actually have corn growing -- although I… Read full post »

DECEMBER 13, 2012 4:27PM


Coming back to Open Salon is like walking through a school you once attended that's burned down.  You know where the rooms are that you used to frequent, and there's no one there except for ghosts.  You might pick up some book or other item that hasn't burned and look at… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 19, 2012 7:58AM

The Truth About Benghazi Revealed!


libya You have to admire some of the conservatives on Open Salon. Not only do they faithfully parrot the party line, but they do such a wonderful job of embellishing what passes for reality in their neck of the woods.

Take Benghazi, for example. This scandal was manufactured… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 12, 2012 5:35AM

How the revolution will begin



2011 was a bleak year for the left all over America.  The Tea Party had gotten 60 new members of Congress elected nationally, and Citizens United was the law of the land.  The power of big money was seen everywhere and liberals and leftists of all varieties were… Read full post »






Decommissioned mail boxes due to cutbacks in service to the US Postal Service

The US Postal Service was created in 1775 and it is mentioned in the US Constitution as a vital service. In 2006, FedEx and the United Parcel Service lobbied Congress to cripple… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2012 10:54AM

Perils of Political Pauline (Part 1)




Elections are the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex

Frank Zappa

 When you transform yourself into a Hollywood producer, carny worker, and snake oil salesman -- you know that the sharks are at their greatest intensity of feeding and the politic… Read full post »

OCTOBER 23, 2012 6:50AM

Mitt Romney = Glenn Beck

The most widely read post I ever wrote was on Glenn Beck. By far, it was #1 on the number of eyeballs looking at it.  I was reminded of that fact today when I saw (against my will) the last presidential debate. I'd rather not rehash the particulars of anything that… Read full post »

  snake oil

 I got a robo call from Elmer, the local Tea Party candiate for the state legislature. He wanted to talk to people in my neighborhood. He was going to be at a local hangout of mine,  and I couldn't resist.

Elmer has been running against a well established… Read full post »


 the situation now

Afghanistan? Iraq? These are walks in the park compared to what potentially could go wrong with the current situation in Syria. First, it's worth re-reading my blog of July 25th, 2012 entitled SYRIA: A bad situation getting worse. Many of the the elements that… Read full post »

OCTOBER 4, 2012 3:19PM

Fiddling While Rome ...

 debate This has been an unusual week for me.  I've been obsessing about a ceiling. Let me explain.

My wife gave me a to do list, which was to do some ceiling work around the house before we leave for Mexico. I live in a magnificient house with a magnificient… Read full post »

  local government

French philosophers talk about deep structure.  In fact, there are deeper political structures -- structures that apply universally regardless of geography or culture. One of those deep structures is local government.

 The national state may be weak or strong, close or distan… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 7:26PM

Our Favorite Terrorists


On September 21st, Hillary Clinton signed a finding that the MEK, Muhajadin E-Khalil, or Peoples Muhadejin of Iran was in the process of  no longer being considered a terrorist group.   You should know that MEK was only taken off of the US' terrorist list after years of… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 18, 2012 5:42AM


Open Salon is the new capitol of Annoying. Not only is OS annoying because of the wait, but it's annoying because of the people.  old new lefty has enough seniority around here to remember the good old days, godammnit. And things ain't what they used to be with the people around… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 11, 2012 9:07AM

EUROCRISIS: A Climate Change?




The news flashed across the wires this morning giving the first clues that something substantial may actually be in the works for ameliorating the crisis of the euro.  Up until now Mario Draghi, the head of the European Central… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 5, 2012 9:44PM

REVEALED:The Republican Plan for Victory




 I know that many of us are now basking in the warm feelings emanating from the Democratic National Convention, but I'd like to throw some cold water on you so that I can reveal the very intelligent, completely rational plan that the GOP has for obtaining… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 4, 2012 1:43AM

THE BEACH BOYS: Republican America

beach boys

Once upon a time there was a culture. Somewhere in the late 1950s and 1960s there were comfortable upper middle class lily white suburbs all over America where Daddy worked at the executive job, and Junior got a Camaro for a birthday present.  Maybe the lifestyle and attitudes  wer… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
AUGUST 22, 2012 12:54PM

In defense of American imperialism

  US Capitol

I have to admit to have always having a certain point of view, and that is -- I am an American imperialist. I always have been because I realize exactly how privileged we all are in comparison to perhaps 90% of the rest of the world.  Americans live in… Read full post »

AUGUST 17, 2012 5:13AM

Bernie Builds His Dream House



My #2 son Bernie is a pip.  He's straight out of being the hero in this movie whose name is Blackie.  A half feral, half Mexican, half redneck, half mechanical genius who's a "collector," if you know what I mean.

Bernie is a mountain man.  He… Read full post »

AUGUST 15, 2012 8:02AM

USA: The Winners & The Losers

the price is right  

 There certainly has been a reversal of fortune since last year. My predictions were that the world would be in a much worse financial soup than they are now.  Europe and a potential Israeli attack on Iran still looms, but the Peoples Republic of China has to be… Read full post »

AUGUST 4, 2012 11:39AM



 In the TV series M.A.S.H. Radar O'Reilly was the shortwave radio operator.  He also had the rare gift of being able to hear things like helicopters filled with wounded soldiers and incoming artillery shells before anyone else did. One only wishes that there was a real Private… Read full post »

AUGUST 1, 2012 6:07AM

The NY Yankees TV ad I'd like to see


 THE SCENE: An aerial view of a 50,000 square foot mansion along the beach in the Hamptons. There are a dozen helicopters parked on the grounds.

NEXT SHOT: We close in on two guys (Al and Frank) in tennis whites. They're in the doorway of the sportsRead full post »

Is this a great title, or what?


CIA has done it for decades, and now thanks to the internet -- you can too. Read full post »



Events in Syria have taken quite a dramatic turn in July.  First, was the reported massacre of Palestinians aligned with the PLO in the capital of Damascus.  This was a flag that Assad and the Baath Party were weak, as the PLO had taken a neutral position rega… Read full post »