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September 16
Making trouble whenever possible
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DECEMBER 29, 2010 12:29AM

Ejido Wonderful could be better.

Every year in Mexico is different, and this year's journey s has had  more twists than usual.  Not all of them were bad, but it's certainly  been a mixed bag.  Our journey south was one of the better ones we've made in some time, partly because we took more time in… Read full post »

DECEMBER 24, 2010 9:12AM

GOP Jiu-Jitsu (part II)

The GOP has significant cultural fractures within it that it's very successfully managed to override until now.  And the ability to compromise on some social issues (like DADT),  and truly bipartisan objectives in foreign policy  in no way negates the fact that the Grand Old Party will… Read full post »

DECEMBER 21, 2010 2:13PM

GOP Jiu-Jitsu

If I was a better poker player, I would have seen the tell.  Remember when I was absolutely furious at Barack Obama?  Well, I'm kinda mad at the POTUS, but I'm willing to admit that he's one smart cookie and that in his position he knows stuff that I don't know. … Read full post »

DECEMBER 19, 2010 2:14AM

Stinky, the Presidential Cat

Some day when I'm computer literate, this blog will be filled with wonderful pictures, and I'll get 10,ooo hits on this site.  But I'm not.  So I will have to tell you the story of Stinky the old fashioned way, without illustration.

In the beginning there was Catso Ratso, a big… Read full post »

DECEMBER 12, 2010 1:43AM

Greetings from Cayucos, CA

Things are a little weird, because usually people are happy enough to take us in, even when we have Stinky.  Stinky is the executive cat, the bon vivant of the cat set.  And the little woman has taken it upon herself to subject the animal shaped like a bear to cruel… Read full post »

DECEMBER 8, 2010 2:38AM

Obama loses a big double header!

0-2. It means that any team starting its season like this is off to a bad start.  In the case of the White House, it's just another sign of a president who appears to be over his head.  First we have the grand capitulation of President Obama to the Republicans on… Read full post »

DECEMBER 6, 2010 7:37AM

Dear Mr. President:

It's about time I sat down and wrote you this letter.  Your relationship with me is on thin ice.  I've been watching, and I'm having a major change of heart.  If I was a loner, and I was writing to you on crayon with a grocery bag, the Secret Service might… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 29, 2010 10:44AM

Going to Vegas with Kim Jong Il (& Co.)

I'll bet it would be big time fun going to Vegas with Dr. Evil, I mean Kim Jong Il.  I mean, after all there'd be an unlimited bank account to do high rolling.  I could play in a million dollar baccarat game, and I'd get all the high class hot and… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 27, 2010 4:07PM

Gotterdammerung Economics

Paul Krugman has a very short squib on his blog that refers you to a 6100+ word essay by Bradford De Long, an economics professor at Berkeley.  The piece is pretty technical, laying out the failures of the Obama administration to effectively deal with the calamities of the Great Recession in… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 23, 2010 3:04AM

How to beat the power structure!

 I have to give credit to the little woman.  KA came up with this idea by reading a very good biography of Elizabeth I. I immediately bit on it, and I phoned about ten people on my rolodex.   Thanks to some good atmospherics,  we had a meeting  of about forty… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 16, 2010 8:01AM


There's really only one word to describe the whole, sad situation. Maybe this is President Obama's version of what Bill Clinton did with Don't Ask Don't Tell when he was first elected in 1993. In other words, maybe it's some campaign promise that he made to a special interest group to… Read full post »

I sure hope he isn't dead.  The last time something like this happened, it was my grandmother.  I suppose it didn't turn out so good for her, but you never know.  She told me everything was all right in a dream the moment she died in Ohio.

And I want to… Read full post »

No, I'm not talking about The 700 Club. I'm talking about a roughly two hour video just put out on the net by The Economist at its Buttonwood Gathering, and I'm a computer dummy so Google fiscal crisis simulation: faking failure. It just shows five really bigtime Washington, DC bigshots sitting… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 4, 2010 8:54AM

GOP Granola

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, old new lefty was very young old new lefty.  To tell you a deep, dark secret that I've never ever revealed to you before -- old new lefty actually started out as a Young Republican. This happened so long ago that it… Read full post »

OCTOBER 31, 2010 10:11AM

Another reason to like the Tea Party

Frank Rich of the New York Times has spilled the beans as to why the Ds should welcome with open arms some of the loonier tunesters of the Tea Party.  The dirty little secret is -- that Rand Paul and Sharron Angle might actually help the left wing of the Democratic… Read full post »

It's time to put on my wizard hat and make some predictions about what could happen in the next two years, or even next week.  Knowing the way the future works, I'll probably be wrong.  And you can come back after a while and point out how foolish I've been, but… Read full post »

OCTOBER 24, 2010 8:09AM

Thank you, Tea Party. I love you!

My Fellow Americans,

I owe the Tea Party a great debt of gratitude.  I really mean it.  I'd like to thank that Neanderthal throwback Sharron Angle for alerting me to this, as well as her even more stupid and bizarre cousin, Christine O'Donnell.  And of course, I can't forget The Mother… Read full post »

I had a very detailed dream last night, and unfortunately parts of it were probably true. But I want to  start by talking about method acting.  From what I know, method actors must first immerse themselves in the character and situation that they're portraying, and if this means getting int… Read full post »

OCTOBER 11, 2010 9:40PM

Of Espionage and Afghanistan

I learned  a lot about spying through my father-in-law of Wife #1.  Amos Sentman came from a struggling group of German speaking farmers in Southern Illinois, and he enlisted in the Army at a very early age in the 1920s.  His first overseas posting was in the Gobi Desert of Mongolia,… Read full post »

OCTOBER 10, 2010 12:19AM

An Oregon Political Miracle!

Things did not start out well.  I held a fundraiser at my house for Pat Riggs-Henson, a candiate from Springfield for Lane County, Oregon Commissioner.  My wife (who's really the organizer) was in charge of notifying people, but the college kids moved in and in the process, they reduced our… Read full post »

In Bob Woodward's book on the war, Barack Obama is quoted saying something to the effect that we're really involved in Afghanistan to fight the cancer in Pakistan.  All over the world last night, the big news was that yet another NATO fuel convoy had been attacked and burned.  Suspicions ar… Read full post »

OCTOBER 1, 2010 2:11AM

Hanging out with the Mafia

I'm lying about the names and places, but everything else was real.

Living in Chicago or any other big city can wear you down to a fine grey powder by the end of the week, and this week was no exception.  The little woman reminded me that we had a party… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 24, 2010 2:32AM

Iran Today: A Big Mess Behind the Curtain

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech before the UN General Assembly was a doozy.

In a sparsely attended hall, the President of Iran began his speech, but when he started going on about the 9/11 conspiracy theories of how the US government stage managed the crash of the airplanes into the World Trade… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 22, 2010 7:46PM

HOMOS BY THE HUNDREDS (and Mexicans, too!)

As if Glenn Beck and the Tea Party didn't have enough to worry about, what with the youth vote activated by Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, now they have new worries with the activation of the gay and Hispanic communities, thanks to the GOP rejection of the military appropriations act that… Read full post »

SEPTEMBER 20, 2010 1:28AM

Slouching towards World Government

Sometimes those very obscure, not very exciting and technically dry things have a very profound effect on our country and our lives. Look at the US acceptance of NAFTA and the World Trade Organization under the Bush I and Clinton years.  Both had a profound effect in promoting the deindustrializ… Read full post »