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September 16
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FEBRUARY 27, 2012 1:29AM

Win, Santorum, Win!

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I've decided to back Rick Santorum for the GOP nomination.  I really want him to win it.  Yes, I know his policies on gay rights, abortion, birth control, seperation of church and state are reprehensible -- just for starters.  But to me, that's part of his charm.  I say that it's about time that the radical right wing of the Republican Party finally took control of the whole shebang. Let's see just how many birther, anti-evolution, anti-birth control, fundamentalist Christian voters there are out there this electoral season.  Enquiring minds want to know.

But the first thing I want to talk about are the cycles of American politics as outlined by Arthur Schelsinger. Schlesinger said that every generation or so, a political party runs out of ideas and momentum.  It coasts on its old victories, as its base ages and dies off.  Meanwhile, the insurgents in the other party are improvising and innovating.  The other party becomes a new idea factory. To be sure, the insurgents developing ideas are not in control of the party on the upswing.  They have to battle for maybe ten years before they can fully wrest control of the entire party machinery.   But the wind is at their back.

The last cycle we had like this extended from 1964 to 1980.  Young conservative intellectuals nominated Barry Goldwater and were crushed by the LBJ landslide.  But this didn't stop people like Pat Buchanan, Roger Ailes, or other young insurgents.  They got shelter and support from the Nixon and Ford administrations, and of course, the revolutionaries finally took over the White House with Ronald Reagan.

Meanwhile, the Democrats were tearing themselves to bits because of the Vietnam War.  When George McGovern was running in 1972, the Democrats suffered their greatest defeat in the 2oth Century.  Why?  Because all of the old, mainline New Deal Democrats sat on their hands working for McGovern, and they voted for Nixon.

Fast forward to today, and we see just the opposite situation between the Republican and Democratic parties.  The Tea Party and their ilk are mooning over the good old days of Ronald Reagan, even though he and his ideas have been dead for a long time.  And if you read the latest cover story of New York magazine entitled, "GOPocalypse," you can get all the historical and demographic information that you need to see that Republican conservatives are acutely aware that they're in a dying, shrinking minority.

Obviously, George McGovern was not the end of New Deal liberalism.  We had to wait until 1980 to see that.  And the Republicans still have a very good chance of controlling one or both houses of Congress in the 2012 election, not to mention the Supreme Court.

But with Santorum polling 40 points behind Obama in one recent poll, is it any wonder why an old new lefty can't be behind Rick Santorum 1000%?



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"But this didn't stop people like Pat Buchanan, Roger Ailes, or other young insurgents." Not to mention Lee Atwater and Karl Rove.

I've been saying for some time that they Republican Party died with Dwight Eisenhower. By adopting the Southern Strategy -- employed by Nixon and every Republican President since, it sold its soul and became the reincarnation of the American Independent Party. As I said elsewhere, Righteous Rick Santorum is just a dumber version of George Wallace.
Be careful what you wish for.
Santorum is the bomb!! HE'LL MAKE AMERICA, UH, WHAT IT WAS IN THE PAST!!

I’m with you in spirit, ONL…but David’s “Be careful what you wish for” is on the mark also.

Two things that come to my mind immediately are:

First of all, “liberal” is still a word that is the kiss of death for anyone running for national office. Conservatives politicians still brag about being conservative—even argue about who is most conservative in their debates; liberal politicians never mention the word, because they see it as the albatross it is. There is a reason for that—and the reason does not bode well for Democratic candidates.

Secondly, consider how many of the “liberals” on this board think about Barack Obama. The strongest support from most liberals here runs at about the level of “I hold my nose and vote for him” or “I will vote for him as the lesser of two evils.” The enthusiasm of the conservatives and independents intent on ousting Obama at any costs, on the other hand…is unbounded. All of that does not bode well for Democratic candidates.

Even with a loser like Rick Santorum at the head of the Republican ticket—this election is far from already being decided.

My hopes are for a brokered Republican convention with (I never thought I would ever say this) Jeb Bush being nominated. I honestly think the Republicans are going to win…and of all the Republicans being mentioned, he seems to be the closest to sane.
Santorum: Because America is dumb. But they're not THAT dumb!
Well, I understand the thinking but I caution asking this question: "Let's see just how many birther, anti-evolution, anti-birth control, fundamentalist Christian voters there are out there this electoral season."
It may be a much higher number than you think--I think it is around 45% of all voters--not people but those who vote. The Presidential contest is only one thing. The Republicans will almost certainly win control of the Senate and with their redistricting efforts for the House races will probably hold the House also. This crazy group controls almost all the Judicial Branch--Bush appointed hundreds of Liberty University graduated into positions of power and they will be there a long time. The Supreme Court is controlled by the crazies and if a Republican won the presidency would appoint at least one- probably two new justices which would give them control of the Supreme Court for the next two decades at least.

The only positive that can happen is that President Obama gets reelected and is active with the veto pen until the crazy firebaggers on the Left shut the hell up and get the idea for 2016. The crazies control 31 state legislatures. So, to sum up. The crazies will win the Senate, retain control of the House, continue their domination of the courts and control the majority of governorships and state legislatures. Santorum is an idiot but he got a standing ovation in one of those mega-churches recently so he could actually win if the turnout is low enough.

Lefty, I beg you to turn away from the firebagger losers on the Left and consider joining our movement at :
The Republican party is an odd conglomeration of religious fanatics and old white men with money. There's fewer of the old white men with money, and they need the voting block of the religious fanatics.

I'd love to see (but it would never happen) a real parliamentary system in our country, which would give a voice to third, fourth, and fifth parties. There are places in the country where someone from a Green party could win. There are places where the Rabid Fundie Christian party could win. A parliamentary system would allow local districts to elect who they will, and then they'd have to form coalitions to get anything done in government. But at least it would be out in the open, and clearly delineated, who is a Rabid Fundie Christian, and who is an Old Rich White Guy.
The reason McGovern was the 72 nominee is because CREEP rat-f***ed Muskie and he didn't see it coming.
The reason McGovern lost is because voters identified him with the leftist protesters -- the radical wing. Nixon ran on Law & Order, if you'll recall.
After the 64 Goldwater debacle, the conservatives went dormant. The National Review refused to endorse Nixon because he wasn't a conservative. Ford wasn't either, so the first movement conservative president was Reagan.
Now the conservative demographic is dying off as the radical wing grows more powerful and the GOP is stuck with being identified with their radicals. The reason the candidates are locked in trying to prove they're more "conservative" is because they must play to the radical base, not because "conservative" is highly popular. In fact, it's this conservative-off contest that is dooming the GOP's chances this election, and widening the demographic divide.

Santorum would lose by a wider margin than Romney, and it would be fun watching Rick trying to excommunicate half of America.
If Obama loses, it will be because he empowered the GOP when he should have been dancing on their grave. His futile "centrist" play was in pursuit of a reborn Republican healthcare mandate act where he refused to give the majority of Americans the single-payer plan they wanted. He gave them their own plan and they're in a position to hang him with it.
If enough Dem voters sit this one out, it's Obama's fault, not theirs. In spite of what some shrill political guessers think, he was elected to represent the people, not the other way around.

In the end game, barring some unforeseen occurrence, Mitt won't be able to overcome his rich,disconnected, plastic personality AND his forced error in having to prove how "conservative" he is by having to move radical-right to get past the base yahoos.

So, an incumbent President who refused to see America's populist shift versus a challenger who can't play to the demographic shift.

It'll be interesting.
On another note, a Santorum nomination might very well activate the Rockefeller wing of the Republican Party once and for all. Moderate Republicans hate the Santorum wingnuts now. But a real extremist candidate might be what was needed to split the GOP wide open. There could be a resurgence of a moderate Republican Party if the fundies drive the GOP off the cliff. And then perhaps there would be more of what passes for political discourse in the legislative process in DC instead of the posturing and pissing that is the norm now.
That fits in with my plan to nominate Newt so his defeat reactivates the Yankee Rocky Repubs. I know you prefer Saintorum. Because Newt and Rick represent different, though largely enmeshed base sects, perhaps we can compromise on a Newt/Rick ticket.
In that order, because the GOP is Newt, from coup to nutballs.

Besides, given their different reputations, everyone that thought about the coupling would know which one should be on top.
Rick will object because it's not reproductive sects, but he'll take one for the Team, in the end.
One must be careful for what one wishes for. In 1980, I was ecstatic that the loony old codger Ronald Reagan would run against our Jimmy Carter. Boy was I sorry. Santorum thankfully doesn't have Reagan's charisma, so I think his odds in November would be long indeed. A Santorum nomination is the best chance we have to retake the House and retain the Senate. Sure, it could leave to the apocalypse if he was to actually win. But I'll take my chances.
Newt/Rick, Rick/Newt, whatever. Either way, we know who would be in the Cabinet. Godzilla for Secretary of State, and Simon LeGree for HHS.
The rightwing revolution didn't start with Reagan. If it had, it might not have prospered. I was a Fed starting in 1975, the end of Ford. Carter came next, and his agenda was cut, cut, cut. He had been cowed by the rightwing. Reagan's perfidy with the Ayatollah was just the nail in the coffin. It was Carter who made rightwing-ism legitimate.

Santorum is less AuH2O then might be apparent. AuH2O played on foreign policy and Cop of The World. Santorum plays to nostalgia, much of which is fantasy. He's more like Reagan in that respect. Unlike Reagan, he's no interest in actually governing.

To the extent that rightwing states can disenfranchise anyone not to the right of Attila, Santorum can deliver the country to the cabal. Citizen's United is not trivial. The Koch's, et al, really do mean to run the country as an autocracy. They see how Putin lives so much better than the average Russian. Why shouldn't they?
Well my research shows that there are very powerful groups who are charting the course of the Republican party and they have nearly all their pieces in place to make radical changes. And the reason they are able to marshal their forces is because they consist of the super wealthy, some false prophets, and the ambitious seeking elected office. They have several groups all set up it appears to write the laws which their faithful servants in state houses across the nation introduce them and push them through. They have members who are in both ALEC and The National Council on Policy. ALEC is their legislative branch perhaps the Council is where they hatch their evil schemes. They couch policy in religious terms and generally confuse their hapless supporters. Who Santorum hopes will never educate itself. The sick part is uber conservatives like Jeb Bush and Mitch Daniels, are now being considered moderates. I personally wish I had never read 1984 because I know how that ended and I know how bleak life was through out the book. We live in dark times.
RY, you're absolutely right about the defeatist nature of the Ds in the 1970s. We were totally fighting a rear guard action, and were in a defensive position. We may not have been consciously aware of it at the time, but subconsciously we could see that the New Right was a rising power as far as getting its hands on the machinery of government.

And Desnee, I'm totally aware of the evil plutocrats who are backing the SSantorum spawns to the hilt. There's no mistake that the puppetmasters are intelligent, armed, and dangerous. Having said that, I take issue with Robert Reich about any upward trajectory that they're on. While SSantorum may have a stranglehold on the 30% or so of Christian fundie voters, getting to 31% is a real stretch.

Even the most clever GOP marketing of SSantorum can't hide the fact that in many issues, fundamentally, the man is a mental case. The vast majority of American voters will choke on even considering the idea of a SSantorum presidency. The T Paper supporters are all in, praying to draw on an inside straight against Obama's two pair. But all the money in the world can't turn a pig into a poke at the White House.

Meanwhile, the presence of the SSantorum monster will energize the apathetic base that sat on their hands in the 2010 election. The Koch brothers are probably praying that they can find a pretty boy conservative Democrat to run a third party ticket to split the Obama vote, but it ain't going to happen.

The most likely prospect is for third and even fourth party candidates from the evangelical and libertarian factions to further splinter the Republican vote instead. Meanwhile, the SSantorum supporters must be getting down on their knees in church -- praying for a combination of a European meltdown, Israeli attack on Iran, and a Chinese economic implosion. The odds are now against this trifecta for American conservatives.
Good sum up, ONL.

I still am very, very apprehensive. To me, this is a lose/lose election.

If Obama loses, we get a Republican beholden to the most dedicated, doctrinaire, conservatives ever. The Republican president will be indebted and obligated to people who make Attila the Hun look reasonable.

If Obama wins…we may see the start of a Second American Civil War. The conservatives of this country will not sit still for a second win by Obama…and will tear this country apart.

We are screwed…BIG TIME.
ONL, there is something all the commenters here, intelligent and observant as they are, are missing. The MAJORITY of conservative/traditionalist voters are not stupid. They KNOW that vociferous extremists cannot possibly implement their programs...whether Santorum with a return to anti-feminist God-fearing values, or Ron Paul with a return to American isolationism and the reduction of the national security state. Look, lots of fundamentalist Kristians peruse Internet pornography, have extra-marital affairs, know someone who's gay, etc. They don't expect any of this reality to change...they just like to be SCOLDED, but not REFORMED. Get it? I think many more people than you would expect, including women, will vote for Santorum because of his hellfire and brimstone talk, but everyone knows it will just remain talk. It's fun to flirt with self-punishment and then everyone gets off scot free anyway. Do you understand the psychology? It's at the root of sadism/masochism, which more and more drives the societal/psychological dynamic in the USA.

Similar reasoning applies to Ron Paul. Every reasonable voter KNOWS it's not possible to significantly reduce the gargantuan Amerikan national security apparatus. That is a dream that idealists like Ron Paul can lecture about and it feels good to suspend disbelief, and fantasize about his ideas for a few minutes. But even if Paul got elected he could do extremely little to implement his vision. So voters can feel safe voting for Ricky or Ron because it is a symbolic protest vote...whether these vocal extremists get elected or not gay/lesbian, liberal sexuality/pornography issues will keep steaming along safely, just as the military-industrial complex would be completely safe in a Ron Paul presidency. It's all rhetoric, entertainment.
Jejeune, there's no question that the Republicruds are going to try every voter suppression trick in the book. But AG Holder is turning the big guns of the Justice Department on the sow bugs in the rotten wood on this one, and I anticipate that the heat will be turned up legally as the election gets closer.

Sure, F*x News will try to say your vote doesn't matter, or they'll urge people to vote for SSantorum as a protest candidate against people's self interest. But I monitored Marilee Matalin's defense of SSantorum on a radio talk show, and she had to bend herself into a pretzel to come close to spinning for him.

There are a huge percentage of conservatives (those with an IQ greater than 90) that will have huge problems if Santorum is the nominee. The GOP will have additional nightmares in trying to figure out how to energize its base this year, no matter what -- the way things are right now.
Holy cow, I think I agree with Jejeune! The apocalypse cometh!
ONL, to change the subject for a moment, you're absolutely right that the Iranian regime WANTS an Israeli attack on the nuke sites. An attack would solidify the regime, silence the growing liberal/intellectual dissident ranks at home, and provide an excuse for the ongoing economic hardship...the inflation, shortages, devaluation of the rial, etc. Since Israeli military resources are limited the Iranian regime is not worried about its personal safety. The leaders would ride out an Israeli attack and emerge to play the role of victim and try to mobilize world outrage against Israel. What a sweet deal for them!

What's even more sinister is that the plutocracy/military industrial elites in the US want an Israeli attack also. The negative economic repercussions will give Obama a massive headache and voters might be persuaded to vote Republikan. The loss of some American lives in any haphazard American response to Iranian attacks in the Straits, Iraq, Saudi oilfields, Afghanistan, etc. would be laid at Obama's feet "as a weak, unprepared President." Skyrocketing oil prices would be his fault also. And if a terrorist attack occurred in the US, as part of Iranian/Pakistani etc. blowback, well Obama is cooked and the Amerikan nation is driven hysterical with desires for revenge...and the Forever War the elites covet will finally be here, and without any crazy 9/11 World Trade Center conspiracy theories needed to initiate the knee-jerk American super-patriotic reaction. Priming the pump of jingoism the smart, safe way. It all happens automatically because of the inherent Israeli/Iranian dynamic. I seriously expect the Israeli attack...and egg all over Obama's face. Israel KNOWS it has the Amerikan Zionist Kristians and the entire Red States, and the Republikan party with the tiny exception of the Ron Paul libertarians on its side PLUS all the Democratic Party Jews...BINGO! So Bibi WILL gamble...and good for him. If the American liberals have let themselves be emasculated for so long then maybe they deserve to have their teeth kicked out by the military-industrial/plutocratic complex...wink

See my most recent post on the ONLY way Obama could get himself out of this briny pickle....dubble wink
I'm kind of with you on this one, although I'm a bit afraid.
Fine with me whoever gets elected. We get the government we deserve. Dishonest people vote for dishonest politicians and vice versa. We can bitch about who controls what but if you don't ask why they are in control you're missing the point, Santorum is just a symptom.

The country is only going to keep moving to the right as long as we trust greed to save us. That's where the real fight is, everything else is just jacking off.
I think Jejune makes a great point about Israel and their willingness to attack Iran. But I hope that Zbigniew Brzezinski is correct in saying that Israel has made an empty threat to attack Iran every couple of years or so. I wish President Obama could take Bebe in a room and tell him look asswipe if you attack Iran as long as I'm President your behind will be out there on your own. Because let's face it if you do that I won't win re-election so I won't have a damn thing to lose by letting you lose. Then remind him that he already is on shaky ground with the only allies they have in the region Turkey and Egypt. If America backed up they would be virtually alone, and they really aren't that bad ass.
Just got off the phone with Satan. He says Sanitorium is infringing on his brand.
Apparently a lot of Dems have been voting in Republican primaries to achieve just this effect. I'm thinking about becoming a poll watcher: "Check this guy's ID--he's not wearing tassel loafers."
I think the fact that Santorum is even in the race speaks to the fact that we have way more crazies out there than we need. Couple that with all the voter's suppression laws, gerrymandering and some good old Republican election fraud and we could easily end up with that fool for President. Heaven help us!!
ONL, FWIW, Joe Nocera in today's Times channels you. I would be so proud.
Unfortunately polls reflect only the mind set, of the people asked! Just today there was an article in the Tampa Bay Times ( formerly StPete Times ) about how the Democrats have no power, here in Florida. This coming from a Liberal leaning newspaper! Likewise the name change, because StPete represents "liberal Florida", and they were losing subscribers. The very scary thing about Santorum, is he would have a good chance of being elected, all because Floridians tend to be ultra conservative. Remember 2004?
I might add, that many Germans did not consider Hitler to be a serious problem. They thought he would make a fool of himself and disappear into the pages of history. Well they were right,on the latter part! Unfortunately there are a lot of right wing nutcases out there. If they all go out and vote, and too many wishy washy liberals stay home. We end up with a Dictator!