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MARCH 30, 2012 8:17AM

Open Salon Pay Wall to begin at 12:01 a.m. Sunday

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I was going to write a lede about Open Salon's pay wall is beginning on April 1st. However this was a very cheap way to wish you all an early April Fool's Day.

I think the ritual April Fool's Day pranks that used to occur at work are now relegated to twentieth century memories, along with rotary telephones, typewriters, korrect tape, and smoking at your desk.

It's no longer "appropriate" to pull April Fool's Day pranks at work. Employers and their Human Resources Departments (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) have zero tolerance for this type of workplace behavior.

Activities like changing the Men and Women signs on company Rest Rooms, issuing pink slips to entire departments, yelling after employees who innocently leave your office "AND STAY OUT!!!" just isn't as fun as it used to be.

I remember the days of leaving "while you were out" messages marked URGENT from people like Ella Funt or Leo DeLyons and the return phone number of the Bronx Zoo, or Benson's Wild Animal Park, only to have the hapless employee get "punked" when told you've just had an April Fool's joke played on you.

Other jokes included calling Funeral Homes and explaining that you were moving and wondered if they had any empty boxes they could let you have.

One enterprising high school student called the radio station where I worked early one April Fool's Day morning to say he was Principal Richards and that school was cancelled. When he failed to give the appropriate password, I put him on the air and got him to talk. The real Principal Richards was listening that morning, recognized the young man's voice and when the alleged perpetrator got to school and was summoned to the principal's office, the joke, apparently, was on him.

I always thought that the April Fool's Day pranks at work were relatively harmless and was a way to blow off steam. Today it just isn't acceptable behavior. I'm not sure if that's better or worse. 

What were your favorite April Fool's Day pranks?

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I never liked April Fools day because, well, I always looked like a fool at some point during the day. Come to think of it, that is no different than most days. R
I never fail to fall for the dumbest of pranks Sheepie....

Goes right over my head like water over a duck's back...
And I find myself laughing at myself with everyone else....
Funny stuff. I especially like how the high school student got caught canceling school. I just read this morning about Starbucks selling teeny cups of coffee on April 1st 2010–the Plenta (128 fluid ounces) and the Micra (2 fluid ounces). The article did not say how much these cost!
A REALLY long time ago at Walgreens corporate headquarters, I remember a page over the loudspeaker for a certain Jack Meeoff.
I always like the one about the Austrian newspaper who, in the 1920s, ran the headline Archduke Ferdinand Found Alive, Great War Fought by Mistake. I think The Onion also used this in their great Our Dumb Century.
I don't mind even when the date makes me look silly. r.
In school when we used to reverse the classroom around and all the desks would be facing the other way.
Very interesting observation. I was cured of playing pranks when I upset my very close High School friend. Her father had been shot on April Fools Day and she always had a difficult time on that day. Pranks are not fun for everyone.
Rubber band around the kitchen sink sprayer handle, carefully positioned to face unsuspecting sink user.
Never really liked April Fool's Day either.

Though I'm not sure that an OS paywall would be such a bad idea, actually.
Human Resources = Soylent Green?

April Fools Day in Sunday could raise great possibilities for clergy.
I used to hate finding "Hit me" post it notes stuck to my shirt when I got home. Fun read.
Who needs a special occasion? My standard gag is to say in a stage whisper as someone is leaving my office "SURE WE COULD DO THAT, BUT IT WOULD BE UNETHICAL."
I didn't catch the joke in your headline. Which pretty much tells me how forgotten April Fools Day has become for me.
It wasn't an April fools day prank, but I think the best prank I ever pulled was in high school. One of the teachers drove an old beetle, which, as you may or may not know, are just light enough where seven or eight strategically placed high school males can in fact lift and carry them. There were two trees on the front lawn that had roughly one beetle's worth of space in between them. So of course, that was where we left it. Hilarity ensued. (We stuck around to help her get it out after we'd had our share of laughs of course)
I've pulled, and been the victim of, the Bronx Zoo prank. Back in the days when a department shared one phone and you received a pink "While You Were Away" message if you missed a call, I was the victim of a prank where I received a message with a woman's name and a phone number. Everyone watched me dial the number and laughed as I turned red when I realized it was a phone-sex line. If I remember correctly, the company immediately thereafter blocked access to all area code 900 numbers.
My favorite ones were always work pranks. Uncabling the monitor/mouse/keyboards of co-workers and then seating the plugs back in JUST ENOUGH so it looked like it was plugged in but not enough to make contact. Or altering their system logins so that they would get immediately booted off the system as soon as they logged on (of course this was on mainframe systems - can't do it so easily on servers now ).
But once (Victor's story reminded me of this) my supervisor left his car keys on his desk when he went to lunch. A co-worker went out, drove the man's car around to the below-level garage and parked it next to an old firetruck that was in storage there. Couldn't see the car at all unless you were right in front of it.
The guy spent almost a half hour having security drive him around, trying to find where he parked his car.
If you want to know how many fools there are in this country, wait until Election Day.
My favorite was to leave messages from the law firm of Houghton, Heller and Ya. Then I would add my number...

...and answer the phone with "How ta hell er ya!"

People would scream "Who is this...is this you?"
I was so enamored of the idea that I'd keep trying them on family members a day or so beyond the deadline. Stuff like, oh there's a bug crawling up your leg...real thing slappers, at least that one. Then I'd laff and say, April Fool. My mom would glare at me and say, April Fool is past, you're the biggest fool at last. Actually I knew she would do this, which is why I tried to keep the game going. She finally put a stop to it when I was about 50 or so.
"issuing pink slips to entire departments" Well nowadays, those get done without being a joke!! ~:(

Stupid modern day economy!! PFFFFT!!!
That was supposed to read "thigh slappers." Probly Freudian, ya think?
Gerald -- you are not alone.

jane -- That's pretty funny.
Mission -- As I said to a colleague at work today, "Gullible is not a real word. It isn't in the dictionary."

greenheron -- With Starbucks it isn't as funny.
Roger -- Reminds of the scene at the Drive-In in Porky's where they are paging Mike Hunt.

Abrawang -- Now that is really politically incorrect.
Jon -- Silly can be good.

Linda -- Funny story.
snarychaser -- Your point is valid. As much as I would enjoy doing pranks today, you run the risk of hurting someone.

Maria -- That's evil, and that's why I admire you so much.

Mary -- The pay wall would eliminate spam.

Steve -- The possibilities for evangelicals is endless.

Sarah -- We had "kick me" signs...

Con -- My comeback in that situation would have been, how could a lawyer tell the difference. A funny lawyer is better than an unfunny lawyer.
Stim -- it's not unusual since you're from Chicago.

Victor -- At prep school we put a Chevy Corvair inside a dorm lounge.

Sheila -- thanks

Cranky -- Those funny bankers...how embarrassing.

Bill -- Today that prank with the car would get you fired. I had my car shrink wrapped once. That was very funny.

John -- Wait until after Election Day.

Zuma -- that is hilarious.

CM -- You must be the world's oldest sophomore or is that semaphore?

Tink -- It wouldn't be funny today. At all.

CM -- Slapping your thing was funnier.
A couple of years ago, a coworkers posted a sign on the walk up copier that said it had been programmed with voice recognition software so everyone needed to talk to the machine. The reactions were good, though no one talked to the machine beyond the usual expletives.
Ha-ha! You fell for it. The "No Pranks on April Fool's Day" policy is an April Fool's Day prank. It was generated by April J. Ester Head of Personnel back in 1984. I can't believe it has held up for so long. R
Ahhh...those were the days, Andy! We used to remove all the toilet paper from every washroom in school! That was fun! Nowadays, everybody's so PC - so all or nothing - that we'd probably get arrested faster than george zimmerman for what we used to call FUN! Thanks for the memories...
I do recall a time when several friends and I picked up a VW Beetle and put it on the porch in front of the school auditorium.
I sadly never had the experience of being pranked or pranking people at work! However, this post was a great read. I might have to go one of them tomorrow..Oh wait, April 2nd won't do. I might get fired. Oh well, maybe next year!! hehe
Holloween pranks used to be fun, but now you would probably get arrested.