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DECEMBER 16, 2011 1:17PM

Ten surprises in the news in 2011. At least to me, anyway.

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1. The fall of regimes in the middle east. Who would have thought the protest movements in Egypt, Libya and Syria would all happen in the same year?

2. Occupy Wall Street. The rise of the 99% movement may chart the course of the debate in the 2012 elections.

3. The moribund slate of GOP candidates running for President is enough to make any reasonably person presumably run for the exits.

4. The nuclear accident in Japan, and the fact that no one even mentions in the news these days in the U.S.

5. The execution of Osama bin Laden and that fact he was living in plain sight in Pakistan.

6. The Republicans in Congress who failed to follow their oath of office (to protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic) to focus on the the oath(to never raise taxes) they took to Grover Norquist, who on more than one occasion wants to destroy the government of the United States of America, an admitted anarchist.

7. Judge Jed Rakoff's ruling rejecting the SEC settlement with Citibank and ordering a trial instead.

8. The passage of Gay Marriage in New York State and the two heroic Republicans that voted in favor of its passage.

9. That absolutely nothing was done by the U.S. Congress to reduce the unemployment crisis. 

10. The Murdoch family crisis and the demise of The News of the World in Britain.

 What are your surprises in the News?

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OEsheepdog, it was a busy news year! #9 of your list may not be a surprise to all and the approval rating for Congress continues to be around 9% for this mostly useless group of paid people.

I would say WikiLeaks should be mentioned as a surprise in that they were benefiting the world, yet their money supply was cut off by the likes of MasterCard and PayPal, as I recall. Also, the server space they bought on Amazon was cut off--a breach of contract I'd say, but I'm not a legal eagle. 2012 will be another active news year with the elections, just as starters.
Bruins win the Stanley Cup, #1 sports surprise of the year.
Con -- I stayed away from sports for this. As a counterpoint to the Bruins win, Red Sox slide and the firing of Francona and hiring of Valentine are as big a surprise.
Toying with it was one thing, but never expected a mortal blow to habeas corpus. Farewell rights of man.
Oh - I just can't wait for 2012!! I'm not a negative person but it's certainly hard to stay positive about the course of our country and the course of the world. ho..ho...ho...
I was surprised that Osama was finally killed. I wasn't surprised he was in plain sight in Pakistan. I'm surprised the Seal team didn't find him casually shopping in the local market.

You are absolutely right to put the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street as #1 & 2. I never would have guessed either.
Great list. I'm agog now, all over again!
Following up Con's contribution, Packers heading into first undefeated season in franchise history, Joe Paterno toppled in Penn State scandal.
Those would be on my list, too, Sheepy.
Sadly, I wasn't surprised by #6.
I think the revolts in the Middle East and the Occupy movement were very surprising, unforeseen because nobody was thinking ahead about the ramifications of all the Little People being in communication with each other. I predict that in the coming year there will be great efforts to curtail this effect.
how about all those Fema Prison Camps they are building. If you do not believe me go to youtube and type in fema prison camps.
I say we will all be in one in the near future hahaha