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OCTOBER 28, 2011 1:35PM

Snow kidding

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courtesy Joe-KS.com 

For 33 winters, I lived in New Hampshire and Maine. I survived the blizzard of 1978, countless winters of sleet, freezing rain, and wind chill, and one winter living on my boat in Portland, Maine. There's a post on that in my archives, I believe.

So now, we're looking at snow in October. Big whooping deal. It'll be November on Tuesday. Yet, from all the groaning and griping out there, you'd think the metro New York populace had been locked inside their homes for three months straight.

Autumn snows aren't frequent, but it bears saying we have snow in April. Equidistant from each of the equinoxes.

Perhaps global warming has something to do with it. Perhaps not. At least it will be brief and will allow me to postpone raking leaves for another week.

Don't forget to close your doors and windows.

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~nodding~ Hell one year in Butte, Montana, we had snow on the 4th of July!!! And yeah, hard to believe, but it's almost November!! EEK!! :D
May the power stay on and the creeks not rise.
Love that photo! I am with you. Some people just need to complain....
I'm not ready for the snow and slush!
Since when did New Yorkers become a bunch of whiny Southerners? I expect Atlanta and Tallahassee to gripe. They can't drive on a quick dusting of snow. D.C. shuts down if there's more than an inch. But New York?
I'm just grateful that we don't have any snow here - or any in the forecast - yet.
Hey! If ya don’t whine about a bit of snow in late October, ya can’t very well go on about global warming, now can ya?

Oh, “warming”? But it’s colder out?

Nah. Can’t be. It MUST be getting warmer.

Good news folks! That isn’t snow out there! Can’t be.

The Church of AGW has said so. The believers can’t be wrong.....

Snow seems like such a beautiful experience when you know it will melt.
rated with love
The biggest snowstorm I've ever seen here was in October one year. I can tolerate storms pretty well early in the fall; when school is out and snow is still falling, I get really grumpy.