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AUGUST 24, 2011 3:20PM

Body Language

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I was already seated on the train when she came aboard. She arrived with others and seemed to be a European Tourist, Exchange Student, Graduate Student or College Student. She sat two rows ahead of me with her back against the front of the car facing towards the rear while I sat facing front towards her.

She was blonde with short hair, green eyes, angular in build, with high cheekbones and incredible lips. Those lips. Full, curved, succulent; they were an exclamation point on a beautiful face. Beautiful, but not glamorous. She wore a lipstick color in some shade of plum...not purple nor red, somewhere in between. It took a moment for for me to start breathing on my own again.

I stole a glance in her direction and she looked at me and smiled a real smile. Her teeth were perfect except her left front tooth which was cocked at an angle as Ali MacGraw's tooth is.

There was a wholesomeness about her. She struck an unassuming pose, and she seemed to be totally unaware of how beautiful she was.

My heart beat faster just thinking about that smile she flashed at me. It was very hot on the train, with no air conditioning in this car.  The train was crowded and moving to another seat wasn't an option.

After the train started moving she began to doze. I was focusing on my Blackberry for a few moments but she was a distraction. I looked at her sleeping just a few feet from me and my eyes began exploring.

She work no makeup except for the lipstick. Her brown blouse was open at the neck. She wore a silver chain with no ornamentation. She wore a wrist watch, simple and utilitarian. Her wrists were slim and her hands had long capable fingers. I thought how wonderful it would be for those fingers to run through my hair. Or take my hand in hers as we walked along a beach.  Her touch would be electric, yet warm and loving. Sensitive and sensual.

She had lovely wrists. Wrists and ankles are a weakness of mine. I glanced at her legs. Her skirt was full length., but she had lovely ankles. She wore sandals and she seemed to my estimation to be 5'7" or 5'8",

I thought about our life together. How we would grow older and travel the world. The harmony of our relationship. Friends first, then the ensuing passion of our love and lust for each other. I had found my soul mate.

I watched her sleep and grew mesmerized with her rhythmic breathing. At one point she snored, but I gave her no demerits. This made her more approachable and human to me.

I could wait for her to wake up so we could begin our new life together. The train pulled into the station. She woke up and she glanced in my direction and gave me that sensational smile, again. After the passengers alighted she gathered her things and stood up. Gracious, this woman has some curves, too.

She walked toward me, and as I waited for her to speak, she walked passed and sat down next to her boyfriend who was sitting directly behind me.

"Did you miss me?" she said in a sultry tone. "I fell asleep and had a most interesting dream."

It was time for me to wake up, too. 


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I love a glimpse into what a man finds irresistible. Wrists and ankles, for example. Loved this. ~r
Nice work, Sheepie. You write sensuously what a woman likes to read, for whatever that's worth.
Joan -- Thanks.

Lea -- Would they pay for this? That's the big question.
Change the channel, I've lived this one before!! :D

I have such thoughts also after ingesting a hearty helping of Dreamos. Fantasy thinking is much better than reality. She was smiling at you not the boyfriend who had no idea what he had. Good writing--reminds me of your classic near soft porn post a year of two ago.
Tink beat me to it..... (*‿*)
Dreams are what keep us all sane my man!
Ya had me for a while, Andy. I was gonna beg you to invite here to our next meet.

Good post!
I love this story and the description of the immediate attraction. It was very sensual down to her ankles!
What would life be without fanasy. Nicely told.
Many such a dream have had I. And glad am I for them, no matter they be simple flights of romantic fancy. Thanks for sharing. I could see her in my mind's eye and I'm sure she's exactly the same as you described her to be. In my dream of your tale, I was the boyfriend and you were here "most interesting dream." And yes, I did miss her.

Many such a dream have had I. And glad am I for them, no matter they be simple flights of romantic fancy. Thanks for sharing. I could see her in my mind's eye and I'm sure she's exactly the same as you described her to be. In my dream of your tale, I was the boyfriend and you were her "most interesting dream." And yes, I did miss her.

i could say something about how dreams are filled with such interesting, revealing details -- but of course i've never had one like this. :) nice work, sheepie.
Everyone -- It's funny how you read the ending and interpreted it as me waking from a dream. I wrote the last sentence with the meaning Ann Landers used when she said, "Wake up, and smell the coffee." or Dude, recognize reality and get over yourself.

You all gave me quite a compliment. I wish I had intended it to end as you perceived it.
You had me intrigued OE. Those fantasies on trains...
Actually, my friend, I think Tink read you right; that is why I rode his tails. I only wondered about the gender of the person watching that lovely girl. You never did make that clear. That “lovin’ feelin’ “ could apply either way.

What a sad and lovely story, I wonder how many times this scenario has been played out on trains.
rated with love
I just got a sudden urge to ride the train.
Fantasy on trains. Lovely story.

So beautifully written.

I was lifted up into the dreaminess of this piece and swept along to that intriguing ending ... wonderful for the fact that it can be interpretted in two different ways.

**sighs again**