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JULY 1, 2011 8:46AM

Representation Without Taxation - The New American Way

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I stand before you on the eve of our 235th Birthday, and realize now that our founding fathers got it wrong. The events leading up to the American Revolution crystalized around a very simple concept, "No Taxation Without Representation." Obviously that was wrongheaded.

Sam Adams and the Sons of Liberty should have been more forward thinking. As the most well off in America begin their holiday weekend, we should be thinking about their mantra, Representatiion Without Taxation.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Why pay for the benefits of a democracy, when you can get it for free. Well almost free. A few thousand here and a few thousand there to pay for lobbyists and politicians is chicken feed as opposed to paying taxes.  Taxes are so icky.

Certainly Leona Helmsley was a woman way ahead of her time, when she told her staff that "Only the little people pay taxes." A shame that the misguided belief of the time was that those who cheat and get caught, get punished. My, my, how Twentieth Century, how quaint, how misguided.

It really time for the rest of us to step aside, and let the United States of America be run by the corporate oligarchs. After all, they are just too big to fail. Let's face, a politician who is interested in serving middle class constituents just doesn't get it. He or she is going to be swept aside by the big money and influence of those richest Americans who have decided that those who are young or old, those who are ill, or too lazy to find a job,  or live in poverty shouldn't be relying on government handouts anymore.

That's just un-American. We should be living in company towns owned and operated by the smartest guys in the room. If you have any doubt about their smarts, just ask, they'll tell you how smart they are. And remember, they are just doing God's work.

A noted Republican and Supreme Court Justice, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., once said "Taxes are what we pay for civilized society." Holmes was from Massachusetts, so he obviously didn't know what he was talking about.

Let's remember that people will charge the super rich with starting class warfare. Nothing could be further from the truth. That is just socialist claptrap. We are just too uppity in the vast plantation society that has become America to recognize our betters.

Let us remember the great George Washington Plunkitt, an American Statesman of the late 19th century, who said long before it became fashionable, "I seen my opportunities, and I took 'em." We should learn from that.

Remember our nation's slogans need to change to keep up with the New America.

E Pluribus Unum (Out of Many, One) needs to be replaced with Everyone Out for Themselves. As far as In God We Trust is concerned, it just needs to be refined to In God We Trust, All Others Pay Cash.

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This is one of the haunting themes of the coming distopia. The Holmes concept is one that is so easily taken for granted and overlooked. Minnesota is now closing down the business of government. We are going to find out what life is like when the people no longer own government. This very insightful epiphany is also rather frightening.
I have had an epiphany of my own, Sheepdog.

We do, indeed, have to worry about the quality of our elected officials…but we should be more worried about the quality of the electorate.

We want lots…and we want it on the cheap.

We are now in a phase where one of the major political parties can suggest that the poorest among us have too much…and the richest do not have enough; that the poorest among us should make do with less and that the richest deserve even more.

And a huge portion of the electorate cheers and applauds them for expressing that sentiment.

Ben Franklin said it best. “You have a Republic, if you can keep it.”
Well I sadly think this country is going down the tubes if we let it.
All for the rich and none for the poor. Let us do business overseas without fear of taxation.
Shall I keep going??

Coming distopia? Never mind all that worthless paper with all of that socialist crap, money is the new American god. The motto should be altered to "in cash we trust". Credit is the means of the new slavery. We take the loans and before long we are just a means of servicing the ever growing debt. When you die the banks and lenders take everything you had while you were alive and offer to sell it back to your heirs, at a healthy profit for themselves. That is the reason for the desire to eliminate the inheritance tax. Only the wealthy will inherit anything besides debt and we will still be throwing rocks and mud clods at each other over made up issues like gay marriage or illegal aliens. Who, by the way would not be here if the oligarchs weren't luring them in to work at wages that Americans couldn't be compelled to work for in dangerous conditions and no responsibilities to those workers since they are not officially here.
And if that weren't bad enough, it now seems that many of the politicians are beginning to believe their own rhetoric as they attempt to appeal to our basest and most selfish instincts.

One of LBJ's favorite quotes was "Come, let us reason together." Maybe that should be replaced with "My way or the highway."
OEsheepdog, welcome to the new banana republic, minus the bananas!
When do the riots in the street start? That seems to be another thing the Europeans do to express themselves that seems out of the question in the U.S.
If I remember correctly, Leona Helmsley left somewhere in the neighborhood of 12 million dollars to her dog. Was her dog ever taxed on that? Perhaps it was just a clever ploy to avoid taxation... a final gesture from the afterlife.
We don't riot here. We're apparently too busy watching American Idol or Jersey Shore, or something.

This is depressing stuff at the start of the 4th of July weekend, but it's damn true enough. Rated.
Awesome epiphany, but not without pause for serious thought. Defining the new America is both daunting and tricky business.
Bill -- I'd like to think things won't end up this way.

Frank -- Misery loves company.

Linda -- When American consumers can't affort to consume, the wheels fall off this grand scheme.

bobbot -- Well said.

Neilpaul -- what would Paul and Dylan do ?

Steve -- The my way or highway is the GOP mantra,

John -- Bananas are cash only,

Myriad -- I guess when an american team loses the Stanley Cup. Seriously, After the next Presidential election when the Obama loses and by then it will be too late.

Catherine -- I don't know.

Jeanette -- I don't watch those shows...what is wrong with me?

Just Cathy -- In a dark place.
Sheepy, you're obviously not a real American.
"It really time for the rest of us to step aside, and let the United States of America be run by the corporate oligarchs."

OE, I'm not sure we need to step aside. Haven't we already been shoved there?

re the Holmes quote, could it be that the cut-all-taxes-all-the-time crowd prefer a bargain basement civilization? Great post.
When it comes to national policy, the only votes that count are from the Boards of Directors.
Nothing good will come from this. For any of us.
Soooo...Do you want to run for Senate from Massachusetts? You'll only have a move a little bit, and you seem so well qualified. Get an exploratory Super-Pac, and make some money.
I have nothing to add to this. You've said it well.
Is it conceivable that you are unaware that the lower or no income earners pay little or no income taxes and that significant producers and job creators pay the lion's share?
Yeah, Gordon, those "job creators" are really creatin' the jobs!

And as for the people who pay no income taxes, I really wouldn't want to be in their shoes. They're poor. They don't make enough money to pay income taxes.
They weren't as advanced as we are.
I would gladly trade being poor and paying zero taxes for being rich and paying a lot of taxes. In a heartbeat.
You're missing the point. If we, the wealthy, don't work, but have huge incomes from the work of others, that is our wonderful system of greed capitalism at work. If you, the poor, don't work and have nothing it is because you're all a bunch of lazy bums. (A "lazy bum" is defined as anyone who doesn't want to work hard to make a rich man richer.)

It is up to you lazy bums to educate yourself and train yourself so that you are prepared to do all necessary to make me rich. Then, just so you know your place, you are required to beg and beg and beg for me to make use of you. This is called, "seriously seeking employment" (aka humbly and repeatedly offering yourself as a rent-a-slave).

You lazy bums ought to be glorying in paying those taxes which support, in lavish style, those representatives we allow you elect to represent you (they don't but that's beside the point). They are also used to educate and train you (well, some of you) so that you can be useful to us.

See how good we are to you?!
Thanks for reviving memories of college days studying Marx and Engels and other failed political prophets. Even a committed colectivist like Obama will never succeed in fooling most Americans of the merit of these paranoic fantasies.
Not for me the power of running our country. Nope, the trick is to get rich enough to pay for everything out of pocket but not so rich that you'll draw the attention or the ire of the increasing numbers of those left behind.

I'll get to work on that right away...
all too true, well done
Representation without taxation -- that pretty much says it all about the Mefirstlastandalways Party
Sometimes I feel as bitter as you, OE. But it's been worse. And I may get better.
... But it may get better.
Paying taxes now is just fuel for the beast!