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FEBRUARY 9, 2010 12:56PM

The Post About Nothing

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This post will be about nothing important.

I'm going to discuss random, meaningless issues. 

 There will be no sum up. 

I might not even make a list ... 

No, here's a list:

1. I'm stuck on writing on the dissertation, at a very crucial time, because I have family commitments. These family commitments mean there is no schedule because that's how the rest of my family roll. I have to have a schedule so ... I'm grading and surfing the 'net this morning because if I start to work and then someone interrupts that my spleen will fall out. That's messy. We don't want that.

2. I put my child's hair up in a ponytail for the first time. It was The World's Tiniest Ponytail (tm). The cute factor was off the charts. Here's a picture:

It's an action shot because, these days, there are no other shots.


Note the blurring at the top of the photo. She's on the move.

 C. (yes. I did that on purpose. calm down). The Pentagon is doing this:

Attempting to Make Eternal, Artificial Life with a Kill Switch

To which I have only this to say: 

 Good idea, asses.  No. Really. Not being sarcastic AT ALL. ::cough::

I love it when government agencies do things we all know end in worldwide calamity. Really.

Also, in other news, a writer AND EDITOR at wired.com thinks a headline like "Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal  'Synthetic Organisms,' Molecular Kill-Switch Included" is fine, not at all awkward, and will not make writers everywhere stabby. Especially when you realize that person is being paid to create that awkward word choice.

IV.  I have a fever blister. It hurts and looks unsightly. I am very bitter about it.

5.  snowpocalypse-space-100207-02

This is not my fever blister. This is Snowpocalypse from space. Feel free to go outside and give the satellite the finger. I would.

6. A new alien conspiracy!!!

Remember that collision between two asteroids in the belt that Hubble caught awhile ago? Apparently, it's really an alien craft!!

I love this video for the music alone. It's not at all hyperbolic or anything.

Thank you to Andre Heath, the maker of said video and to TheAlienProject for the use of it. Heck, who knows? You may be right. I'm certainly not ruling anything interesting out. I was completely disappointed when the cool sky thing in Europe turned out to be a Russian rocket. 


Q. I've got to start potty training the Kid, but this seems to be a little much to me. 
Z.  Regarding Internet Manners, of which many of us have none, is the unvarnished "truth" (that is, the truth as one person sees it--which might not actually be the truth as it is) really a good thing? I think we might be glorifying the idea of "straight from the hip" a bit too much. What about civility? What about decency? I'm dubious of the whole "honesty" bit. It often seems to be a disguise to send rather unconcealed 'fuck yous' to various people. 
I'd write a full post about it, but I'm lazy.
There will be no wrap up. This is random. You have been warned. 

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I think I must have missed another tussle on OS over the weekend...

The tiniest ponytail is EXTREMELY CUTE! Show a photo of HWIH and the ponytail and you'll have computer AWWWW meltdown.

Finally, I'm thanking my lucky stars (actually my parents' lucky stars) that the "line of white" ends just shy of Passaic County NJ and the old folks.
You do "nothing" really well. I especially liked "Z".
The randomness was exactly what I needed today, Odette. And the ponytail is beyond adorable.
OMG -Pee & Poo have a video!!!

I didn't watch it, I swear. But does anyone have any brain bleach?

Odette, even your writing about "nothing" is worth reading . . .
Owl--Pee & Poo have a video and lots of pictures of children hugging them. I just can't get around buying my child a representation of poo. I can't.

bluesurly--That is my first "First!" That is very flattering.

cartouche--Thank you. It does deserve its own post, but hell, I don't know. It's just too much effort today.

Ash--thank you! She is adorable. Today though, there was so much humidity in the air, she looked like a member of Flock of Seagulls. ha!
Congratulations on the NYC grant. A paid for scholarly EP dissertation on breast feeding after fifty. Great researches.

The world's tiny red ponytail. There is a soon to love Osborn on a sarcastic treadmill.
A cootie Chihuahua.
Sarcasm is redeemable.
It's mastering darkness.
People project and disown.
The dark-side is fascinating.
Socrates said`Befriend beast.
The dark beast conquers us
Then we are the tragic fools
Fallen primal beast cartoons
Please keep referring to #2 on your list. It makes just about everything better I would imagine. _r
See, and here I am not blogging of late cuz I have nothing to say. If I were a real writer like you, I'd make nothing into something!

(Totally on the same page with "from the hip" "honesty.")
Art--My lord. I wish I could get a grant for that! Imagine how easy. You'd just put up a website, find a way to vet the participants, have a questionaire for feedback and then interview about 40 people. Publish results. And collect check. Done!

Joan--Yes, she makes everything better always. :)

Verbal--Are you kidding me? There is no way I can compare to you, your writing and the youness of you, which is very excellent. Please. But I thank you for the compliment. :)
Bonnie--You make me almost not feel guilty. ha! :)
Your post about nothing is like a Seinfeld sketch. Lots to think about, like life, and one cute ponytail.
Did the entire pentagon miss the entirity of Battlestar Galactica? No good can come from robot warriors...even if thy have zoe graystone trapped in their heads. And aren't we tired of that purple dress already?
Lea--Thank you! The ponytail is cute, huh? She spent the morning trying to see it, twisting back and forth and shouting 'pontail! pontail!' That was pretty funny.

Brian--I know!!!! How will they get her out of that dress if she's virtual?
Zyksandar--How do you do that so well? You make everything beautiful, and in the best way, where both pain and light are together.
By the way, I'm sad to say HWIH is having an identity crisis. I guess he can't feel the end of his tail. But you know, there it is. Following him. It's scaring him. He's been under the bed for three weeks, coming out to eat and go to the bathroom only. I'm starting to get worried.
Gads . Thanks. It all comes out okay in the end.
Just as the 3 '1' questions that is essential/ impotent,
It's asked,
lips are pinched,
when asked ...
politeness ...
Tai says:`
please excuse.
I gotta go to potty.
O.M.G. Look at those curls. And those boots.

That ponytail is the cutest. ponytail. ever.

DARPA's scheme to devise the perfect biological killer on the other hand, well, haven't they seen The Omega Man or 28 Days Later or any of the dozens of movies in that genre? Let's hope the aliens intervene to save us from ourselves so they can harvest our adrenal glands for sustenance.
Art--I wait for that day! She can't hold it yet really. She understands. She goes over there, and then, alas, the deed is done before we can get her situated. But soon, I'll be visiting every bathroom between here and Disneyland. heh heh

Irritated Mother--Oh my! I know! I try to remind myself of this when she wakes me at 3am because "binky gone! binky gone!!"
nanatehay--Clearly, according to the video, the aliens are either 1) on their way or 2) passing by and flipping us the bird and laughing on their way to the bar on Asteroid B32151.
Your nothing is the most interesting thing on the internet today.

That soundtrack was hilarious.

I think America is lacking manners over all. It seems behaving boorishly has become de rigueur.
Has the pentagon learned nothing from Hollywood? Artifical life will always find a way to deactivate the kill switch.
Just waiting for that nanotechnology to develop sentience, then they'll sneak their tiny, tiny selves into us and pull our kill switch. Oh yeah, I've seen that movie way too many times.

The ponytail keeps getting cuter.
great randomness, odette, and fabulous choice of nothing noteworthy to say. except, of course, for that ponytail which is winning the noteworthy award of the year so far, and it'll take a lot to knock it out of first place!

love the snow satellite pic. awesome.
Eh, fuck you.

(see, not so concealed). ;-)
Adorable I tell she is just adorable. I have to see the video when I get home today after work, whenever that may be!
ttfn--Thank you very much! :)

ocular--I thought seriously about digging into my Amazon budget and sending them some movies with the note, "Please watch these, you nitwits." But I knew it would be in vain.

Cat-- :) Thank you! I appreciate it.

Stim--I know! You think these people working there have never seen any popular culture at all.

femme forte--Aw, thank you. The snow picture fills me with horror and makes me pray hardily for spring.

New Number--HA!!! Next, you'll be discussing how you shoot from the hip and that you pride yourself on your outspoken nature. heh heh
Lunchlady--She's adorable, but note those stains on the carpet ... that's where she turned over a cup of coffee for fun. sigh. I keep having to shampoo it. Over and over and over ...
Being and nothingness.

That photo of your daughter is SO CUTE! xox
This comment references nothing. Specifically: "nothing" is funny. up there. It's funny.

viz: Z: yeah. When someone starts with "Frankly..." or "Honestly?..." i duck. The truth is, "The truth is..." means you weren't telling the truth, before this. And practically no one, me included, coughs up anything for someone else's "own good" that isn't really to scratch some itch of our own.

Who was it, H.L Mencken, who said "never eat or sleep anywhere called "ye olde..." anything"? well, never trust any remark that ends with "I'm just sayin'". Even if its true.

Tell the truth and shame the devil, my Nana used to say. I'm just sayin'.
The ponytail is the cutest thing ever photographed. Kittens look lumpy by comparison. But the pee and poo characters look disturbingly edible, which is traumatic, as I have just gotten over the flu.
i knew this wouldn't really be about nothing. "r"
"Feel free to go outside and give the satellite the finger. I would"

I do every day, twice on the weekends!! ;)
"The World's Tiniest Ponytail (tm)" could cause a cute overdose. She's just adorable.
I'm so glad that you posted that adorable photo of your daughter and her teeny weeny pony tail. I scrolled back up to it after viewing the Pee and Poo dolls. (Thankfully, there was plenty of cuteness to offset the plenty of disturbing.) I can't promise that I won't send Pee and Poo cards (imagine!) to everyone on my email list, but just for you, I will promise to give one giant snow-covered finger to the satellite for Round Two of the Snowpocalypse.
You said a lot for it being nothing. Interesting.
Rated for adorable moving ponytail, fever blister (I feel your pain!), and giving Mother Earth the finger.
Okay. That photo was freakin' adorable!
I am glad i found you. Absolutely HILARIOUS. Especially loved the fever blister part.
loooove this post.....you sound all caffeinated and mom opinionated.The mini pony rocks.