Currently wishing I didn't have to do any grading. Before that, graduate student and new mom. Now an actual Dr. of Something or Other and the Kid is two and some months. Before that, a Southern girl in the West. Now a Southern girl in the South, dreaming of being in the West. Before that, I can't remember. Still waiting for the flying car.


DECEMBER 7, 2009 3:48PM

What IS Right with all of the people on OS?

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No, I'm just effing with you all.

 I'm still on 'sabatical' due to dissertation workings. But I had a minute ...

 Feel free to drink and say mean things to each other here so that I don't have to go all over the board and look for this stuff. I mean, it's all about what's convenient for me.  Right? Right?

 Anyway, back to work! Or go read something wonderful. :) There are good things HERE and HERE and HERE to start. 

 You may also leave posts here telling me I am wonderful, of course.  Or you can worship Cindy Ross here, as I do. 

 See you in a few weeks when I have two more rewritten chapters turned in to my committee. I know none of you miss me, but maybe if I promise Freaky cake ....


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ha ha! made you look!

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Came all the way over here and.........
you're wonderful & missed.

there's also something wonderful to read here:
hee hee

Hey! good idea! Put up links to posts you like. That will save me the troub ... er ... I mean, it will be a nice way to highlight a post. (And now I am taking the time to be delusional about how many people will come over here. heh heh)
You are wonderful.
Cindy Ross.

hahahahahah...hurry back
Miss you and your "jerky butts."
We miss you!
Hurry, hurry with the chapter writing.

You are wonderful and you are missed. Now get back to work!!
What is right with OS: built-in support system, delete buttons, compliments, encouragement, feedback, previously unknown writers, poets, artists, music, friends. But the number one best thing about OS is: you don't HAVE to read or comment if you don't wanna.
..."ya dirty crook!"

Enjoy your holidays!
You are wonderful. How's "the kid"?
~rocco and rusty
Well, the fact is you ARE wonderful, and missed . . .
The best thing about Open, it keeps Tink off the streets!! WOOO!! :)

Hurry back soon, bring me a gift!! :)
That's not true. I miss you and photos of the baby and He Who Is Handsome. (I too secretly worship Cindy Ross.)
I have missed you muchly.
Hope you come back to stay a while.
The furniture is comfy here on OS. Pull out a chair and stay awhile my dear.
What do you mean no one will miss you? Hurry back, OK?
Write on, Odette. Write on! Then come back and join the fray........it's been really........uh......fun........here lately.....
i must have missed something lol
i don't miss you. but then, i know where to find you.

Yallllll feeeckkkking suckkkkkk annnnnnI haaaaaate you alllllll.

Whozgotta Nyquil for me?
You are good enough, smart enough, and doggone it... people would give YOU cake!
I miss you! (almost missed this because I'm not here as often)
You've been gone?? Hmmph?!! I didn't even notice!
Tee-hee. *laughs hysterically*
Jus' teasin'. I really do miss you!
It's just good to hear from you! You go girl and dissert away!
Hope all is going well and I miss He Who IS Handsome...