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norman kelley
Washington, District of Columbia, USA
Norman Kelley is an independent journalist, author, and former segment radio producer at WBAI 99.5 FM Pacifica Radio. He has written for Society, L A Weekly, The Brooklyn Rail, The Village Voice, The Nation, New York Press, Newsday,, The Black Star News, New Politics, Black Renaissance/Noir, and The Bedford Stuyvesant Current. He is also the author of the "noir soul"/ mystery series that features "Nina Halligan" in Black Heat (Amistad), The Big Mango (Akashic Books), and A Phat Death (2003). Norman Kelley was also a contributing writer to Brooklyn Noir (Akashic Books, 2004) and DC Noir (Akashic Books, 2006) and Gig: Americans Talk About Their Jobs at the Turn of the Millennium (Random House 2000). He edited and contributed to R&B (Rhythm and Business): The Political Economy of Black Music (Akashic Books, 2005; 2002).

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FEBRUARY 21, 2012 4:58PM

Obama doesn't Care About Christians? Sez Graham

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According to Franklin Graham, Obama is more concerned about Muslims than Christians. 

"All I know is under Obama, President Obama, the Muslims of the world, he seems to be more concerned about them than the Christians that are being murdered in the Muslim countries," he said.

Wel, I do  not exactly how many Christians are being mudered by Muslims, but the Obama administration, arguably, is evening the score by the number of drone attacks in Muslim countries: Pakistan, Yemen, and Afghanistan.

Oh, did I leave out the number of Iraqi civilians killed by the United States military from 2003 to 2011?

 Of course, the president would argue, as he did in a NY Times article, that the number of civilians killed in such attacks is not high.

Franklin Graham is a well known Islamophobe and it doesn't surprise me that he'd make some casual and vicious remarks about Obama.

You would think, however, that as a  Christian he would be more concerned about trying to get Muslims and Christians to reconcile there differences and bring peace in the world.

But, after all, it is a political year and Graham is throwing out his redmeat.

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my god, you're actually sane in discussing this piece of totally inane propaganda. yr the lone wolf of OS.
What does it matter? All the candidates of both major parties are wholly owned by their financial institution masters. All this stuff is just to amuse, and distract that portion of the populace that thinks casting a vote for a puppet will gain them anything. That such a large percentage doesn't dishonour itself by taking part in such sham elections is the true measure of Amerikan politics.

Watch yer puddin', there you "Big Guys".... the bell tolls for thee.....
However the good news about that interview on Morning Joe was that John Heilemann didn't let him get away with it and once he jumped on the ignorance of Franklin Graham so did the other members of the panel. They called out his hypocrisy and he couldn't answer the call. You could feel him backpedaling in place. I watched MSNBC all day yesterday to see if that moment would be shown again, it wasn't. What people who don't remember his equally sickening father don't know is this apple is still hanging on the tree.
Without the Republican party to make Obama seem moderate by comparison it would be clear that he represents Wall Street and the establishment.

This bigotry only hides the more important issues.
It's astounding how many Christians suddenly forgot that commandment that says "Thou shalt not bear false witness" as soon as Barack Obama got into the White House.
Graham must be living in a cave.

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