Flying Kites Down the Stairs

JUNE 17, 2010 10:17AM

Missing: My Writing Self

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I drifted away from her, convinced we’d grown apart. 

I ignored her, turned a deaf ear to her voice, shut her out of my everyday life.


I turned my back on her. Denied she existed, and didn’t beckon her from hiding. Allowed her to turn away and pout, not giving her light or time to play.



I ridiculed her preoccupation with words. Told her she was less then she was - not of value, not worth nurturing.


I ridiculed her, scorned her efforts, told her she had nothing to say, shut her up.


I left her on the side of the road, roared away into real life while she kicked pebbles along the shoulder. 


Still, she surfaced, dragging a toe in the gravel, forming words with a scrape of her shoe: Here I am.














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Wow, I was just wondering where you had gone. Glad you're back.
We've got to quit abusing our writing selves!
Glad you're back. I've been bouncing back and forth between bike event planning, writing e-mails and proposals for events, writing meeting minutes, taking a short and intense online class, gardening, getting out for bike rides..... you get the idea. Wish there were more hours in the day and less need for sleep.

I hope we'll hear from you again soon.
i missed her, too! does this mean she's back? for the summer, maybe? get to that keyboard, girl! ;
Duane - Thanks. I'm glad you're glad.

Owl - Need to toughen up that writer in me.

Elisa - I'll try try try!

Bike - Hi! You really have been busy! I can relate - was working two jobs for a while.

femme - I intend to be around, though I have some other summer plans I'll write about soon.

Lady Dove - Guess we both have to do a better job of tending to our writing selves.
Hey! If only I could get my writing self to shut up. I've been trying to clean the refrigerator for over a month now, and she won't let me.
Glad to see you back in the saddle! Great post!
Mumbletypeg - Good to hear your writing self won't shut up. Keep at it. In regards to the refrigerator, I'm of the mind that if you can put off something for that long it means it didn't really need to be done in the first place.

Aaron - Thanks!