Flying Kites Down the Stairs

APRIL 23, 2009 8:41AM

*Prize-Winning* Sizzling, Savory, Salty Haiku

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You invade my dreams

I awaken to your smell

Who's frying bacon?



 This was a response to a challenge from crabby golightly. For all of you in the haiku writing mood, go check out her blog and join the fun. I couldn't figure out how to make it a nice easy link, but here's the url:

Thanks to everyone at OS for not entering - I was pleased to find this was the winning entry in the haiku contest! I've won a $100 gift certificate for Nueske's Meats. Maybe it will inspire sausage haiku or brisket haiku or ham haiku......

Thanks CrabbyGolightly!

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Now I want to eat breakfast again.
Now I crave me some bacon!
Nice and crisp!
Gotta have it now!
Nice. Very nice. Good thing we're having steak for dinner.
giggle :D I loved this one
I hope Nueske's bacon was everything promised!...Thanks so much for entering. A few of us managed to amuse ourselves with the contest.
Well, thanks again CrabbyGoLightly - I have to admit the certificate is under piles of papers on my desk, but I have had Nueske's Ham on a sandwich at the Hopleaf and it was yummy! I think I'll try their bacon and ham and brats, when I excavate the piles.
Are you going to meetup at the Art Institute today?