DECEMBER 5, 2011 1:55AM

Ravenswood Used Books at 4626 North Lincoln Ave

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Nice neighborhood. Lincoln Square. The storefront is narrow - 20 feet, maybe. But there are a hell of a lot of books in that space. 

It also has a blog.



And was written up in the Trib

I talked to the owner. Someone asked about David Foster Wallace they are out of stock.

His secret? He buys books cheap. Only. 

He strikes me as a survivor.  


Anyone remember the movie, "You've Got Mail"?

In which Tom Hank's Mega chain bookstore was putting Meg Ryan's Shop Around the Corner out of business.

Border's is gone now. Barnes and Noble posted another quarterly loss as sales of physical books continues to decline.

Seems to me that B&N should be making money on the demise of Borders. And, to some extent, the collapse of Music and Video sales had to have taken a huge chunk out of revenues. Both the big chains had substantial sections devoted to CD/DVD's -- which no one buys anymore. 

Barnes and Noble will figure something out. Even if their store is entirely devoted to a coffee shop and sales of Moleskines. But places like Ravenswood will continue to exist when books are considered relics like LP records.











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Let's hope that he - and others like him - do indeed survive.
I absolutely love used book stores and you can't find that many of them anymore--even in NYC. Nice pictures. I grew up in Milwaukee so had Chicago as my neighbor. I love the Windy City and now my good friend lives there so I go back to visit. I think that's her neighbor . . .

This shop reminds me so much of The Strand in the Village. It's a great shop.

By the way, yes I do remember the movie "You've Got Mail" and remember when it was being filmed at various locations on the Upper West Side and on the Upper East Side. My street was blocked off one night when Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan were there filming a scene.

That movie was based on a true story of what happened when Barnes and Noble finally infiltrated the Upper West Side and a very charming children's book shop, named Eeyore's, was put out of business in much the same way as what happened in the movie.

I used to shop there when I couldn't find books that I needed at Book of Wonder downtown. It was an incredible shop and really a neighborhood landmark sort of place.

Children would stop there after school, read a while, then pick up their keys to go home when both of their parents were working.

The owner of the shop had incredible taste as far as which books to stock. John Mason at Scholastic used to rave about her for very good reason.

That line from the movie, "If she likes the book it sells," described her very accurately.

It was such a shame when that shop closed, and then Shakespeare and Co. closed (although not an independent) too because it couldn't compete when Barnes and Noble moved in on West 81st. That was before the Barnes and Noble at Lincoln Center opened.

You are so right. Things have changed so much over the years in the bookselling business. It's great to know that shops like Ravenswood still exist. I hope they always have a place to sell books.