DECEMBER 2, 2011 11:33AM

Books Stores - The 57th Street - It's Just So Intelligent

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It used to be the old Atomic Books in Baltimore. Their slogan, "Literary Finds for Mutated Minds" was closer to the truth than one might expect. 

 Atomic Books logo

That was a long time ago. Atomic has changed, but still has a section of the beats.

Back in the day, there was only 1 large bookcase of literature. The odd thing is that I had either read or intended to read a surprisingly high proportion of the contents. Stuff like Harry Crews, for example. Most of it was comics, zines, and Sci Fi. Plus a section of 'how to' anarchist books. Change your identity, make a bomb out of household objects, etc. But that was then.   


And old one that is long, long gone. It was impressive: 
The Scribner Bookstore on 5th Avenue, Midtown. 
I wandered in there once, not long before its demise.
Which brings me to my current favorite. It's really part of the famous Seminary Co-op Bookstore. They have books and books and books.
You need a volume of the Loeb Classics -- it's there.  Just in case you wanna read Tacitus in Latin, but want an English translation on the adjacent page -- just in case.
You buy 3 shares of stock @ $10 and you are a member/owner.
They own/manage 57th Street books, a couple of blocks away.
 It looks like an ordinary independent bookstore. But it has better books. I walk in and I want to buy stuff. 
It's just so intelligent.

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Bookstores I have liked.

I'm not much on open calls.
Just dropped by to read your interesting and informative post. Love good bookstores! Thanks for sharing.
The quote in your bio resonates with me every time...

The Scribner bookstore was a magnificent shop. I used to wander in there and spend half the day there when I was a child, and we had a day off from school. Of course, I always remember the Doubleday Bookstore on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue and riding in the glass elevator to the top floor to go and read in the children's section. The selection there was always outstanding.

Thank you for posting this.

Your picture perfectly illustrates your sentence "I walk in and I want to buy stuff." I want to buy stuff just looking at that photo.

And that Scribner bookstore photo - that is just grand. What a place it must have been.
Hell yeah! Tacitus, you kiddin me!?
One of my favorite Romans!

"Auferre, trucidare, rapere, falsis nominibus imperium; atque, ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant.

Translation: To ravage, to slaughter, to usurp under false titles, they call empire; and where they make a desert, they call it peace. "
Jimmy --- Damn Right.

Keri -- check out the link on the Scribners -- a really superior blog post.

V -- ditto. Gotta read the full blog post in the link.

Tai -- Thanks and thanks.
You had me at "bookstore."
Nick--I'm at 40 hundred north at this moment, and I want to buy stuff there too. I love that place but can't go too often. Too much temptation!
Intelligence is the new sexy. Or the old ... depending of one's point of view.

Looks like a great bookstore ... a dying breed, I'm afraid to say. Good idea about buying shares; a personal investment means commitment. Like a credit union for books. Hope this is one is here to stay.
It's a real treat to find a good independent bookstore with an intelligent selection anymore. 57th St. has been a destination for a long time. With U of C there, hopefully it will be around for a long time to come.
Bike: The Co-Op will be the last bookstore on earth. It is failure proof.

Scarlett: Intelligent is the new sexy? Exactly.

Chicago: If I lived closer, it would be expensive.

Charlie: You're a slut.