APRIL 14, 2010 12:02PM

These Days - 101 Words

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Jackson Browne was 18, a kid really.

He had a lover.  Nico.  They lived together.  For a while.

He wrote a song. 

This is the song. What boy wouldn't have loved Nico?

I would have loved her.  

I would have never gotten over her.  


What else would anyone need to know?  
This explains more than everything. 

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I have been getting progressively fewer ratings. Back to love.

I've got some shocking plans for Venn Diagrams.

And some edgy stuff.

But I am still jetlagged &c.
For the anal retentive, there are multiple versions of this history.

Nico, b 1938. Browne b 1948.

Most of the stuff went down around 1967, so do the arithmetic if you care.
"don't confront me with my failures. i had not forgotten them."

"What boy wouldn't have loved Nico?"
Actually Nick, Lou Reed hated her guts and resented the fact that Andy Wharhol forced Velvet Underground to take her on as the lead singer because she "looked good" even though she couldn't sing her way out of a paper bag. :-)
Since she essentially took his job, I suppose he had plenty of reason to hate her guts.

I don't think Tiger Woods would go for her either.
I am starting to lose faith in opensalon.com. Why does this post only have 4 (now 5) ratings!?! One of the most beautiful songs of all time. I am partial to Nico's version though. (Wes Anderson used it quite brilliantly in The Royal Tenenbaums.)
One of my favorite songs of all time, yet I'd forgotten it until now. I have two or three Jackson Browne albums, which I damned near wore out 30 years ago. I still have them, but haven't played them since then. I can't play this vid tonite because my satellite server has a monthly bandwidth limit that I'm close to reaching, and this would probly bump me over. I'll come back to it, tho.

My ratings have been declining, too. When I first came here I worried some about that, but more and more I've some to the sense that people are kinda fickle here. In fact, it's helped me to understand this because I've found myself becoming more and more fickle. There's so much good stuff here and so hard to know where and when to draw the line. I always visit and rate the people who leave comments on my posts and then I visit and rate people who are so good I don't care if they read my stuff or not. I've begun avoiding people who post several times a day, and I'm removing them as favorites so they don't keep bumping other blogs off my update feed. Getting a little long-winded here - must be getting late. (r)
I, too, fell for Nico when I first saw her in Fellini's "La Dolce Vita."
I hadn't known Nico at all but just had a minute to listen to this song. I like it. I hadn't heard the Jackson Browne song, either but I always liked him. One of my brother's had one of his albums and played it alot.

Hope all is well with you, Nick. Things are great in my neck of the world and I am happy for much clarity and success with my career goals this week.

Thanks for your help with the financial advice. Later I may post a story about some of the things I am learning. I won't need your help from here with advice but I appreciate that you had given it when I wasn't yet settled with people who know so much. Aflac has GREAT trainers and I am getting so much more than I had expected.

All the best to you and your family and loved ones, Patty Jane.
great taste you have. loved this song forever.

rated for real music. thanks for posting this, sir.
I never got over her. rated!
Sorry I didn't see this sooner. These Days is a great tune...I liked Natalie Merchant's version, but Jackson's is better. Much love to you.
Probably as more people log on it gets thinned out. Plus people who added you as a favorite see you shuffled to the back.
Love the JB song. Very nice post. Rated for sentimentality...
I listen to this song often, these days, as I go walking (not kidding, I'm training for the 40-mile Avon Walk for Breast Cancer)... great song!
rated - hoping you bring back more Venn!
So glad I saved this one for Friday night. rated.
OK, I admit it...I'm being suckered by "the Love"...I love Joni Mitchel, but Jackson Browne pushes me over the edge. Now I ahve no choice...I MUST rate your stuff.