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My Dad Had A Chair

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     Growing up my Dad had a chair. Searching through any family pictures or the album of my mind, I think I saw my Dad sit on the couch once. He always sat in his special chair with his magazines, and always the three books piled high he was reading at the time. Usually a John D MacDonald, Joseph Wambagh or books about Nazis.

Also he always had to have the TV guide. Which thinking about it now--it must have been for the articles because there were only three or four channels to be seen in those days. Needless to say, I got my love for reading from him. He had boxes of books and one of my best memories were when we would go to the used bookstore together or play the game where he would read a definition from the Webster's dictionary and us kids had to guess the word.

   Reading the TV GUIDE became something I learned from him too. I read all the stuff in the front and the critiques of different shows along with the little descriptions of what was going to happen on The Rockford Files and Carol Burnett that night. Back then my dad would say I was a TV junkie and maybe I was. I had all my shows that I just had to see just like everybody else but I guess he didn't notice I read and wrote a lot too. 

He would just be passing by the living room and see me watching TV and say "Is that all you're going to do is sit here slack-jawed in front of the TV?"  I would just look at him and blink dumbly and think Uh. Yeah. I'm a kid that's what I do and soon he would wonder off with a worried look on his face.

  Dad, you don't have to worry. Your worst fear that your daughter would become an uneducated TV zone-head has not been realized. Your little girl has grown up to be just like you.  I still watch my favorite shows: CBS SUNDAY MORNING, HOUSE AND a lot PBS stuff and I do it sitting on my couch next to a long black table with the stacks of The New Yorker, yellowing New York Times and a huge unabridged Webster's dictionary.

I wrote this several years ago and had my mother read it to my dad in the nursing home---because of his Parkinson's, he couldn't say anything but it did make him smile.




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I'm so glad that he heard these words and I can imagine his smile on hearing them. I'm smiling too for a lovely post and for a daughter who honours her dad with it.