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APRIL 10, 2011 10:08AM

.... Nostradamus' Star ....

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Kochab, 2450bce 



On The Nature Of Reality:


Carl Jung, working with the Nobel laureate physicist, Professor W. Pauli,
concluded that the 'natural numbers' are a tangible connection between
the spheres of matter and psyche. (Synchronicity Principle).

I recently read a theory in physics concerning supernovae, which
says that a nearby supernova explosion could release large
quantities of neutrinos, which might heat up our Sun, thereby
affecting life on Earth....

It is an odd coincidence that the plot
in the movie 2012, is based on a reaction within our Sun that creates an
overabundance of neutrinos, which heat up Earth's inner core, that
in turn destabilizes the overlying layers, etc. 

 Pauli discovered the neutrino particle, and
won the Nobel Prize, (1945) - (exclusion principle)

There is also the Pauli effect, based on his odd ability to break
experimental equipment simply by being in the vicinity.

So the question should be, "where does Nostradamus come into


In addition to the hundreds of "quatrains" he wrote, he also

left messages in his letters, and a major item was added to his

letter to King Henry ll, in 1558:   He added a code number, which

no author attempting to interpret his quatrains noticed or thought

to comment on.  The code number is 1080, and he uses it to inform

another about the correctness of the Chaldean Alphabet.

1080 is long known as the "universal number" - having been

mentioned by Plato, and others.  It's also used in science to

indicate the estimated total of elemental particles in the

observable universe, i.e., 10^80th power.

This original article will explain to you how number symbolism

comes into play in our reality. Appropriate comments from

research group at Princeton University included:

Bx Times Reporter


Chaldean number/alphabet

Nostradamus' quatrain which indicates a coming supernova

star:  Century Five #53....

"The law of the Sun, (a star) contending with Venus, (the


appropriates the spirit of prophecy.

Neither the one nor the other will be understood.

The law of the great Messiah will hold, (come) through

the Sun, (star)."

Nostradamus site:

"We have placed our faith in subjective reality, and have

forgotten the wisdom of the ancients, that in dreams we

pass into the greater truth, when we were the whole and

the whole was in us; free from the shackles of "ego."


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