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Adventures in Adoption and Community Theatre

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New York,
January 21
I'm a full-time mom and part-time theatre nerd living in a little village of quaintness.


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So this time we get the message at an event at our son's school. A birth mother in Texas is looking for adoptive parents for her baby. She's due in January and she's just been through a failed adoption, like we have.

“Her name is Sarina,” my husband… Read full post »

 Leaves on the Lake

After the third miscarriage, the baby we named Elijah who fell out of my body and into our toilet on a cold January night when I was in my 18th week of pregnancy, we took time off to grieve. In a way, he was the baby that allowed me to… Read full post »

Editor’s Pick
DECEMBER 20, 2008 8:11PM

The Missouri twins of our dreams

Amanda and me in KC Kansas.

This past September I was helping my son organize his binder after school when the phone rang, so I was briefly confused when I heard,

"Hello,  it's Suzanne.  I have a situation for you.  There's a single mom in Missouri, she's having twins--identical twin boys… Read full post »