Putting Down The Dog

Putting to Rest Little White Dogs
MAY 23, 2012 2:48AM

Because I wasn't already postponing enough ...

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  lost dog 2

Over the past week my inherent tendencies to procrastination and immobility (traits shared by a large enough share of everyone I'm genetically related to that I am convinced it's inherent) got bumped into high gear - if it's even possible for slow to have a high gear - when I discovered the television series, Damages, in my Netflix instant play queue.  I'd seen it advertised but never watched it - partly because I'm not a big fan of Glenn Close.  I've avoided watching her her for years.  But I got drawn into Damages, obsessively (obsessively is another family tendency.)  Close rocks her character and the rest of the cast, the writing, the plotlines and production values match her.  I had to suspend disbelief a bit over the number of prominent and press-worthy people   getting bumped off in the course of prominent legal actions, usually violently, and rampant gunplay in the hoity-toity parts of Manhattan but I managed that.  And so between Friday and about an hour ago I have watched all three available seasons, right here on my computer screen ([3 seasons x 13 episodes per season x ~45 minutes per episode] over over 5 days = I'm embarrassed to do the math.) 


This pursuit required me to ignore knee-high grass in part of the back yard, garden planting still not done and so much more. The Compassionate Poodle seems concerned but I've been ignoring that, too, pacifying him from time to time with soft words and tasty snacks and making sure I break for the occasional dog park romp.  I'm a little worried about my level of use of data streaming because at bedtime I've been sneaking in an episode or two on the phone.  I have no real idea how that affects my data streaming charges but I've never come close to using all that I pay for so I keep putting off checking the account.  I'm sure AT&T will be understanding if I have to spread payments over a few months, right?

In the midst of all this obsessive TV watching, yesterday comes a call from my buddy Kim who says, "You need to come on over and see the little puppy I have here."

 "Oh no you did not," I think - and then say - but there is no question I will leash up The Rocketing Poodle to flip and spin his way out the door and drag me down the block to Kim's house.

Kim is a sweet lady who will definitely become an animal hoarder in her old age if I don't keep a close watch on her.  She's only 50 now but she has four or five cats and two dogs in a city with an animal limit of three animals total.  She is a softie and a sweetie pie who can't say no and her dogs take total advantage of that.

 Trixie Tango

Trixie (l) and Tango (r) are a couple of fairly hard-ass little dogs.  They came through rescue from Arkansas (would we have any dogs in the North any more if we didn't import them from the South?) One, I think it's Trixie, is the mother of the other one. Kim adopted them a year apart. They're always chubby because Kim can't say no and loves to treat (The Perpetually Starving Poodle so loves to go to Kim's.)  The girls don't go to the dog park any more because it's hard to tell when Trixie will decide to take a chunk out of a dog.  Tango prefers people chunks but is equally unpredictable.  The Masterful Poodle has had occasion to put them in their appropriate place and is at no risk.

The point:

lost doglost dog 1 

It's hard to tell from my crappy pictures but this is about the cutest little thing you have ever seen.  He's tiny - around 15 pounds - and a sweetie but I think he's honeymooning.  He shows definite enough signs of incipient assholery that I am certain he's part American Eskimo.  He also has a very Eskie face, little hair tufts at the base of his ears, feathery pantaloons and a decidedly Spitzy curled tail which he carries high over his back.  I'm thinking he may be mixed with mini-Aussie

Kim was on her way home from work yesterday and Mr. Adorable ran across the road in front of her car. (There was a tennis ball on the other side...)  He came right to her when she called, jumped into the car and then to her lap. 

Before she went on home she stopped at nearby houses and drove to an outlet of the local humane behemoth where she left contact information and determined that her big find is neither micro-chipped nor neutered, and they took a spin around the dog park.  No one there had lost a dog or knew this one. 

One of the big drawbacks of the dog park I frequent is a fence with a small opening that allows some dogs to run onto airport runways.  Dogs on runways get shot.  Period.  It's policy.  If they are seen.  Some have been known to make their way across the airport to the frontage road where Kim encountered Mr. Adorable - at least a mile run.  It's not a likely scenario but it's possible.  We never go to that part of the park.

Once home she called the Humane Society and the city Animal Control to learn their procedures for listing found dogs before she called me.  Once I got involved we drove through the neighborhoods near the pick-up spot and asked every soul we saw if they recognized the dog.  We took the phone number of a nice young family who agreed with us that boys need dogs and thought they might be interested in adopting our little guy if we didn't find his owner.

Since Kim had to work and I only had an interview, today I posted notices in two places on craigslist.  I posted on my facebook page as well as the dog park's and a local lost dog page; the humane society's found dog board and another one.  I gave up on petfinder.org because I couldn't even locate the function.  I created a flyer to post.

Kim took him to a family gathering tonight hoping the MD nephew or the pro-sports nephew would bite but no.  And Kim doesn't push. 

Tonight Mr. Adorable will once again sleep near Kim's head, on her pillow.  I wonder what The Girls will do about that once the honeymoon ends.

The best part so far was the response from my daughter-in-law on my facebook page: Give him to me!!!  (Oh you foolish girl.  No wonder I love you so much.)  My response to her: Your name is now officially first on the list if no owner comes forward. Oh yeah - I'm completely serious.  And then: That's a big relief.


  my beloved d-i-l

The worst part: since he's not neutered or chipped and was completely, totally barenaked (no collar or tags) I think he was dumped.  The road he was on leads to open areas besides the airport.  It may just be my cynicism thinking, he could have slipped out of his collar (except that he's not neutered.)

I am now gearing up to convince my son that their adorable little dog needs a companion.


My adorable grand-dog who needs a canine companion.

jovis face

Some Gratuitous Poodle for your enjoyment



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Lassie, come home!!!!!!
That's a lot of work.

My favorite line was the very last one:
Some gratuitous poodle for your enjoyment.
Now you've done it...I'll likely get hooked. Thanks. I think.

Matt, are you saying he's yours?
But, Kosh, we both know a Poodle can never truly be gratuitous, right? Just the inclusion of his picture.
Jon, I don't think we'll ship him but a nice drive back east might be nice ... Oh! You meant Damages. If it's any comfort Netflix only has the first 3 seasons. I recommend it - without my obsessive approach.

But no dog? You sure? He's really adorable. ..
"incipient assholery" is the perfect description of the American Eskimo Dog. My friends across the street have two, the second one recently rescued from certain euthanasia. Talk about an asshole! He tried to take a bite of my bichon's thigh after he slipped his collar and leash. They are feisty critters.

L, so you know - and understand - the Eskie, too! I recognize the essential trait that is never mentioned in official breed standard but I adore that breed. I had to put down a second one not so long ago but still haven't been able to complete a post about him. Suffice to say I knew it was necessary when I realized I wasn't even feeling the bites any more ... I was just that used to it. Part of my concern about this guy is putting him with someone who's too soft.
Love the pictures and the whole story! I hate when people dump their dogs, they do it around the school all the time and then we are stuck finding them a home or giving them one.
I hope he becomes a well trained welcome part of a great big loving family :)
Thanks, ll. we have a couple of tentative prospects - no owner has turned up. My son may be out of the running because we're thinking he would do best as an only dog or with another one that's looking for a boss! Which the granddog is definitely not.
You are a man after my own heart. All 5 of my pets (2 dogs, 3 cats) are either strays or rescues. Did the little guy find a home?
Ok, I am embarrassed. You are a WOMAN after my own heart. Sorry.