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SEPTEMBER 25, 2010 1:05PM

So, 25 things ...

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I don't post often and I haven't made a whole lot of friendships here on OS, but I hardly miss a day reading, often comment.  It's become a significant part of my life but I know most of you better than you know me.

 I post so little because there are some stupid, time and mind-consuming things happening in my life and I have to give too much time to them.  I love to, and intend to, sort them out in writing but for now they're hard to write coherently about.

To keep my foot in the door, and just because I think it's intriguing,  I'm going to go ahead and do this 25 things thing.

1. Lingerie & pajamas. Bullshit. What do you really sleep in?

Do people really wear the same thing all the time?  That can't be good.  It's also another subject.  So last night, because temps are dropping and the windows are still open: a raggedy old Gap shirt I love and can't wear anywhere else - yellow, rib-knit, soft, stretched out, tattered; and red satin pajama pants because they move easily on the flannel sheets.  

 2. What’s the one thing in your refrigerator you’re goddamned angry about if someone touches it?

Nothing.  Help yourself.

3. What’s the one thing you do so well that when you’ve done it, you stand back and say, “YES!”

Rebuild 97 year-old windows.

4. What’s your one piece of clothing that you want to wear everyday and you would if you could and not get stared at?

Crocs.  (Shut up.)

5. What scares the shit out of you?


6. What is your favorite physical feature? The one you look at and think, “damn, that’s good!”

My immune system?

7. Have you ever actually read the Bible?

Mostly.  Not entirely. Not all at once.

8. Who is the most overrated celebrity / personality / politician / human being to ever walk earth?

Everyone designated a "celebrity" with no other accomplishments.  (A reality tv show is not a discernable accomplishment.)

9. What is your favorite physical activity?

Swimming in warmed, still water in cold weather.

10. What is the worst concert you’ve ever seen? And folks, if you can name more than one - rethink your definition of worst. Worst. Go.

Rent, touring company, 1999 or so.  And having musician kids I've been to a lot of bad concerts.

11. You control the world’s radio station for the length of one song. (One song for God’s sake. One. Draw your line.) What tune do you play?

Beethoven's 9th, 4th mvt, "Ode to Joy."

12. First kiss. Yeah, we know your Mother kissed your head. We get all that. First real - OMG that shook my knees - kiss. You tasted - you wanted more.

Michael.  That night.  I was 18.  Got more.

13. You can have anything to drink on earth. What one beverage is your favorite?

Kona coffe, roasted dark, no additions, not too hot.

14. What film do you love so much that when you view it you follow the dialogue in your head?

Dirty Dancing: I'm afraid of never again feeling the way I feel when I'm here in this room with you.  Or something like that.

15. Okay. You’re damn tired. It’s been a long day. You want to go to bed but you don’t have any sheets on it. Do you make it? Or throw yourself on it?

I throw the sheet loosely on it but only because I hate the feel of my mattress pad.  And I put the pillowcases on.  My bed is heavy and my room is small - I'd make it if it was just a little easier.

16. Who is the funniest person ever?

George Carlin.

17. If you could have one more look at a person, who would you choose?

Define person.  My Dog Spot.  And Remus.  I'd love to see the two of them running and playing together.  They lived 20 years apart.

18. There are no health issues: no diabetes, no cholesterol, no high blood pressure. We don’t have to gnaw fiber. You can eat what you want without consequence. What’s for breakfast?

Tiramisu & coffee (see #13)

19. Yeah. You can have him/her and there are no consequences. Who? Who is your ideal partner?

Kris Kristofferson, in his 50's.

20. What is your deal breaker in a friendship (not a romantic relationship)?

Betrayal, racism, anti-semitism, stupidity, narcissism.  And don't ever fuck with my dog.

21. If you could effortlessly change one aspect of yourself, what would you choose?

More energy.

22. If you can banish one thing from the earth - what would you chose? And come on - let’s let beauty pageant contestants handle hatred, poverty, and racism. What one thing do you want removed without consequence?

Narcissism - ending that would go a long ways toward ending all the beauty pageant stuff.

23. What’s the best product? What item do you recommend to people?


 24. If you could, would you live on a desert island? In a monastery? Do you like solitude or do you like people surrounding you?

Monastery which I can leave at will, no one can come in.  (That says something fairly negative about me, doesn't it?)

25. What is your best childhood memory?

My father reading aloud to us - The Elephant's Child - the great gray-green greasy Limpopo River all set about with fever trees.

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I thought listing "sex" as your favorite activity was sort of cheating.
it is.

I like your answers. where in hell do you live that you're already under flannel sheets? seeing one more time: I couldn't see my ollie or my petunia one more time. I couldn't let them go again. besides, if there is a heaven, and if by some strange twist in logic I'm permitted to set up my tent there, they'll be waiting for me, my dogs, my buddies, my pals. and we'll par tay. and of course, my mom will continue giving me grief. but I would imagine in heaven, far more manageably.
First of all, I consider you to be a friend! You read my stuff and comment and I am so grateful...And when you write your pieces, I will be there with bells on to read.

Secondly, you said it loud and clear...The dog will not be messed with or someone could find himself or herself head down in a swamp somewhere...

Nice job!
Your friend,

ditto on the friend thing!
Crocs should only be worn by kids. Oh, never mind, I see your avatar.:)
FM, I'm in Minneapolis, I may have jumped the gun a bit on the sheets but I love them and, as I said, the windows are all still open! AND, if I meet my mother in heaven I'll turn around and pitch myself into the burning fires of hell. More to come on that.

Thanks, Linnnn - sometimes I feel like there's a 24/7 houseparty going on here and I just can't make it most of the time ... everyone else seems to know each other so well. But I enjoy your posts and am glad you welcome my comments! I'm honored to include you as a friend.

Joan - I cherish my immaturity - if my crocs are a part of that - so much the better!

Thanks to all of you for visiting and commenting.
Great list - made me think...funniest person ever? Gilda Radner. More energy - YES! Breakfast? Homemade pumpkin pie with fresh whipped cream and a glass of cold milk.
Glad to have a new friend on OS. I'll put your rss feed in my reader. Come by my original blog sometime, fellow nerd. :) www.mommapolitico.blogspot.com. Or see ya round the twitterverse!
Fun post - I know time is of the essence...life is too busy sometimes!
I love these 25 things lists. rated
I think it's feast or famine for most of us but being relatively new to OS myself, I feel prople have been very friendly and invited new members to join the fun and this post suggests you are my kind of people (also I lived through 7 Minneapolis winters).

I completely agree on all counts. Obviously am especially partial to the don't fuck with my dog comment. They may be assholes. But they're our assholes. Glad to find you today!
I saw Kris and Rita Coolidge sing on a boardwalk in Jersey long ago and since then always wanted to be him. Or at least come CLOSE!

And Ode To Joy? Yep. That's the one.
Not much better than those two together, is there, CG? Have you come close?
That's way better than most do, CG. Nice going.
I agree with the fact that George Carlin was the funniest person ever, but he was also one of the most insightful, intelligent, and prophetic. I had the honor of seeing him perform his stand-up routine a year before he died; the man was able to be a genius without also being a narcissist. Although George was an atheist and didn't believe in g-o-d, he certainly believed in d-o-g. So, Dog be with you!
Paul Haider, Chicago