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June 29
Laughin Wolf
"retired" from gettin duh facts to focus on FictionFilmTheater, more truth there.On the road now but still writing a monthly letter for my little towns great indie paper and no matter how long away will be engaged in conversation bout my writin


AUGUST 23, 2010 4:00PM


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       from my 29 March o s blog and an addedum:

     What can I take with a corkscrew? Do have emergency fishing gear, have to be an emergency for me to catch a fish, and stuff for making snares. Jesus, that was a long time ago and I faked it. The freshman orientation, I was in for an exceptional international studies intensive, required this survival thing, Swiss Army Knife and two weeks in the desert, hey, I mugged hikers and gained weight and won some kind of certificate.

  I'm thinkin dog would be good. OK, right, you've never been hungry have you and you've never had the honour of being served really well prepared dog, huh, huh? I am long past being able run anything to ground and that is team sport, require I become one with my wolf or dolphin brothers and sisters. Tricky trick. We of the wolf clan look on all domesticated dog as pitable, to eat them is an act of mercy, well there are those few have jobs but mostly they are suckin up to human stink for - - you call that food -- We hear in their whinny little yelps a plea: please kill me.  And once freed ofwhatever obscene costume the stink has put them in, tasty.

   HUNGER, real hunger, not just ready for supper good appetite, real eating your own body hunger, not something many Americans know anything of. I return to this nation and always am shocked at how much fatter everyone has got and these children, scare me shitless and I've been 'deatained' by unpleasant persons. And in the face of the fat, the eyes of the obsese, I see the same panic and resignation of those going from starvation. We sneak up on the chickens but, hey, tits that big just ain't right, lets eat the dog.

    In this one's heart there is no tolerance for the intollerant, the fanatic of whatever sort. Though once a passionate vegeterian and a vegan for a while those spouting off so annoyingly and continously are likely end up served on a bed of fresh sprouts. Canibalism is way down on my list of horours committed by our species. I like meat but like to know the meat I eat. I grew up ranching in W. Texas with a Great Uncle, had a eight grade education but ten times the savy of many a post-doc ecco-enviro type and a hell of a lot more fun. He refused to allow oil exploration on his land,"...we ain't the smarts know what that oil doin down there..." and watching the endless stream of semis delevering feed to our cattle they might make it through another day of the allways drought says to me:"sumun ass backards bout that don't you thank son? One dem trucks could keep a whole Afrikan village goin fer a year." He advised me the cowboy thing was over and to find anything else to do. There is a huge difference in eating meat you've raised and killed and that that is factory farmed. Young men today who have lived too much on factory burgers have sperm less lively than my 60 year old guys, it takes 30 gallons of water to produce one pound of factory beef.  Vegeterianism is not more moral, but is more sustainable, though clearing rainforest to raise soybeans is plum dumb as clearing rainforest to raise cattle.

  I have returned to a pleasure in fishing and hunting long deneid me by my own attempt to achieve some absolut purity and find those opposed often more violent then the shot, clean and precise and the gentle men it is an honour to share this culture. As a child I hunted and the food I killed and brought to the table was valued.

   There just ain't no absolutes, it is wise to give a thing for sometimes, dairy, meat, booze, it is wise avoid things to which one is allergic or will make you sterile. My HOPE resides in seeing more and more Americans moving away from food as entertainment and suporting their local farmer.

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