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San Francisco, California, USA
June 29
Laughin Wolf
"retired" from gettin duh facts to focus on FictionFilmTheater, more truth there.On the road now but still writing a monthly letter for my little towns great indie paper and no matter how long away will be engaged in conversation bout my writin


ve reached a place cannot enter a Mosque or Church

MARCH 24, 2014 1:13AM

Street Medic @ duh City Council

   It was a routine thing, the review of a permit  but for Ritter Center and Free Clinic no oppurtunity to storm the barricades with good feeling is to be let go by and the chambers were standing room only, nearly all proudly wearing their I Support Ritter badges.

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   The Take-a-Way:  first impressions can be fatal. Courage is always the desired out-come


     The Quoates:    one may smile and smile and yet be a villian.  Wm Shakespeare

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FEBRUARY 11, 2014 10:49PM

Street Medic at the Farm

    What a great pleasure walk the lanes,paths,trails and feilds of our farm at Green Gulch, there is a give to the earth not so pounding the pavement. And the warming scent our most correct fire burns the whole while and to lounge in the yurt, heat from the wood burner… Read full post »

JANUARY 30, 2014 9:53PM

Mid-Winter Street Medic,etc,pt2 Final

     Am always recruiting for St. Medics it is part the practice. Street Medics must be willing intervene tween any harm and their clients, to take the bully, baton or bullet. Street Medics must maintain a high level of self care and that would include being well padded, kevlor, h… Read full post »

   Well shut mah mouth - this blond-eyed blue-haired humpbackmudderless bastard dwarf child hid in the back room when company came calling -  is now - - - A BRAND - -  having generated some positive press from the not too inquisative, even a grudging nod from moi' and presteige am… Read full post »

JANUARY 15, 2014 6:17PM

Press Release

                      DAVID  EDWARDS

                 ONE MAN TENT

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JANUARY 2, 2014 7:56PM

Street Medic Tips

For A Healtier, Happier mor  torally HOlllyIstic 2014 and Year in Review.

        1  Make friends with an animal

         2 Join something

          3 Say: one true t… Read full post »

DECEMBER 22, 2013 6:14PM

Street Medic/Mental Health

for Pacific Sun,newspaper, San Rafael CA  USA  Winter 2013

       I am confessing to Brother Paul, Chaplan of duh Avenues, that this season have shifted the focus of my practice from real medicine to mental health.

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       The REST is an emergency response to a chronic condition. It fills in for the lack of a decent shelter 24/7 in Marin.

        Sign up for the REST 12-2 Mon-Fri.  4-5 Sat&Sun  in the St Vincents offices, upstairs abo… Read full post »

DECEMBER 16, 2013 7:48PM


     Some people die from exposoure and the editorial in our Marin Indepedent Journal proclaims it time to plan for a year round shelter. Know activist, volunters, politicians, clergy and lay persons and all manner of homeless persons  with whom I have spent the better part o… Read full post »

DECEMBER 3, 2013 10:35PM



               As always and forever the bestis stuff is never on the itenerary.

                 Think there no need do another night in… Read full post »

           Seee em everyday, the long gone and dead, most from the way back ago time, many sent on their way by me, the one hears their last word, which is most often " pie ". I prefer herion for the accelearated hospice and any real pain, like i… Read full post »

NOVEMBER 21, 2013 9:32PM

The REST at three*

     It is early on but feels this sweetly absurd, only in Marin program has mellowed and matured. The organizers and staff seem all more relaxed and that makes for more relaxed clients. Can even imagine folks proudly proclaiming their association, all beyond any hurt the precious… Read full post »

   From the journal: On the Road with Sunny,Sid and the SnailBoy*

      Sit now in the sun, back warming, everything drying, few hours back, afore dawn, was concerned of hypothermia. Ate my last survival bar and pack-it-up in the rain, gotta get moving - generate so… Read full post »

JUNE 15, 2013 4:56PM

The BirthDay Lettuh, 2013/USA

     In this the last month of my 62 year have never had so little of things and cash and rutting needs then ere before  nor ever so much more of joy. Once I lived in a mansion, now sleep on the lawn of one is a local landmark and gallery,… Read full post »

MAY 15, 2013 1:58PM

Resturant Review/final

   Long a popular haunt with artist and intelligentsia,  OCCUPIERS and Tea Baggers,  sailors ashore and adventurers stranded, VINNIE'S CAFE  is rapidly gaining status as the place essential to all the poor and newly poor and soon to be poor  and of course the always with… Read full post »

     "Well, uh, I'd participated mo this year but that my grant wasn't renewed" the less adeled, over-medicated or wet brained of the fellahs get the joke. But even the slightest humour can hold more morsels of truth then the weighty tome packed with reports and statistics, accada… Read full post »

     "Well, uh, I'd participated mo this year but that my grant wasn't renewed" the less adeled, over-medicated or wet brained of the fellahs get the joke. But even the slightest humour can hold more morsels of truth then the weighty tome packed with reports and statistics, accada… Read full post »

          With nod to Joesph Conrad and to Bob D

                      Things have changed

   Falls tween Summer Solstice and Indepedenc… Read full post »

AUGUST 5, 2012 4:23AM

not a real etc/CONCLUSION

                                                        POST MORTEM

                   AT FIRST am something ho… Read full post »

           Assessing The REST and Marin Safety Net  Part 2


      Hate  that I might seem exceding harsh and feel I must again emphasise my admiration for near all persons  I have encountered on the front lines. My… Read full post »

                   ASSESSING THE  R.E.S.T. and Marin 'Safety Net'


        It is the darkness and it's lack I find most annoying. the more so being a stranger, to be allways and on… Read full post »

JULY 21, 2012 1:32AM

In a years turning

   Preamble ramble for THE Birthday letter.

     The year begins for me in the suburbs of a Libian village. I am preparing for an onslaught of casualties. Readying to be a witness to the war crimes and crimes against humanity soon to commence. But it is Hillary's Gals in… Read full post »