OCTOBER 2, 2011 8:30PM

Watching the Upper Crust Smirk

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You can see it in their eyes; these people have no fucking clue as to what's going on. Or maybe they do know and they still think it's all rather humorous. "I say, Bif, what are these plebeians so upset about? A little more champers, Jeeves."  Someday soon the gated communities they live in will be burned and the inhabitants slaughtered, and I guess that too will be something worth a laugh and a toast.
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"I drink Champagne when I win, to celebrate . . . and I drink Champagne when I lose, to console myself." (Napoleon Bonaparte)

Those smirky criminals are a bunch of effin' losers in my books, hopefully history will tell that tale too ...
Oh, sadness. I wish I could walk beneath such superior beings and have them gaze down in amusement at a mere peon like me. It's wonderful how they took pictures of the unwashed masses like snapping photos of animals at the zoo to share with friends. How cool! One sleek lady in a purple dress even smiled happily and waved. They are all laughing, smiling and chatting in amusement at this show.

How fun, they can post photos of the plebeians on their fb, and I can post this video of vultures on mine!
Priceless! Just priceless.

Scarlett; I think history will prove them losers, but for now they're in charge. May their reign soon be at an end.

RW - I KNOW, right? I'm reminded of Marie Antoinette, what was that she said about letting people eat cake?

Post the vid while you can, Bleue, for coming soon to a town near you is... Union Thug!

I thought so too, Lezlie. This is one video clip that probably won't be shown on CNN or MSNBC, because gosh darn it, without the Wealth Creators where would we all be?
"Someday soon the gated communities they live in will be burned and the inhabitants slaughtered, and I guess that too will be something worth a laugh and a toast."

No, that will be a national tragedy and we'll all be expected to morn.

Let Them Eat McDonalds.
I'm thwarted by facebook changes! How do I put this on my wall now? It only has 238,000 likes on youtube. Kids are getting beat up by cops and they're drinking champagne and laughing. This needs to go viral!
I dont' know, Bleue. Ever since FB "upgraded" the site I can barely use it. :(
VZN, that sums it up pretty well.
Cappy; damn straight.
Peacenik that I am, I'll man the guillotines
Guillotines, firing squads, whatever it takes. Idiots on the Right like to use the term "class warfare" but they have no idea what they're talking about. So far the class war has all flowed down the social ladder, but at some point it's going to flow UP.
Wow, what a metaphor, standing on a balcony, drinks in hand, looking down on the people demonstrating. Time to storm the Bastille.
The anger is building. If it gets as monstrous as it can and there is no responsible response by an intelligent authority terrible things will occur to all concerned. And what good or bad comes out of it is undiscernable at this point. Things can get much worse indeed. Where ever he may be, Bin Ladin is grinning.
Sheila, this is a case of a metaphor also being quite literal. Those people need to hire better PR firms or stop being such asses or... something.

Jan, thank you for coming by. I agree, it's hard to predict what's coming - social upheavals, while sometimes necessary, can bring as much bad as good.
Wait, until they get down-sized. They'll be joining the protesters. R
Good thing, as far as I'm concerend. At long last the masks, and the gloves, are off.
Burning some “gated communities and killing these people” is being prayed for by the powers that be. Can you think of a better excuse for the jackboot to come down? HARD?!!

You want a revolution? I pray you never get whet you seek. You have NOTHING to replace the present order with!!

That being the case, you’ll only get worse from a harsher set of masters than you can now imagine. I hope you know how to die well because that’s just about all you’re going to be able to do.

You need to employ evolution to develop your society - not revolution which will give the present lot an excuse to stomp you into the ground. Start setting up your own system (once you have one) in your own communities. Let these jokers alone. They are nothing to you. Burning their gated communities won’t put one dime in your pockets or one loaf of bread on your table.

Even if you oust them, a highly unlikely outcome, all that will do is introduce a new, violent, crew into the apex of the pyramid of power. Same ol’ shit - different faces.

Good point, Trudge. It's really easy to feel like you're not expendable. That is, until you are.

Written, in recent years our corporate and political elites do seem to have taken off the gloves. Is it wrong of me to say that it's time we did too? There's only a very thin pretense these days from our ruling class that the social contract as we once knew it still exists, so there seems little point in going along with the charade.

Very true, Sky. History tells us that such considerations aren't given much thought by the class doing the overthrowing, but maybe the Internet will make things different. ;-)
As Bill Maher has commented "Americans are slow." But if this disparity keeps up, even the slowest deprived person will be moved to act. It's been that way throughout history.
What Lea said. It's astonishing how dumb people can be.
The people on the balcony look ridiculous. ~r
Lea, Candace, Joan; something has to give. According to the CIA, the United States ranks 39th in income equality, falling between Bulgaria and Cameroon. That means 38 countries are worse off than us in that regard, but over 90 countries are better off. So much for American exceptionalism.
I've spent time with these sad excuses for homo sapiens, one of my jobs during the dot com boom (now that seems a long time ago at this point, and I guess it was) was dealing with the East Coast investment bank we were dealing with. For all the bitching I do, Hawaiians get a pass sometimes, just because of the Islands themselves, and, hobnobbing with this bunch, I found, after the alcohol flowed, they were very up front- they don't care about other people, at all, and will often admit it freely in the safe havens they rarely, if ever, leave. I wasn't impressed, as you might imagine. The protest will grow, some, not all, changes will be made, a few scapegoats will take the fall, and all this will come to a head around the election. My view is Sky is wrong, it is different this time, there has never been anything like the web before, the Universe is fabric and good people are one, sounds corny and a bit like Avatar, but this is sub-atomic fact, part of evolution, and, I've been trying to get y'all to see the prez, a plebe who grew up in the palace, has seen this coming, reads his Sun Tzu at night before turning in, and is on our side, not theirs. Hawaiians are chameleons; he is Hawaiian. Just the fact that nearly everyone thinks he's an african american from Chicago proves this quite clearly.

Most revolutions have a man on the inside ... here we go!
In the old days, there was a concept of "Noblesse Oblige".

This meant that the elites should have given to others before they take for themselves and think of the welfare of others before they think of their own welfare.

The elites have a habit of forgetting that. A lot of French noble heads would have stayed on a lot of French noble necks if they had taken their own doggone counsel, Nanatehay.

My only tolerable Roman, Anginicus Vaginicus* tried to tell the senate before the fall of Rome that not giving the conquered peoples their own land would mean starvation for all, because abused and dispossessed people tend to be far less productive in growing the grain that all Romans needed. He said words to the effect that "When the student never learns, it is not the student, it is the teacher who is the problem."

We are approaching the fall of the new Rome and the new Rome is us. R and hugs.
agree with Skypixieo. You do not want a revolution- no one with half an ounce of sense does.
that said this isn't working either
Unfortunately, these guy know the score more than most folks. They know they can stay on that lofty perch because most everyone else is as greedy as they are, they just don't have the chance to exercise their greed. Sure, time will come when they get their just desserts but by that time this country will be wrecked.
you hear this song before? http://open.salon.com/blog/linnnn/2011/09/30/pumped_up_kicks
reading this post and then that one was some odd symmetry
Watching this gives me the creepy sort of unsettled feeling I get when I watch disaster movies, the "oh shit, run!" feeling when I wonder what I would grab on my way out the door. No sympathy for them, endless sympathy for the system I thought (when I was much younger) would protect everyone.
Oahu: "they were very up front- they don't care about other people, at all, and will often admit it freely in the safe havens they rarely, if ever, leave." Exactly so. There's a documentary called "The One Percent" which I highly recommend, for the priceless interview with Milton Friedman if for no other reason.

Zuma, the concept of "noblesse oblige" is viewed as a quaint anachronism by our current so-called elites, as is the notion that they might owe anything to the nation and the people that made their exalted position possible. As Dickus Longinus once said while discoursing on the relevance of Tacitus's Annals, "The Republicans can't save the Republic, and e'en the honeyed words of Cicero won't make it so."

Julie, I did listen to that at Linnnnnnnn's blog earlier today, and I thought it was very cool that there are still bands making songs which will disturb the parents of kids who play them. OZZZIE!!!

Exactly, Harry. If so many of us didn't want to be on the same perch and weren't basing our lives on the premise that there's room for all of us up there the masquerade wouldn't even be possible. Though it will be too late by the time the deluded ones wake up, better late than never.

Froggy, it has sort of a horror movie quality for me too, in the sense that I keep asking myself "Don't they even see the nightmare waiting just around the bend?"
I noticed many of those on the street hadn't so much as tucked in their shirts.
How many had washed their hair, do you think ?
The handwriting on their placards was barely legible, to be kind.
A potted palm, upper crustacean sort of chap myself, I must ask : What is all the fuss about ? I mean, does this rabble really want to be shot ? ... hmm?
One must suppose they're all bounders, Kim, and quite common in fact. Surely none of them have played a tiffin of croquet in their lives.
I doubt half of them would know which fork a person might use for a quail, let's say. Quite fun though.
You have no idea what a relief it is watching this (youth driven) rebellion... from Venezuela.

I can tell you the "man in the street" here ; that same local fishermen or taxi driver, for example, who I saw, visibly moved, in between baseball innings and heated political discussions, to learn of the death of Princess Diana... the same, who voted for Chávez, then pounded a casserole pan in protest ( a form of protest called cacerolazo ) so loud you could probably hear it over in Trinidad, the week before the coup against Chávez's agressive, devisive language and abuse of Radio and Television channels for the purpose of endless harangues, and political speech making ( called cadenas or "chains" here )...

...he or she who watched the tanks roll out onto the streets, and the hometown police square off against the "Guardia Nacional" like some sort of 18th century revolutionary reenactment (they still had their old rifles then, no Kalashnikovs yet)

...and months and months, of marches, both Chávista and "opposition" , equally divided, millions and millions, seas of people... "Tahrir Square"!? was small by comparison, it was insanity every day, and the international media was looking the other way, the whole time, that is until...

...that very same "common man or woman" who quickly rectified and brought Chávez back from the island of La Orchila once they saw what became immediately evident, that "Pedro Carmona" (whose very first words, after summarily dissolving the National Assembly, dismissing its members, and revoking all of its prior, approved legislation, was to then, compare Venezuela to an oil tanker, leaving no doubt as to his priorities) was nothing more than a School of the Americas implant...

...but, though they voted him (Chávez) a second term ( his third actual presidential election victory, plus a "voted" win against an impeachment proceeding or revocatorio ) they still voted against his (Chávez' wish list version) rewritten Constitution, which of course, had already been rewritten once (collectively, and superbly) at the beginning of Chávez' first term...

and now, heading into another, very difficult, presidential election year...


they say "real democracy isn't neat, isn't all perfect clarity and efervescence"

...I would recommend some grappa, or aguardiente venezolano for the coming period.

Saludos ~

NB- a lot has been said about the virtue of the internet in all of these rebellions, but care needs to be taken to cross into the real solid reality (where most working men and women live) or it might all be lost to a mouse click...
Interesting comments, much I agree with. Sadly I grew up dressed as a pretty little doll, surrounded by those who as Oahusurfer says "they were very up front- they don't care about other people, at all, and will often admit it freely in the safe havens they rarely, if ever, leave" People speak in front of children the way they do in front of their pets. The thought that "the poor should be sterilized" has filtered down to many in the middle class from on high. Other humans are viewed as lesser, often like animals.

You know I had the misfortune of having a sociopath for a father and a narcissist for a mother. It's not surprising how financially successful being confident, and indifferent to others, can make a person. When I say "they are not like us" I mean it literally, even the way many view their children is skewed, as only a reflection of their own success and future glory. Periodically my retort to my mother is "the rich should not be permitted to breed."

There are a number of reasons I hate the thought of the coming revolution. The first is what Sky brings up, I fear whatever replaces what we have. Second I don't care if every manor is burned down, but hate the thought of hospitals, fire depts, buildings that house businesses and vital infrastructure being trashed. Of course many innocent people will be killed but many will die from lack of health care so it's probably a wash. It's likely I would not survive based on my size, age, and health. Not so sad since I'm not young, my kids don't care about me, and a secure future is not assured for me.

I'm very pragmatic and though I dislike the thought of anyone being killed it would be best for humanity if these people were permanently eliminated. There doesn't appear to be a real need for them as they don't actually produce anything and contrary to their own beliefs most of them are far less intelligent than I am. The loss of all electricians, plumbers, programmers, farmers or even janitors would be a nightmare, Wall Streeters being wiped out would be a blip on the screen. I would also feel no sorrow beyond what I would feel for any village wiped out in a flood if all their heads were blown off by snipers. I'd simply be relieved, as I was when Bin Laden was killed. Unfortunately I don't think it will be that clean or easy.

The revolution is rushing up to us and I have little to lose. The future belongs to the young, my time has passed and my opinion is, we didn't prevent this. The young and brave will lead because we were already content to follow.
* relief *... to clarify my first sentence, that some form of revolt has finally begun.

Though, it might get cold... before it gets warm again.
Oh please. Stop all the bellyaching. Know your places people, and learn to love the yokes of your oppressors. I'll be the first to say I'd be part of that crowd in heartbeat, sucking down the bubbly. I can picture it now; I'd grab a bottle and spray the smelly crowd (of course they'd have to be behind a razor wire-topped fence before I got that close). Then I'd order a round of Thunderbird for them 'cause I'd feel bad. And Ritz Crackers with Cheez Whiz for all, while my lap dog lapped up caviar.
Just a couple of corrections to my hastily typed comment (my domestic was getting impatient, trying to take measurements for my new crown and matching robe and sceptre, and she stuck me in the head with a pin; hence my lapse in concentration). I should have qualifed "heartbeat" with "a." And by "smelly crowd" I really meant "smelly rabble." Not to be confused with "rubble" which is what's going to become of their hovels once I stomp them into the ground and build my fortified compound, Skypixio. Evolution? Yeah, it's survival of the fittest, kitty cat, and I intend to be fit to survive while everyone else riots to the death in the streets.
Clueless. Arrogant if the do have a clue.
Was just reading somewhere this morning about how Wall Street mostly doesn't deal in Real Stuff and all the people and their dealings could vanish and nobody would notice....except that an awful lot of the financial crashing would stop and the rest of us could get on with our lives.

Ah yes, it was with respect to the tulip mania of some centuries back.

I guess there's little hope they'll vaporize or that things will change. But it might be exciting for a while. I watched Al Jazeera obsessively while Egypt was doing its thing. But now Egypt is sort of settling into military rule, Mubarek leniency and spasmodic unrest. Anyone heard anything about Libya recently? And the nastiness in Syria is ... unsettling.
We have a nice little occupation going in Boston that began this weekend. I know I am always blathering to my older friends that the kids are alright, but here is proof. The great proportion of the Boston occupants are young, about the age I was during the Vietnam protests. I am all dejavu with all this, and full of joy and hope and pride too. Those of us over a certain age are ticked off because we are not seeing much media coverage, but a check to #occupy(your city here) and links to their blogs will show how hot this all is. It is being deeply and wildly covered, pictures, tweets, live blogging. Imagine the F cheer if Country Joe and the Fish had this technology!
The arrogant bully in a bar, shoving another player out of the way and hogging the pool table usually has one drink too many right before somebody gets them with a sucker punch. This looks familiar.
Unlike you Nana I don’t see amusement in their eyes, I see fear. Fear is an old friend of mine and I can see him from miles and miles away. False bravado is one of his calling cards. Some of us will live to dance on their graves but the road to that celebration will be long and filled with blood and tears. My advice to its travellers is forget about your house, your job, and your children. You are already dead and nothing and no one can touch you. The worst has already happened it is time for the reckoning.
We'll be defeated, by the same fat faced fuckers in the video.

It's the way.

You ever noticed that a lot of the 'Cops' are like fat fuckers?!

Maybe the only exercise they get are pepper spraying protestors!! ~shrug~ :D
Here it is from UPI, protests in Washington, Denver, Seattle, Charlotte, N.C., and Albuquerque. The article says it's spread by social media. Looks like the MSM has truly become irrelevant. Hahahaha, stupid fuckers have been shooting themselves in the feet.


I found the title "Occupy Wall Street spurs copycat protests" interesting. Copycat? Well, no matter, the MSM is no longer relevant because they're old technology. They didn't deliver what people have wanted. They are passé.
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I sorry.

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Good times indeed, if I get any more good time, I might go hang myself in the weeping willow!!!! ~nodding~
Lot of assumptions being made here. Way over the top, folks. Everybody ought to get his/her act together and think this thing through more carefully.

I am disgusted with the same things mentioned here—with the inequality, but no reason to go ape-shit and start talking the way the know-nothings are doing. No need to split further into factions of them and us.

How many people here know exactly what was on the mind of any of the people on those balconies? (HINT: Most likely, none of you do.)

How many people here know how many of the people on those balconies actually appreciate and support in various ways the aims and goals of the people marching below? (HINT: Most likely, none of you do.)

Since cocktail parties in lower Manhattan abound…how many of you know what was being feted at the cocktail party in progress during that video…and are you sure it was not devoted to a cause you might easily support? (HINT: Most likely, none of you do.)

How many of you know if the people who smiled and waved were actually mocking the marchers…or were showing solidarity with them? (HINT: Most likely none of you do.)

How many of you if you were at a cocktail party in that area at that time with a balcony view of proceedings would have opted to stay inside and not gone out to see what was happening…and even to wave and smile at the people below you? (HINT: Goddam near none of you would.)

Let’s keep focused folks. Let’s not lose our cool and jump to conclusions irrationally.
By the way, I noticed the cops were doing what cops are supposed to do...moving crowds along and making sure the streets are not tied up. They were not taking sides...and not one brutalization was shown.
"I noticed the cops were doing what cops are supposed to do..."



~waddles off into the thorn bushes~
Spoken like a true lickspittle, Frank - I'm surprised you didn't just "moo" those comments in. Tell me, does your faith in the goodness of our business elites come from the place inside you that says the tooth fairy is real or do you have to smoke opium to keep the happy thoughts coming?

Back shortly to answer comments.
Nana...I notice you didn't answer any of my questions.

Not surprising!

Better to just deliver a few insults and pretend my post did not make lots of sense.
Shocking disconnect going on...
Those folks might wish their faces weren't so clearly recorded.
The arrogance of excess. And, as I've mentioned a few times lately, I wonder if any of those folks know the cost of a gallon of milk or a pound of ground beef or a can of beans? Not likely. But they think they are the ruling class, the entitled class.
Yeah, the more I think about it, the more I fear that "class war" is on its way.
Not to say I think all rich are bad and all poor are noble. That is just not even close to accurate.

However, these folks shown seem to be frighteningly clueless, I'm surprised tomatoes or more weren't thrown at them.
They sure make a great symbol for the evil uncaring with their tuxes, champagne and smirks, don't they though?
You're the one pretending, Frank, but then, that's what you do isn't it? I didn't answer your series of hypothetical questions because they're just that - hypotheticals which amount to a fawning, badly misplaced faith in the good intentions of those who have ruined and are still ruining our country for their personal gain. You're as deluded as any Tea Partier out there, my friend, albeit deluded by a different set of lies.

Just Thinking; indeed they do. Considering what was going on in the streets below them, one couldn't have asked for a better illustration of smug entitlement than that presented by those people. For the record, I too don't believe wealthy people, across the board, are evil or are my enemy. Taken as a whole though, as a class, the wealthiest in this country are doing all they can to reduce the rest of us to economic serfdom, and I find myself less and less willing to give them the benefit of the doubt.

Walter, it does feel that class war may be in the cards, doesn't it? As I said somewhere in the thread last night, social upheavals are destructive and unpredictable, but given the reluctance of those in power to allow any sort of equitable sharing of our national resources, violence may be coming. It's not likely to be this year, or next, but at some point people are going to wake up and realize where the real power lies.

Tink, you waddle divinely!
Nanatehay, you wrote:

You're the one pretending, Frank, but then, that's what you do isn't it?

No, it is not what I do at all. I asked some questions about the people on those balconies. The reason you are not answering the questions (which are not hypotheticals)…is that you would have to acknowledge that you do not know what was in their minds; you do not know if they are closer to being on your side than the people you oppose; you do not know why they were there; you do not know if they felt solidarity with the people marching below; you do not know if they were supportive of the people marching.

You have simply closed your mind to anything but your characterization of them being eliteists mocking the marchers.

I understand. People like you cannot acknowledge the obvious…that you may be right or wrong on what you suppose to be the character of those people.

I didn't answer your series of hypothetical questions because they're just that - hypotheticals which amount to a fawning, badly misplaced faith in the good intentions of those who have ruined and are still ruining our country for their personal gain.

Oh, bullshit. I did not offer a hypothetical at all. I simply asked questions. You do know what a hypothetical is, don’t you? I HAVE NO IDEA IF THOSE PEOPLE ARE SCUM OR JUST PEOPLE AT A PARTY LOOKING AT AN INTERESTING HAPPENING. I would love to be there…either participating or observing. It is an interesting event in our current history, Nana. Why are you so intent on characterizing them as what you illogically and unreasonably have determined them to be?

You're as deluded as any Tea Partier out there, my friend, albeit deluded by a different set of lies.

I am not deluded, my friend. You are. Try to step away from it and get real.
Kim, these hoi polloi wouldn't know a quail from a Cornish game hen - ::jowels quivering in indignation:: Waiter, another martini please!

Inverted, ""real democracy isn't neat, isn't all perfect clarity and efervescence" is an accurate statement. It sounds to me as if, for all its flaws and whether one approves of Chavez or not, democracy is doing better in Venezuela than it is in the so-called "land of the free." I've been reading today though about the young people here taking the protests to Boston, Chicago, Seattle and other cities, so there is reason for cautious optimism. I need to get off my ass and do something myself, though at this point I'm not sure exactly what - maybe organize a march in Kansas City? I haven't taken part in anything like that since my college days, but maybe it's time to put my money where my mouth is - not that I have any money to speak of.
Frank's response, when stripped of the excess verbiage, is "Nuh-huh, no I'm not, YOU are!" Well-played, Frank, if your audience is third-graders; no doubt in your next comment you'll chant "I'm rubber you're glue, your words bounce off me and stick to you!" Regarding hypotheticals, in your first comment you posit that maybe the champagne drinkers were attending some sort of fundraiser for a cause we might approve of - it doesn't get any more hypothetical than that. Next time you feel the need to condescend to me, pause for a moment to reflect that you just aren't very bright, k?

Bleue, the revolution may or may not be rushing up, but it's coming one way or another, at its own speed. Given that our political system is so heavily rigged against any sort of real progress, I'm taking the coming storm as a good thing.

Marjie, "crowd" and "rabble" both communicate your meaning quite well, though I for one prefer the term "canaille."

Seer, may the groundswell float all our boats, just as they told us trickle-down economics would. The only trickle-down I've experienced so far has been the sensation of getting pissed on, so it's time to try something different.
Linnnnn, Scanner: word.

Myriad, may our own, postmodern version of tulip-mania come to an ignominious end, and the sooner the better. It's a fact that things in Egypt are moving in an unfortunate direction, but I don't think the story there is done unfolding yet. In Libya, the anti-Qadaffi forces, after a two day ceasefire, are softening up Sirte (Cirte?) with NATO airstrikes and artillery and tank barrages in preparation for what they call the final offensive. Then there will be another final offensive on Thursday, and another one next Monday... Unfortunately, those Qadaffi loyalists in Sirte have some good hardware and they know how to use it.

Greenheron; good on Beantown! I've been reading about the protest there, and in other cities now too. May this thing keep spreading; the union demonstrations in Wisconsin last winter were a good start, but we need something national in scope to happen. The media has been doing their best to ignore it all, but it's getting large enough now that they're finally, grudgingly giving it some coverage.
Fhufi ghufh, you're only slightly more interesting than Frank. Please fuck off.

Good idea, Indelible. Bif and Buffy Moorehead-Waterhampton; the other white meat.

AKA, it does have a "deja vu all over again" look to it; if one didn't know different one might think it was a scene from a Hollywood movie, the scene where the first rumbles from below are ignored by the glittering parasites who for too long have battened on the blood and tears of the people... Well, maybe not Hollywood, more like Moscow and the studios of the Soviet propaganda ministry circa 1932. The weird thing is that it's real, and the tuxedo-wearers and champagne-drinkers couldn't have handed Occupy Wall Street a better recruiting tool if they'd tried.
Why all that nonsense, Nanatehay? Aren't you man enough to just acknowledge that you do not know what was in the minds of any of those people...that they may just be looking at a sight that any of us would look at...that they were attending a party of some sort...and that you know nothing about their motives or sensibilities?

Why the nonsense instead of that?
The gates of Eden ain't exactly where it seems to be headed.
Gated communities of sneering parasites on true Wealth:
the Human Spirit: ever being reborn in brief glory only
to be re-exploited and re-adjusted
by the masters who make the rules,
first and foremost,
you are born a helpless virgin
in our deep dark forest of eternal night
and ya better learn to hunt and kill and be a man.

well, that is one view of the situation.

Often blake's "Orc" of revolutionary energy is born into the world,
like in his time, the french revolution.

He penned a poem called "America'' in 18o-something...

Dark Virgin,' said the hairy youth, 'thy father stern, abhorr'd,
Rivets my tenfold chains while still on high my spirit soars;
Sometimes an Eagle screaming in the sky, sometimes a Lion
Stalking upon the mountains, and sometimes a Whale, I lash
The raging fathomless abyss; anon a Serpent folding
Around the pillars of Urthona, and round thy dark limbs
On the Canadian wilds I fold; feeble my spirit folds,
For chain'd beneath I rend these caverns: when thou bringest food
I howl my joy, and my red eyes seek to behold thy face--
In vain! these clouds roll to and fro, and hide thee from my sight
"Tink, you waddle divinely!"

Thanks! I've been practicing!!

Teehee!! :D

Frank and you need to get a room. All gushing and lovey dovey in public? EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!
Frank I think TSVN have produced a film here.
By juxtaposing the images they create a scenario to illustrate a point.
It isn't news ; it's about creating a debate ; it succeeds. Like it or not, it does seem to illustrate what an awful lot of people see/know is the disjunct.

Bleue, Tunisia goes to elections ( Ghannouchi to win!) on October 23, only 10 months after M Bouazizi set fire to himself on the steps.
That was the 'Jasmine Revolution.'
This here looks like the 'Greenback Revolution.'
It needs to be called something ...
The only "canaille" I'm interested in is the one that leads to the crocodile- and piranha-infested moat surrounding my fortress. The moat that's going to keep out all the rabble, bourgeoisie, hoi polloi and unwashed masses.
So it's a matter of my manhood now, eh, Frank? You're a droll little obsesssive-compulsive fella ain't you? Am I supposed to take as factual your assertion that those folk were just up there being philanthropical, or do you have some sort of evidence to back it up? You're just dim enough to think being a perennial bootlicker gives you some special insight into those people's minds, and I suppose in your world that imagined insight is a mark of, what... masculinity? Knowing your place in the scheme of things? I do have to wonder, Frank, how you became such a servile apologist for people who don't give a fuck about you. Maybe your work as a caddy has something to do with it, though I'll wager you'd make a good valet too.

Back shortly, I need to go put an edge on my scythe for the storming of Goldman Sachs...
One last word for Frank, after which he's free to comment to his heart's content like a demented jack-in-the-box.

Nowhere, Frank, in this post or in comments, do I claim to know the minds of the people on that balcony. I am, however, as much as it may get your panties in a wad, free to describe the impression they made on me. IF you can find somewhere here where I claim to know exactly what they're thinking, then you win and I will tattoo "Obedient Servant of My Economic Betters" on my forehead. Since, however, you won't be able to do so, I'm not sweatin' it much. Feel free to come back obsessively over and over again to slap at your strawman construct of this post and myself, but you'll be doing so without my feeling obligated to respond to your aggravated dipshittery.
Nanatehay…in one of his fits of pique, wrote:

Am I supposed to take as factual your assertion that those folk were just up there being philanthropical, or do you have some sort of evidence to back it up?

I never said anything of the kind.

In fact, I quite clearly said, “I HAVE NO IDEA IF THOSE PEOPLE ARE SCUM OR JUST PEOPLE AT A PARTY LOOKING AT AN INTERESTING HAPPENING.” I said it all in captial letters so even someone like you could see it.

I am also saying you do not know.

Nowhere, Frank, in this post or in comments, do I claim to know the minds of the people on that balcony.

Ahem. Where was I?

Ah, right - Jack. Thank you, my friend, for being even bloodthirstier than I am. :P

Tink, the fatfaced fuckers win every time - until they don't.

Bleue, I haven't yet had a chance to check out that article, but I will do so immediately upon finishing this comment.

Kim, I think we're fighting against the Greenback Revolution. Is there an opposite of greenbacks? Perhaps the Zero Account Balance Revolution, though admittedly that one doesn't roll off the tongue very well.

Marjie, it's canaille, not canal, sheesh! Or are you yankin' my chain here? Will your moat also keep out the lumpen proletariat?
to give the pleasant rich folks the benefit of the doubt:
maybe they are a gaggle of financially secure liberal
middle to upper classers sharing a moment
of observing an act of protest beneath them
by ragged activists, like one of those sit ins
or an especially clever rejoinder to some
other gaggle of mean damn capitalists who are saying
"get a job" or 'get a clue, and a bath';

in this case , ok, we give them a pass.
Oh shit, I left out James!

James says:

The gates of Eden ain't exactly where it seems to be headed.
Gated communities of sneering parasites on true Wealth:
the Human Spirit: ever being reborn in brief glory only
to be re-exploited and re-adjusted
by the masters who make the rules,
first and foremost,
you are born a helpless virgin
in our deep dark forest of eternal night
and ya better learn to hunt and kill and be a man.

well, that is one view of the situation.

It is indeed. You ain't just whistlin' Dixie, Mr. Emmerling.

And Frank, I'll break my new rule about not responding to Apisa-isms and ask you, is the fact that I included Smirk in the title your "proof"? Proof of what? I recognize a smirk when I see one; don't you? If that is what has compelled you to make such a fool of yourself here, you're an even sadder little fuck than I thought.
That's all well and good, James, but I'm pretty much done giving wealthy folk the benefit of the doubt. Class warfare has been going on for a long time, and so far the upper class is winning; it's time to change up the play book.
You can see it in their eyes. They think we're all a bunch of animals. There's more of us than their are of them, and I'm glad to see that we're starting to show it.

Was drawn in by the title with Frank's name in it. Ha ha. If it isn't official yet, I'm officially announcing it: he's a troll! Beware!
":Tink, the fatfaced fuckers win every time - until they don't. "

Nope, the seemingly win every time and the gubermint gives em big old pats on the back for doing such a great job.

Great job of what?

Fucking us!!

We're the smiling whores!

Or sluts, cause we don't get paid!!!!
I was terribly irritated by Frank's non-stop schoolgirl bossiness ruining the comment thread but I read on and saw one of yours with "demented jack in-the-box."

I have a vivid imagination that creates instant pictures from words. Oh God, major laughing fit here, can barely breathe and type. I saw Frank's head come popping out of a little steel box and start furiously sproinging with the little arms flailing akimbo.

Was going to reply to his whining but am now compelled to look at the 1,910 of them for sale on ebay to see if any look like him. demented jack-in-the-box... funniest fucking thing I ever heard.
Hi, Prof. If Frank isn't a troll he's sure right on the edge of being one. Here's one definition of "troll" from The Urban Dictionary:

A member of an internet forum who continually harangues and harasses others. Someone with nothing worthwhile to add to a certain conversation, but rather continually threadjacks or changes the subject.

Yep, sounds sorta like our Frankie don't it?

Bleue, thank you for the article. It's spreading!
Point taken, Tink, though I like to think of myself as more of a harlot or possibly a floozy.

Bleue, the analogy does seem apt doesn't it?

Nana, I read your post this morning, and just now can respond. I am VERY interested in this "Occupy" movement, and know people who are involved. Check my FB page for some video and commentary.
Voicegal! As always it's great to see you, and I'll come have a look on FB, if I can get it to work for me. Since they did the recent "upgrades" I'm having a hard time navigating the site.
Nana, I like to pretend, I'm a southern belle, who only goes down for the right man! Teehee!! Wait....what were we talking about? :D
one thing I must say in favor of the Upper Crust, they're taking pictures of the lower crust so they can share them on Facebook, the common bringer together!!! ~TEARS~

Also, how do we know they're drinking champagne? In their defense, knowing full well how companies are cutting back in this day and age, they could be drinking goat piss and eating asbestos squares and not laughing and smirking at the protesters but the clowns that have gathered around the square.

Damn, also, I feel bad calling those cops fat, they're not fat, just "Fluffy"!!!

Ahhh, that feels better, I'm going to go take a nap!!

~wanders off~
Concerning Your mention of troll, Nana:

The next to the last blog post I posted on OS concerned the scumbag, himself. He had only days before, driven two intelligent people off of OS, who had written well resourced blog posts by badgering them to death. He spent the following day sprinkling his fetid seed on any blog which conflicted with his chronically misfiring neurons:

"SEPTEMBER 4, 2011 9:59PM
The man who was Never Wrong: a single day.

This post is dedicated to two people who have been badgered sufficient to depart Open Salon by the man who was never wrong (and the countless others who have contemplated the same).
Aggressive narcissism
1. Glibness/superficial charm
2. Grandiose sense of self-worth
3. Pathological lying
4. Cunning/manipulative
5. Lack of remorse or guilt
6. Emotionally shallow
7. Callous/lack of empathy
8. Failure to accept responsibility for own actions
"You'll get your wish, XXXX. Obama will be thrown out--and one of the clowns will be elected. The Senate and House will be controlled by the Republicans...tea party approved Republicans.
Then we will see how that helps our country and the world.
We deserve every piece of garbage coming our way."
SEPTEMBER 04, 2011 04:47 AM
"Having said all that, I also share your disdain for the individuals who currently represent the Republican presidential field. That doesn’t blind me to Obama’s shortcomings, though.
Well, XXXX, I hope that thought consoles you during the next decade as you contemplate what the judicial impact of this next election will be.
Obama got no support right from the start. He and Pelosi managed to get a healthcare bill through congress—something no previous progressive was able to do. And because it was not perfect—because it did not contain every last thing the liberals wanted, he was excoriated immediately as a traitor to their causes. (You were part of that XXXX…a proud, vocal part of it.)
I think the man simply gave up on the lunatic left—a proper move in my opinion. He realized they would only be satisfied by him doing the impossible—and decided to try to appeal to those who had their heads out where the sun shines. 
Unfortunately, the tea party stalwarts, emboldended by the ranting and raving of the professional liberals, managed to derail almost any initiatives after those early victories.
Liberals are seeing what their myopia has wrought…and it is anything but a pretty sight—ugly as a wart hog. One can hear the lament growing with each day as the inevitable becomes more and more clear to them. 
No going back now. Liberals have sown what they’ve sown—now they will reap the product of the horrible mistakes they’ve made over the last few years.
Obama will lose—a relatively minor loss for one man. Liberals, progressives, America, and by extension the rest of the world WILL SUFFER A CATASTROPHIC LOSS.
There were those who told you so."
SEPTEMBER 04, 2011 05:12 AM
"Yup...savage the man. Help the Republicans get one of those clowns they are touting into the Oval Office. Help the Republicans take control of both chambers of congress.
That will do you, your progressive agenda, America, and the rest of the world a heap of good.
We deserve what we are going to get...and you will have to live with the fact that you helped us get it."
SEPTEMBER 04, 2011 12:42 PM
"XXXX…stop with the “you are a Democrat.” I am NOT a Democrat…and by now you should know it. I certainly have mentioned it enough times. I am a registered Independent; and Independent who supports a progressive agenda.
People like you, XXXX, started on Obama from moment one…not even giving him the benefit of the doubt on the Healthcare bill. It simply did not go far enough for you…and we discussed that many times back then. Folk like you simply never gave the guy any backing so that he could take a chance on standing up to the nonsense he was facing. 
He gave up on people like you…people unwilling to be patient and to take things incrementally. YOU are partially responsible for him moving as far to the center (as you see it, the right) as anything or anyone else.
Do what you have to do…and live with the consequences. We all will.
XXXXXXXXX…if you do not see the difference between STARTING wars and some of the other shit W did…and winding them down or reversing them…well, I doubt any explanation will ever inform you. 
Do what you have to do…and live with the consequences. We all will.
XXXX X. XXXXXXXX…you are someone who simply cannot post without the kinds of childish insults you include in almost everything you write. Having you assess me the way you do is, at times, a delight. I really think you should try to develop some class…it will stand you in good stead when you grow up."
SEPTEMBER 04, 2011 01:00 PM
"Obama will lose next year...one of the clowns will take his place. You all will have to live with what you helped to happen."
SEPTEMBER 04, 2011 01:01 PM
“Remember their motto: Obama isn't wrong -- the people who voted for him are wrong! Damnit! Can't you see?”
Well, Except for people like you and XXXX, XXXX…nobody from my side of the aisle ever says that. 
That expression is a strawman pure and simple…and you should know that also…except that you seem to have closed your mind on this issue.
That “motto” is a terribly misleading characterization of some very significant points people have been making during this argument. 
And if you have any sense of right and wrong left in you—you will acknowledge that it is."
SEPTEMBER 04, 2011 05:18 PM
"The only “straw man” in this is the one put forth by those who willfully deny, and blame progressives for, Obama’s conservatism that is incrementally installing Republican policy right in front of us.
Well, XXXX, I thought you were made of better stuff. 
If the statement I said was a strawman, namely, 
“Obama isn't wrong -- the people who voted for him are wrong! Damnit! Can't you see?”
…point out one place where someone like me…rather than someone like you…said it!
Anywhere…point out where any person other than one of you Obama haters said it.
Should be an easy thing…since you allege it is a motto of ours."
SEPTEMBER 04, 2011 06:33 PM
"We'll all live with what happens."
SEPTEMBER 04, 2011 07:37 PM"

Four days later, I wrote my final comment on OS on frank's blog, and only one person saw fit to understand my comment:

Obviously some people don't read apisa's comments. He's the biggest troll OS has ever tolerated.

After being asked RESPECTFULLY by Robert to stay off his blog, he continues to harass him and many, many others.

Anyone unwilling to kiss obama's ass is a target for apisa. Anyone who doesn't agree with apisa's capital punishment stance is a target.

Anyone who is not in strict compliance with apisa's lord and savior, apisa himself, becomes a target of this morons intolerance.

This apisa (sh*t) has already caused several former OSers to leave the site.

In his own words he loves to argue and is PROUD to have been banned from three sites, already.

Furthermore, inane statements like this are unremarked upon:

"Pot is one of the most satisfying drugs ever discovered.
But...I, for instance, always limited myself to 5 or 6 joints a day...and often I would take a day or two off each year."

Frank Apisa
SEPTEMBER 08, 2011 08:10 PM

Can anyone believe this cretin would claim to smoke "5 or 6 joints a day...and often I would take a day or two off each year," and then give himself a day or two a year to allow the misfiring neurons on the blob which sits upon his neck to clear.

Since that time, this vermin (no disrespect intended to vermin) has continued to badger and harass any who dare see ANYTHING different than the apisa way.

I hope Your comments and discourse with frank, Nana, will finally expose him for what he is, a total and complete blight upon OS and the earth we are unfortunate enough for him to be hatched upon.

I know what you mean, Tink. I bought a wedding dress at a vintage clothing store a couple years ago and sometimes I wear it out to Miss Kitty's Dance Hall and Biker Bar. It's amazing how many free drinks and Harley rides a hairy, 6'2" carpenter in white satin can get by acting demure yet slightly coquettish.
I saw the title and thought:
Who is nanatehay to be claiming an exclusive on a Apisa dipshittery platform?

Yours is only one of many, so don't go gettin' all upper-crust elitist on us. Of course, you could just be doing this to raise funds for the care of septuagenarian sump-pumps, so who am I to say otherwise? Does the Tip'em thing work?
Howdy Mark! I'm disinclined to call someone a troll without good reason, but Frank's track record in that regard is fairly unambiguous. I love your reference to his "fetid seed" though it saddens me I didn't come up with that one myself. :P
Very true, Paul; it's not like this is the first, or even the 29th, Frank Apisa Grand Mal Dipshitteryfest. His avatar is starting to freak me out though - Ka-SPROI-I-I-I-ING!
A Nana I.O.U. will be sufficient for me to cede all rights to the phrase to You.
Fear thee not, Nana, a passive-aggressive psychopath like frank WILL be back tomorrow, and You'll have the opportunity to use the phrase.
You're a scholar and a gentleman, Mark, as always. Yes, he will be back, as inevitably as sunrise or a bad case of toenail fungus. Does anybody have any Tinactin?
Thank You for the kind words, Nana. They are greatly appreciated.

I will continue to read OS, but until this becomes the fourth site he is banned from or shamed (I don't think "shame" exists in his DICKtionary) from, I will retreat to my read only position.

To me, it is a form of self-abasement to participate on any forum that can tolerate such an apisa sh*t.
Jeez, I just got up from a nap and turned on CNN's new bright hope for the 7-8 time slot, and she's doing a probably regular bit called, oh jeez, already forget, something like "SEEEERiously?" apparently sneering at the WS protesters. Between that and an annoying nasal voice, I don't think I like her already.
You bitch about Frank, I think this Erin is going to be my target. She'll never know, tho.
Well this is a fine kettle of fish. In Mr. Apisa's defense, I think it was more of a moue than a smirk, or at worst a grimace of mild distaste. I can relate, for just this afternoon the waiter at this little boite which came way too highly recommended brought out a tapenade with almost no capers in it. The menial class isn't what it used to be, but we must make do with what is available.
I protest.
Whatever crazy blood there is between Mark & Frank I've yet to see Frank behave in any other way than a pissed-off septuagenarian would behave, in the circumstances. What circumstances ?
He's passionate about the likelihood Obama will be replaced by a Republican, & doesn't miss an opportunity to say so.
Here, he ( I think ) missed the point of the TSVN clip, & took umbrage ... probably not belying the wisdom of his years ...

BUT I think it's unfair to label him here as a troll. A passionate ( thank god ) American who lives in America, yes.
& OK, follows them around the course every day getting a lot more dirt than most journalists find in a week online, and being paid for it.
He's my elder too, this guy, and while I don't always agree with him, I respect the hell out of the way he expresses himself.

We all know what a troll is. Frank Apisa doesn't come close.
Hell, Bill Beck called me a troll & requested I stay off his blog for a hell of a lot less than what Frank's said here.
Too many hells. Shit.
Doesn't really matter whether those people were taking a champagne break from some charitable event or something - rightly or mistakenly they have become the faces of a real situation, which is the utter lack of caring from the upper financial echelons about what they have wreaked upon the majority whose reps are now milling about in the streets. Frank is absolutely right that we DON'T KNOW.......about those specific people, tho they show no common sense (there are cameras EVerywhere)...... but there are a lot of faces behind walls up there in the towers who ARE smirking...
nana, I'll bet you were hell at recess in school. Nobody brings out a crowd like you my man, hah!
Keep in mind, every single one of them is probably a libertarian. Libertarianism is more cozy with that sort of individual than run of the mill Republicans, or elitists. Libertarians are hands off on principle. The principle exists so that they might be able to do this, with no responsibility or guilt. It is the philosophy of what you see on that balcony. Ayn Rand, Friedrich Hayek, Laissez Faire philosophy is all of the libertarian stamp. Just so you know.
Interesting. Videotaping the event, and then the fat guys above videotaping the videotaping.
Seriously... was that lady chowing on something?

"I awakened to the cry
that the people / have the power
to redeem / the work of fools
upon the meek / the graces shower
it's decreed / the people rule"

- patti smith

one can only hope ...
the people have the power
Wow -- is there a photo of our Frankie by that entry in the dictionary?
Let the champagne drinkers shit in their pants when the Eurocrisis starts to swallow up their banks and hedge funds.
Please forgive my egregious error. I'm getting my waterways and Sicilian pastries mixed up. Don't tell me it's never happened to you. Btw, what does Sicilian pastry have to do with this discussion other than it's dee-lish-us and definitely not fit for consumption by the lump-'em-all-together-and-get-'em-out-of-my-sight-proletariat?
Now and then, by design or chance, one strikes upon a phrase so succinctly appropriate to that which it descibes as to render all further description superfluous.

"Demented jack-in-the-box"--perfect.
Frank- it seems you often are simply drawn in by the semi-attractive, and inclined to defend them regardless. It seems you may have a classic case of class/star envy ... do you subscribe to People?

OK, I usually get pm's when I come out with the truth, but, I've been banging rich repub, and libertine, babes all my life ... the life of a Waikiki Beach Boy is what it is ... the things they said in the wee afterglow hours were always telling, and eventually I saw a pattern: when they tell you what they really think, they either reveal themselves naturally, or, when pressed, just let it fly when they think you are, just because you've knocked boots, now intimates. This has happened too many times for coincidence, and, when my business dealings later in life had the menfolk saying the same thing after a few highballs- well, I put it together. Full confirmation came when I was once asked to escort a certain high ranking republi-femme to a hoity-toity she wanted a buffed date for: if Nana could have heard the things I did that night, in good old Orange County, well, lets just say if I had half a brain I could've predicted all this was coming. And, speaking of coming, man, most of these wahine have some pretty "English Tory" type freaki-ness in mind- but, what do you expect from inbred monarchists?
"Someday soon the gated communities they live in will be burned and the inhabitants slaughtered, and I guess that too will be something worth a laugh and a toast."

If this is how the Left thinks, I'll take the champagne-drinkers any day. People who want others to be slaughtered because of where they work (we ain't talking the Gulag here) or how much money they have are not more than a couple of steps above Charles Manson. No thank you. I'll take my barbarism in the films.
The rich folks having a laugh because that French revolution stuff was so 18th century. But why the gratuitous shot at Frank?
Frank thinks his farts smell like roses, for those who don't understand I quote him from above: "I understand. People like you cannot acknowledge the obvious…that you may be right or wrong on what you suppose to be the character of those people."

Frank did exactly that in his first visit to my blog in a comment on a post I did about politics referencing my experience as a victim of domestic violence 30 years ago. He built some fantasy in his mind that I'm some inferior loser victim based on one visit to my blog. Then he made a pretense of caring about me and advising me for my best interest. Frank does that to a lot of people.

As he explained to me; we need to be more realistic and lower our expectations when we pick others. He chose to pick this blog post, if he doesn't like his treatment here, it's his own fault and he needs to be realistic and lower his expectations. Those are his rules he wishes to live by. Perhaps people like Frank cannot acknowledge the obvious... that he has Stockholm Syndrome and it has caused him to believe he is superior to all the peons he wishes to dictate to, when he's just another nobody like everyone else. The the vision of a sproinging demented Frank-in-the-box keeps popping into my head and I lose my composure. God forbid his comment doesn't get answered according to his day planner scheduling.

I realize there may be some jealousy among the men here (I got support PM's from those he tormented) because I was able to viciously filet him with my tongue on my blog since he insulted a woman and pompously blamed me for being a victim of violence. And told me to settle for it! I feel a little bad for the men because he's usually more subtle and he gets away with insulting other men. It's a pity he's run people off, so it's best to just let people treat him the way he treats others and get it out of their system or they'll blow up on someone kind and useful. Perhaps he'll stop popping around doing caca. Now I'm annoyed that an otherwise interesting comment thread is peppered with a demented popper. And I've sucked up nana's space on a doddering fool.
Did any of you make any money in the heydays of the hi-tech bubble (early part of 2000 just to remind those with short memories), wall streeters weren't so bad then?
Or perhaps you hung on your stocks a bit too long and when the bubble burst you were just left with worthless paper?
Those mostly young people that are venting, justly, their anger probably didn't know then what it was and even where it was, yes, Wall Street, but us all (at least the older ones) venting anger for all that worthless junk in some forgotten drawer?
Revolt if you must, but this time unlike the last one, many moons ago, when a new nation was born, you may just bury it

Good luck to us all
I'm not quite sure what you're saying, Roberto. Is it that we should embrace the bubble? There is no bubble now, nor is there likely to be one for a while. If ever. Seriously, I wonder sometimes about people who think capitalism will solve the problems caused by capitalism. What evidence, aside from faith, do we have for such a thing happening?

Thank you for your coment, Roberto. I'm just not in that optimistic a mood right now.
nana, thanks....it is just that when the money flows, those that manage it can't do no wrong, when not the guillotine is ready

And my comment was intended for all the commenters, did they do well or not back in the bubble days....and in the second case is revenge driving them in support of the young protesters who are sans bubble (we all rant about capitalism in bad times....)
Well…my, my, my. Glad I stopping in after my round of golf today.

I posted a courteous, reasonable initial post here…pointing out that the views of the people on the balcony COULD BE misinterpreted; they obviously were at a party…and they were enjoying themselves. That is what you are supposed to do at a party. Their conduct could just as easily have been interpreted as supportive and friendly toward the protesters…as hostile or smirking. I asked that people keep an open mind on the issue. For certain they were curious about what was going on.

I commented reasonably and respectfully on the subject of the thread…and even after getting a rather hostile response to my post, I stayed calm and reasonable and respectful. I conducted myself decently throughout this discussion…even if my last comment had some extra passion involved.

As far as I am concerned, I have been a hell of a lot more logical than many of the people commenting here, but obviously disagreeing reasonably, logically, and respectfully make me a troll in some people’s minds.

Hey…I’ve had my say and I will move on…but it is sad that all this animosity is necessary in response to what I had to say, because what I had to say does not deserve the considerable scorn spewed here—and neither do I.

Like on most days, I will have a fine day today...and look forward to tomorrow. Hope you all do, too. No hard feelings on my part…just bewilderment at why the intensity of the dislike.

We’ll all talk again in other threads.
But the balcony people look happy. And well fed and groomed and secure. What's wrong with being happy, well fed, groomed, and secure? Shouldn't everyone want that?
"It's amazing how many free drinks and Harley rides a hairy, 6'2" carpenter in white satin can get by acting demure yet slightly coquettish."

oh my yes!! I like to wear a pair of navy blue stockings, see through toes, to add that "Want dinner?" to the drinks! A 'demure wanton slut-whore' like me gets hungry!! ~giggle~

Oops, I mean, I'm a true Lady, only get to 1st base on the first date
(and by 1st base, I mean, HOME RUN!!!:D)

(I'm not sure what to think about these protests, looks like it'd be no fun at all!! I'd rather go burn down Washington DC all the while singing, I'M A LITTLE TEA POT, SHORT AND STOUT, HERE IS MY HANDLE, HERE IS MY HANDLE...WAIT, I MUST BE A SUGAR BOWL!!!" :D
oooh boo hooo fuckin' hoo, cry me a river, ya damn protestors, WALL STREET STOLE MY MONEY, LOOK AT THEM DRINKIN' CHAMPAGNE, AND TAKING PICTURES, AND SMIRKING!!!!

Get a job poor people and maybe you too can drink bottled fancy grape juice with some fizz and smirk at the lowly poor people protesting.

Why you smirking for?

Cause those dumb asses can protest all they want and you'll still be making the big $$$ off their backs, just as always!!! And the Senators in your pockets will smirk along with ya, why?

Cause they making $$$ off the backs of the dumb asses protesting, who keep voting them into office!!!!

Hahaha, poor people are dumb!!!
It's true, poor people are dumb as a sack of hammers. Why you gotta be such a cranky puss?

Tink: when I get all steamed up, hear me shout, just tip me over and pour me out! I'm not sure if I mean that metaphorically or literally.

Icarus Waxing, your reasonable tone disgusts me. :P

Frank, if you don't want people to think you're a troll, don't act like one. Read the definition of "troll" I posted here yesterday and then... don't be that way.

"Hey…I’ve had my say and I will move on"

Promises promises...

Roberto, I can't speak for any of the other commenters, but I know that for myself, wanting revenge isn't a factor. What is a factor for me is dismay that our government is run by pimps, traitors and thieves who do the bidding of the very rich and the corporate sector at the expense of all the rest of us.
And by the way, Frank, when you outed an OSer a while back by posting their real name without their permission, you moved yourself into a category that is far lower than trolls in my book. You are scum.
And by the way, Frank, when you outed an OSer a while back by posting their real name without their permission, you moved yourself into a category that is far lower than trolls in my book. You are scum.
Horseshit, Nanatehay.

The “outted person” told me that he had used another name…and just about defied me to figure out who it was. He seemed to be taking delight in mentioning that he had been posting as someone else…and then went to pains to post on a topic that we had discussed in great detail long ago. Because of the hints, which he had to know he was giving, I took a guess…just a guess. And the jackass confirmed my guess in a thread. In any case, he had posted under his real name for a very long time…and started using an alias when people got tired of his harangues. He is not gone…he is back using another name. He, not I, was the original user of his real name on OS.

So a calling me “scum” for doing what just about anyone would do in that situation tells me lots about you!

Frank, if you don't want people to think you're a troll, don't act like one. Read the definition of "troll" I posted here yesterday and then... don't be that way.

"Hey…I’ve had my say and I will move on"

Promises promises...

I do not act as a troll. My intial posting in this thread WAS RIGHT ON TOPIC—and was not an attempt at hijacking. It was a reasonable, respectful post. You apparently do not like anyone disagreeing with your take…and decided to take a shot at me in your response.

But you have a closed mind…and trying to reason with you is like trying to reason with a weasel so I won’t bother.

And you promised an earlier post of yours would be your last response to me. If you continue to address comments to me, I will respond. It is the polite thing to do.
Nana, quit &$#@! changing the title of this blog! I keep coming back, thinking it's something new! ;)
Calling apisa sh*t scum is an affront to scum.

It is the polite thing to do.

Since when did you add polite to your DICKTIONARY, sh*thead.

Yeah, right and your story about outing an OS member stinks to high heaven. You're an unrepentant and compulsive lair, moron.
It's kinda funny ain't it, Mark, hearing Frank talk about politeness?

Voicegal, please forgive the changes to the title. After I'm through with the the current one I'll change back to the original and leave it that way, I promise!

Frank, I know the backstory, so you can save your puling little excuses. The fact remains that the person in question was no longer using his real name, and it was up to that person to decide if he wanted his real name divulged, not to you.There is no possible justification for it, none. And listen to you now, making funny noises about being polite. Then there's this:

"If you continue to address comments to me, I will respond. It is the polite thing to do."

No, Frank, you won't. My blog, my rules, and I'm done with you.
If frank were to count the number of people whose blog posts, this robo-troll has been asked to leave, since being thrown off the Google boards, using his toes and fingers, he'd have NONE left,

If one were to add in the number of quality bloggers who have left OS solely to avoid further discourse with this cretin, a new definition of infinity would have to be devised.

I'd also like to add, Nana, that not only did he expose the bloggers identity, but two days later, he wrote his own blog complaining that some of his comments had been deleted, and further exposing the identity of the person in question.

Women on OS have been stalked when vermin comparable to frank have exposed details of their real lives.

frank is the biggest blight that OS has ever seen.

I agree with You, Nana, it IS Your blog and You can do with it as You see fit, however I would be remiss if I didn't mention that leaving the title exactly as it is will help expose this fraudulent passive-aggressive psychopath for exactly who he is.
Nana, may not know the whole story, you sniveling excuse masquerading as a person, but I do.

I've been in email contact with this person for ~ three years, and you frank are the same fuc*ing liar that caused Google and several other boards to ban you.

Thank goodness you never married; otherwise there'd, likely be hoards of apisa sh*ts as psychotic as you running around brazenly spouting meaningless slogans and taking pride in being banned from civilized discourse.

You haven't a clue as to the difference between the Constitution and constipation; thus that sh*t eating grin appears wherever those choose not to delete it.
I just now deleted my first Frank Apisa comment - that was fun! He seems to think this is his blog, but it ain't. More to the point, I don't talk to scumbags who out people by posting their real name without permission.
This is way past whacked - up the amp, MiJ.
Outing of names is one thing ; foaming at the mouth another. We're all on the same side, people.
Myriad, that woman gets on my nerves too, but then everything about CNN does.

Drew, tapenade without capers??? Good Lord, that's absolutely inhuman!

Kim, I have no problem with a person being passionate about something, but Frank isn't so much passionate as mentally ill. I'll leave it up to the jury as to whether he's a troll or not, but he doesn't help his case by behaving the way he does, and the case of him outing someone is, in my book, far worse a thing than being trollish.
I get that, nan. But this thread has swerved.
I do love the way your threads swerve, but not in this direction.
This is vilification of a senior who has no more here than stuck his seventy year old neck out. The guy he "outed" I care less about.
Let's talk internet anonymity then, & what it's good for.
I feel kinda strongly about the outing of people, Kim, having experienced it myself. Doesn't matter who it is or what their reasons for preferring anonymity; it is their decision to make, not anyone else's. Outing a person is a violation, an attack that can have consequences in the real world, and there is absolutely no excuse for it, ever. Regarding Frank sticking his neck out, yeah, he stuck his neck out when he came on my blog and, in his very first comment, began swearing and snarking and condescending at me and the people who'd commented on this thread. Sorry if my treatment of him seems unfair to you, but I give exactly as much respect as a person seems prepared to extend to others, and Frank's contribution to the conversation was anything but respectful. He could have made his point without being a douchebag but he chose not to, so tough shit if he got smacked around as a result.
Kim, ever try to take a bone away from an intent dog?
Heard. ok, I'm out on this now. Love you nan.
Hey, Jules - no, I wouldn't dare ;-)
There's no reason to call Frank a dog, Julie. He stuck his neck out and deserves better treatment than that. ;-)
Marry me Jules ?
Let's talk about it, anyway.
And as for the charge that my comments regarding his other identity caused him to leave OS...

...the guy has posted in this thread. He is here. And he outted himself...after just about daring me to figure out who he was.

I guess you will delete this also...because it also shows how absurd some of the arguments being made by you actually are.
What? you'd replace Nana with me so easily?
you cheap harlot ;D
Frank just said "I imagine you will delete this post also, because it shows your arguments of justification are absurd."

First of all, it's a comment not a post, and second of all, I'm deleting it because I told you last night I'm done wasting time with you. My blog, my rules, and you've had your say here - time to move along, Frank. Any further comments on your part are against my wishes, so let's see if you'll respect my request that you stay away or if you behave like what you claim you aren't, i.e., a troll.

Kim, Julie is my own true betrothed so watch it, buddy!
Good Lord Frank, shut your pie hole.
Cheap harlot ?
Jules I'm on my knees.
Besides, I can't have sex with men.
You're so fickle, Kim. Didn't our tryst under the waterfall in the moonlight mean anything to you?
from what I've heard Kim, that's how most gay love stories go down
And, like a bad case of toenail fungus, Frank is back, though soon deleted. Let the record show he ignored my request to stay off my blog - I wonder if he thinks it's just a coincidence he gets banned from so many places? Let the record also show that, during periods of rampant Apisa activity I change the title of this post to "Frank Apisa's Platform For Aggravatd Dipshittery" and when he goes away I change it back.
and that's for setting me up for that (even if you did include the handholding italics ;)
Nan was kidding ; we didn't have sex under the waterfall, Frank.

Talk to me Jules.
hey Nana, we're talking about gay sex over here *waves hands*
You're right, Julie, our love story is quite happy, or "gay" if you will. Or it WAS happy 'til I was so callously jilted. :(
see you are a two timer
well, you were until you erased it
you are way too happy with that delete button
allllll allllone out hereeee by my lonesome
I do have pictures actually. Kim looked so fetching in his pinafore, which the mist from the waterfall soon dampened so it clung to his lithe, willowy figure like a second skin. His hair was in a French braid because he knows I have a thing for the French, and I think he was wearing Old Spice "Fresh."
"Our" love story, no.
Kim doesn't do threesomes ...
... well there was that once ...
you have NO RIGHT to bring up this TAWDRY past !!!

( ;-) Hey jules, still on ? )
I'm lost now, lost in bittersweet remembrance of the joy we shared that night, all awash in silvery moonlight as a whippoorwill called softly in the distance.
hell no, I got bored waiting for you both and wandered away :D
actually I should start getting ready for work, but *whine*
so, tell me what you two remember about that night?
I think we blew it nan.

Our one chance with Julie
& we blew it.
& it was your fault.
and no, I don't frequent Literotica, what would give you that idea? nope
come on Kim, I know you got stories, let's hear them
in detail
We shared a fine pinot noir and some camembert and beignets, and he swore he'd never leave. He swore he'd never leave!
Nana's too shy. I wouldn't ask him.
look at him bluster and fawn
What night ?
There was no night !
He was dreaming - not uncommon, around here,
i never get to hear any of the good stuff
It does seem like a dream now, with the afterglow long faded and the bitter reality of his betrayal burning in my heart like a bad case of acid reflux. It was real though, real as only true love can be.
OK it was twice.
& I'm damned if I'm naming names.
But it was soft & sort of creamy.
There was a lot of love around, then,
Nanatehay sort of loosens up after awhile, & the girls were quite accommodating too, as I remember ... it was late afternoon, things were blurry ...
I never fell in love with him, & I told him that ... whatever bs he chooses to believe, I guess I have to be OK with ...
( jules between you & me his member is enormous)
I think the upper crust is smirking for completely different reasons than you have let on, nana and kim.
I cannot believe you let Julie wander off unrequited.
(Just came over for a sec to see all the action....but I clearly missed some of it : ))
Kim is referring now to the camembert. I've always liked it more than brie, though Rochefort is very nice too. I also like those kalamatta olives they have at the olive bar in Whole Foods, and elk sausage is really good too. I don't know why regular grocery stores don't carry more elk products.
well a giant member and fine pinot noir is really all you can hope for isn't it?
says the rabbit woman...and yes I know that should be dove, but the description of rabbit fits much better
Just Thinking, you didn't miss much, but stay tuned; Frank will most likely do a post trying to shame me for deleting his comments, never mind that he hijacked my thread for two days before I got fed up with it and banned him.
JT, it's ok, I'm used to being unfulfilled by these two
Meet me at the falls in three days, Julie, the moon will be full and I've got this delightgful little vinho verde I found at Trader Joe's for $3.99 a bottle. Do you like smoked trout? Hopefully the whippoorwills will be calling...
I'm quite fond of buffalo mozzaralla myself sliced on pizza.

But your member still scares me.
promises promises Nana...
ok, now I really do have to start getting ready for work :D love you guys
Careful there, Jules, & bring your own earplugs.

Remember me while you're at it.
The moonlight with waterfall and nakedness sounded promising, until I noticed Julie was walking off. I'm progressive and all but would rather watch when a woman is included..
but suddenly there are two thirteen year olds with late start today in the room wondering what in the world I am writing....ahem.
Love ya Julie - ♥ ♥ ♥ !

Kim, buffalo meat (or bison, to give it its proper sobriquet) is delicious, though I've never heard of buffalo cheese. I suppose it makes sense; humans will eat fermented secretions from the mammary glands of any critter that will hold still long enough for us to milk it.

It was a magical evening, Just Thinking. Kim was way less hairy than you might think, though I'm not sure if that was natural or because he'd gotten a Brazilian wax just for me.
It sounds much more exciting now to hear about a Brazilian...adding torture to the erotic mix, eh?? : )
TEARS!! I miss magical evenings!! I had a few, more than a few, less than a 100, but more than 12!!! ~WEEPING~

~wanders off for ginger snaps and chocolate milk~
( from a foreign correspondent ) I think it is ok to clean up hair around excitement zone but brazillan : no ~ too close to paedophilia.
I wonder if the smirkers shave their junk.
Dear foreign correspondent: I am glad to hear my own opinion voiced by such a venerable institution. What IS up with that? Never mind, I don't want to know...
Tink: Less than 100 magical evenings!!?? You're a cat!
I guess the whole shaving vs. not shaving thing comes down to whether you like peaches better than nectarines. Maybe I should do an open call?

I wish Tink had given us more than a vague idea of how many magical evenings he's had, and he needs to do so in detail, with names, dates, and the kinds of noises involved.
nana! I just snorted tea through my nose (ouch.): peaches vs nectarines... ha!
It seems more like baby vs woman to me, but I won't judge what gets someone sleeping well at night...as long as, you know, it's all adults.
I was going to use kiwis as an example, but didn't want to rile up Kim. To each his/her own, I say, and what happens in the privy of a man's home is between him and the plumber as long as no felonies are involved.
Okay, I lied, it was more like 83,867!!!

Should I tell of the time Ted Kennedy and I laid waste to 873 hookers, all in the same night. The cocaine was magical, the prostitutes even better, they had shiny gold things on their tits and I won't say what was in other places, okay, I will, they had fire crackers in their Vajays jays!!

We went till 8pm three days later, then, we started again, this time, starting with the Zs and working our ways to the As, another three days of pure delight, ending when Ted had to go back to DC to vote on something, health care, or bed bugs.

Then the time Bill Clinton, Ted Nugent and 93 year old LadyBoy from Guam.

I can't say what happened then, cause well, I had a bit too much to drink and two or three too many snorts of cocaine and donkey piss, but I remember the LadyBoy taking out her teeth and giving me what she called "A Randy Good Blow Job you won't soon forget!!"

God damn, it was the best!!!!!
You ever have a cross dresser of a prostitute shove a kiwi up your pee hole?

I HAVE!!!!
I never have, though I was once nearly castigated by a drunk with a spork and a casaba melon. Was Ted Nugent good in bed? I've always wondered what it would be like to sleep with someone from Detroit.
I will say kiwis are the better reference here...

Tink, you're so understated all the time, why don't you just let loose, man?
You had to mention the plumber, right ?
He was an old friend ok ?

This kiwi thing too, needs to be knocked on the head before it sets.
There are several countries in the SW Pacific, among them New Zealand, where kiwis grow, & Australia, where bandicoots grow.
Apart from Maoris taking over the bouncing profession here, we don't have a lot in common.
( As cute as she might appear, Greersy put a cigarette out on a Maori bouncer's cheek last year. I only found that out when she suddenly switched sides walking out of a movie. What the hell have I done, I thought ... )
On a Maori's cheek - yikes! Why would such a sweet-looking thing want to do that? I'm guessing he was out of line and you most likely will have to take the Maori on in a round of kickboxing. It'll be nearly as memorable a match as your bout with that plumber.
Okay, so New Zealand, but you're neighbors and all, and my dear friend lives in Auckland so hope you aren't the sneering over the fence type neighbors.
It is just that kiwis work better in this fruit-fruit comparison...bandicoots would be a scary parallel, although the word itself has potential. For someone, that is. Not anyone I know, necessarily.
It turns out Greersy's friend Petha was called a drunk slut, so G needed to put things right ( her account ) & JT, we don't mind them ... occasionally they get a little bootsie but Hey now ...
Manly Sea Eagles whupped the NZ Warriors on Sunday night ( NRL Grand Final - highest rating event in the Southern Hemisphere, glad you caught it ;-) - things have cooled. A kiwi is not a fruit - they took the Chinese Gooseberry & called it Kiwi Fruit. A kiwi is a bird, not much bigger than a chicken, with about a third of a chicken's personality.
I've really gotta finish this story - police were called, and during the questions G laid a hand on the policeman's shoulder - he said : Take your hand off me.
G, according to the way Bella & I brought her up, said : Why ? What makes you so fucking special ?
I'm such a proud Dad.
Wikipedia on Kiwi:
"Hairy bush fruit
Unusual fruit or wonder fruit"
sigh, it was a crappy night at work
Go G! and Papa G
That is quite the story for a Dad to be proud of. I'd be proud my kid defended her friend...no matter what that entails... : )
My sons were trained early on to be invisible when cops are nearby...boys don't get any breaks with cops around here, not even justice for that matter.

Julie, sorry you had a crappy night at work.
My three boys and nephew all made dinner for me last night for my birthday while I cooed at the baby girl. Work was easy for me to forget at least...life is good with a baby, and cooking family, around...
even if the weather went from 90s to 50s (that would be Fahrenheit for any concerned) in one week flat.
ps -- Two days of 51 has been better than all of being 50 ever was. I don't buy the old "poor me" I'm not 35 anymore crap...
JT- Happy B-day!! (belated) and 51 IS young
"life is good with a baby, and cooking family, around..." :D jealousing here. It sounds wonderful.
OMG this is gold...Pure GOLD.
Thanks, Algis, for recognizing my journalistic excellence. I'm expecting a Pulitzer Prize in the mail any day now. :P

Happy birthday Just Thinking! Having the right priorities can make all the difference, and yours seem impeccable.

You've got a wonderfully unafraid daughter there, Kim, and I so wish I could have seen the expression on that cop's face. But what's this about Chinese boysenberry? As Julie says, accurately I do believe, the proper term is "hairy bush fruit" and no amount of Antipodean semantics-wrangling is going to change that.
I think "hairy bush fruit" might be a reference to Tink's dangly bits ...

Yea, JT : Happy Birthday old :-) girl !
It's nice to have a family rally 'round & do the right thing once a year !
I just read your Bookstore Adventure again ~ Greersy's like your youngest, like that ; read everything Russian by 18, now studying Russian & Economics ~ who knows why !

Nan, they let her walk, so something was in her favour that night, probably the reputation of that particular 200 lb face-tats Maori,
but again, who knows ?
"Clueless"? They know exactly what's going on. If anything is absurdly hypocritical it is when the rich and overfed shills for the oligarchy have the temerity to preach to the poor about thrift and austerity. When insatiable gluttons deliver sermons on austerity to the hungry it's almost as absurdly hypocritical as the smarmy pundits who defend them.

Want a sure fire investment in trouble times: try riot gear.

I can think of no more obvious proof to Chomsky's "Propaganda Model" than this event. This has been going on now for over TWO WEEKS! If the Tea Party gathered on Wall Street for ONE DAY the corporate-owned Washington-complaint media would be all over it like flies to excrement and if they kept it up for two weeks the media would be giving them 24/7 coverage. Instead, this same group has offered proof that the corporate giant Google went Chinese and participated in the blackout!

Remember when the White House criticized the "Arab Spring" dictatorships for blocking Internet Access and the demonstrators turned to social media? The self-righteous pundits boasted how WE in America would never block access to Free Speech or Free Assembly. Yet last month that is exactly what BART did in San Francisco - of ALL places! Those who think our government will not also turn their guns on peaceful demonstrators are the historically challenged and/or too young to remember Kent State.

Over the past few years we have all seen this global debacle unfold in bits and pieces so fragmented that it's hard to see what it all looks like when the pieces are assembled in context. But one thing is for sure, the rest of the world has been way out in front of this Wall Street Movement. For this reason I will urge you all to take the time to watch the superb Canadian Broadcasting Company's outstanding documentary "Meltdown" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZWU65Zbka4E&feature=player_embedded&list=PLD1B1EE309EE4547F

And soon we will wake up the the fact that Afghanistan is just one domino in "the climate war". See ISBN-13: 9781568586007

This is going to get ugly. REALLY ugly. Fasten your seat belts for we ain't seen nothin' yet.
Of course is is class warfare. THE question not asked is Who is waging it. I rest my case.
Thanks for the birthday wishes, nana, Julie, Kim : )
"It's nice to have a family rally 'round & do the right thing once a year !"
Once a year being the key phrase here...as far as actually cooking for me goes.
What a cool compliment, nana, my priorities were messed up for long enough, way back in the velvet mini skirts and the band! the band! days : )
Which was before the velvet hippie maxi skirts and the pot! the pot! days.
Now it's more like "What was I all excited about a minute ago?"
Kim, Youngest is a true eccentric, he memorized the Periodic Table in second or third grade, all the while complaining about learning 3+2 in school, he gets terrible grades or good grades, "doesn't apply himself" in school yet builds web pages which he taught himself, reads incessantly as you read in our one summer adventure this year (thanks, and glad you came by!) and he built an 3' x 4' English Galleon "because it was more powerful than the Spanish Galleons" also in third grade out of popsicle sticks. What does one do with a giant popsicle stick treasure like this??
He avoids birthday parties because of "too many kids" yet he's hilarious and has plenty of friends.
Greersy sounds much more social and outgoing, at least by this tail, er, tale....Russian? Economics? Wow. She sounds focused and driven.
That's the great thing about kids, you never know how your own world will grow and stretch by being dragged there by some kid's interest....
@ JT : "... he built an 3' x 4' English Galleon "because it was more powerful than the Spanish Galleons" also in third grade out of popsicle sticks. What does one do with a giant popsicle stick treasure like this??"
One photographs it & writes a blog about it, I hope.
I have noticed I give away all my best post ideas on others' comment threads...
WHAT'S ALL THIS THEN? Some kind of party goin' on in my back pages while I wasn't here to monitor the festivities? I'm flagging the lot of you for unmitigated haberdashery!
Fuck Carpenter Boy...I thought you were a SMART man, read The Story of Civilization, etc. Stop and THINK, for one minute. The US has a FREE political system. There is NO secret police to arrest or harm those demonstrators. The rich bastards on those balconeys smiling down at them are smiling at their invulnerable position because...the fucking relatively miniscule nucleus of active protesters across the country have only ONE way to begin effecting change....either form a new political party or exercise enough influence on the Dems to swing them leftward, as the Tea Party swung the Republicans rightward, and WIN some fucking elections. There is no other way...only the long, torturous, compromise filled and disgusting road of conventional politics. You're not a fantasizer like our ole buddy rw, bless his good ole boy heart, and you're not a conspiracy nut like many on here...you've got common sense. There will be no burning of the gated communities...the rubes will continue to be bought off with Food Stamps and Medicaid. The gigantic mass of the police and military rank and file in Amerika will maintain law and order and the protesters are perfectly FREE to win voters at the elections...but they must organize politically and PERSUADE the voters to vote for social democracy. Otherwise they can fuck off. I thought you were a realist. Violent revolution or social change in Amerika? Pass me a corn dog and a beer, burp, and fuck you....winks and hugs
As I said once on Don's blog, you remind me of someone, but I can't quite place who...
Oh well, you actually make some good points here. Please tell me though, do you think our political system as it stands provides an effective means to bring about change? If you do, you're more naive than I'd have thought - is it possible that down deep inside you're a warm, fuzzy Pollyanna figure who thinks people can be counted on to do the right thing and it will all work out OK in the end if only we trust those who hold positions of power? With a deeply entrenched two party system wherein the two parties are mirror images of each other, with more lobbyists on Capitol Hill than there are legislators, with a campaign/electoral process built around legalized bribery, and with a Supreme Court intent on ceding ever more influence to corporate interests with travesties like the Citizen's United decision, it's difficult to avoid the conclusion that democracy, to the extent it ever existed in this country, has been strangled to death by a plutocracy which seems less willing every year to tolerate any equitable distribution of resources. Such conditions, coupled with a huge disparity in wealth between the "elites" and the rest of us and a steadily deteriorating economic situation caused by an idiotic pursuit of short term gain over long term national interests, can set the stage for social upheaval, and it seems unlikely that the United States will prove immune from that basic truth. I'm not saying it's something that will happen next year or even necessarily five years from now, but at some point, if the corporofascists (that’s not too strong a term in my opinion) don't decide it's in their own interests to spread the drachmas around in a manner more in line with what the middle and working classes think is appropriate, things are gonna blow.

Or, wait, I’ll just vote for a Socialist or a Green for my congressperson, never mind that no candidate without tens of millions in their campaign war chest has any chance of going anywhere or that my state has been solidly Republican since the Civil War, which by the way under our electoral college system means if I vote for a Democratic presidential candidate my vote doesn’t even matter unless it’s a tie. To understand why that latter point is relevant, reflect upon the fact that W lost the popular vote by a good margin in 2000, yet we still got 8 years of what was arguably the most disastrous administration in U.S. history.

Yeah, the ballot box is gonna fix everything!
Hey, nana, you're just proving my point. Here you are, and there are literaly tens of thousands like you across the country, who eloquently analyze the problems of today's society and politics. And guess what? You're all free to do so. Ain't it wunnderful? So now all youse guys gotta do is, by using social media, the internet, etc., just travel around the country organizing people. Is there a fascist state secret police stopping you?...Umm...NO! So, therefore, you are all free. What the fuck else do you want? And becuz you iz all free of state interference it means that, if you appeal to enough voters, you can VOTE in a new party that can influence decision making. What other options are there? Oh, wait, oh, boo hoo hoo, you all don't want to do the hard job of political organization, you just want a ...revolution. Ha ha ha, what a fucking joke. You are all perfectly fucking free to say what you want, go where you want, and persuade people to organize and vote...but that's not enough. You want it all handed to you on a plate. Well, guess what. There's another fucking side friend, and a lot of those people will vote Republikan. What are you gonna do about that...cry in your bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal?...dubble wink
And one last comment. The end result of a growing social movement in the Us, of growing social awareness, whatever you want to call it, has to be elections. Or do you think Amerika will become the only country in the world to dispense with elections, because it's all corrupt, oh boo hoo hoo. I guess having elections, like in Iraq, Afghanistan, Egypt, every fucking piss pot of a retard country, is just too much for Amerika to handle anymore. You all want a MORAL AWAKENING, a movement of the people...ha ha ha....elect some public officials, or fuck off. Not you personally I mean, I think you rock. But those stoopid Wall Street Occupiers...they can get ass fucked for all I care, or many decent Amerikans for that matter, until they start to organize politically. Then they'll have some skin in the game. Fucking form a Social Democrat Progressive Party of amerika to take back power from Wall Street. Ha ha, fucking ha. Fucking babies. What a joke. Be a realist.
Sorry, gotta say one last thing. I was in Missouri in September. Lots of fast food joints, cars on the roads, natural gas frakking sites. I luved it. Had a great time. You think the ordinary folks, who still vote Republikan, are gonna lissen to these protester faggots. Huh? You know your people. Sure, even Bill O'reilly says the wall street bastards are bastards, and that's a good first step. The present political system will offer enough corrections, as a democracy ultimately does, in a stumbling and corrupt way, to get everybody to kind of agree to go forward, with minimal violence. That's realistic thinking friend. Fucking faggot protesters. I love your junk food. No revolution ever happened when the plebs have enuff chicken an' beer. Hic!...wink
You were recently in Missouri? Christ, after spending time among those vomitous bushwhackers it's no surprise you have such a distorted view of 'Merikans. Know what a virgin in Missouri is? A 10 year old who can outrun her brothers; hahahahaha!

What were we talking about again?

Oh yeah, revolution and stuff. You need to not take things so literally. If you find me saying somewhere that change through violence is preferable to change through peaceful methods, then by all means take me to task for being a wild-eyed Trostskyite or whatever, but 'til then save your evangelizing about the value of the ballot box ya fuckin' hosehead. I was merely laying out some reasons - accurately - why my vote isn't equal to the vote of, say, David Koch. In the wake of the Citizen's United decision, money is now conflated with free speech, or, expressed another way, there's no shortage of democracy in this country as long as you have the cash to pay for it. Regarding the outcomes generated by a system which the rich have subverted for their own interests at the expense of everyone else, look at the graphs which depict income for the middle and working classes versus income for the very wealthiest over the last three decades or so and tell me things are just jiffy here. If you don't like it that some of us find the current state of affairs less than optimal, go ahead and heap derision on the OWS movement on the one hand, then sneer about how we need to organize politically on the other, or maybe move to Ottawa or some other godforsaken hellhole and write apologia in the form of blog comments, replete with much smirking and winkly-doodles, for our profoundly corrupt political system. Oh, wait, you've already done that... :P
Jeezus Krist nana. I like your outrage. I'm serious. My point is you and the rest of the country is...FREE! You're not sum fucking greasy Iranian, Egyptain, Libyan, North Korean, Russian Chink, fucking litle guy. Don't you understand? If many Amerikans are swayed by Koch brudder propaganda, that's just too bad. If enuff folks like you git mad enough, you can ORGANIZE, and, if the very complicated constellation of social forces is propitious, you are FREE to organize any political party of your choosing. If the wealthy class uses their money to subvert that process, and succeeds, well...too bad. What the hell do you want? Do you want fairies and angels on your side? Do the hard fucking grunt work of organization. Oh, but too many Amerikans will ignore you. Oh, the Koch brothers are to blame. Ha ha ha. Nobody is shooting at you, or putting you in prison like in the fucked up Third World. Ahh...but I know why you're angry. If thousands of motivated tough progressives like you organized, and tried to start a political party, the vast broad range of the electorate wouldn't listen to you that quickly. Now, why is that? Do you think the Koch brothers have that much influence? Fucking grow up. The real reason why this process is so hard for your side is because of deeply ingrained patterns of thought, in the electorate...who you gonna blame for that? And secondly, because ordinary people are still, on balance, not fucking angry enough. Too many strip malls, strip shows, and cheap food. Too fucking bad. Cry me a river.
You are supposed to be a grownup. If the other side uses every means at its disposal to fuck you over, are you going to act like an outraged schoolgirl? Jeezus fucking Christ. What a girl! You, and everyone else is FREE, to organize, talk. You don't have to get a ticket from the government. In China the fucking Chink government is scared of its people, and tries to control the Internedt, as you know. There are no controls on you. But if too many of your countrymen don't give a fuck, because they're obsessed with sex, celebrity gossip, Michael Jackson, poker, dildos, whatever...oh, that's the Koch brothers fault. What a baby. If your society is now ultra decadent, who's fault is that? Oh, Wall Street's. Right. The protesters can shoot up drugs, fuck stupid girls...the anarchists can smash windows...oh, it's the fault of the plutocrats. The corruption is in the ordinary people, just like that fuck up Harry Homeless, or whatever his name is, says. Exactly. Everybody's corrupt. Find me a 10 year old disabled gurl to fuck, or be a mudder fucka like a wunderrful inner city Detroit nigger. You know I'm right sweetie...(embarrassed wink)
And one more thing you superior bastard. If the Koch brothers offered you a lousy 100,000 dollars to fuck off and shut up, I'm sure you'd take it. I might hold out for 250,000, but I'm a little better than you, and we all have our price. We're all whores, so enjoy the porking. Ha ha...
Superior bastard? Wait a minute, I thought I'm "carpenter boy" and you're da edumicated Canuckian what oozes con-da-sendin bullshit like a slug oozes slime, but you think I'm acting superior? Hahahahahaha! I'll agree with you on one point; the rottenness isn't limited to the upper crust, it pervades our society from top to bottom. It's good to see you finally acknowledging that, as opposed to spouting that airy-fairy twaddle about the value of the ballot box. Yep, in a system in which everything's for sale and in which the electorate values gewgaws and pyramid schemes more than their own long term well-being, things tend to get a little... ripe. Now yer startin' to git it; fix yerself a bowl of poutine in celebration!
So, what iz you? I was just saying you come off so fucking holier than thou...but you are a carpenter. And I grant you that you probably are smarter than the run of the mill good ole boyz in the shit hole you live in. So now, for lack of anything better, you want to be a holy man, speaking truth to power. I'm so fucking impressed. Why don't you take an Army private veteran of Eye-raq, who got his little puddy wuddy blowed off, to a nice pork rib bar-b-q sauce dinner, an' maybe hiz lil blowed off puddy -duddy can erect by 12 degrees for a cheap trick whore you buy for him, for what...$30? Fuck. If the electorate is corrupt, who you gonna blame for that? You know what I think? I think you're kicking yourself in the ass that, when you were 22 years old, you didn't take advantage of the money some higher class 45 year ole bitch in your shit hole could have paid you, to bang her ass to the mattress, and pay for your tuition to go to a STATE UNIVERSITY, and become a...LAWYER. Huh? Fucking hurts to know what a man of yer superior qualities could have been, iffn only yer mama,or drunk daddy, could have directed you better. Right now you'd be pulling down over 100 grand a year, as a cheap scum bag lawyer in yer shit hole town, and you wouldn't be jerking off on here. Too fucking bad...hugs
You're funny. Not funny ha ha, just... funny.
dirtbag necromancer!