APRIL 23, 2011 10:25PM

Saturday Night Fish Fry: New Orleans Funk, Southern Soul

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Everyone knows about the Motown sound, but many aren't aware that rhythms coming out of New Orleans in the '50s and '60s heavily influenced the  course of northern soul and R&B.  Southern soul, as it came to be known, was born from a melange of blues, country, early rock and gospel; it was sort of a gumbo of American roots music.  It focused more on rhythm than on lyrics, and was a major contributor to the birth of funk.  In the interest of showing a little love for that Southern thang here are a few tunes from below the Mason Dixon line which, if you aren't dead inside, oughta get your toe tapping.











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It is Gods way to compensate with soul those who must work just to put food on the table.
We have a lot of this in our record music library here. Great tunes Nana!
rated with hugs
Thanks all for coming by the fish fry. I added "Iko Iko" by the Dixie Cups because, well, no post mentioning New Orleans music would be complete without it. Mort, as usual you demonstrate a knowledge of the good shit which almost equals mine. ;-)
Nice mix nana. Yellow Moon has always been a fave since I saw the Nevilles at a New Years bash around 90 or 91.
Whoooooooo. Can only play/listen to some of these on this silly iPad. Must move to the big screen. Back ina flash. I looove Iko Iko.
Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Great music for a Saturday night before Easter.
Abra, Candace, Susie, thanks for coming by. Hopefully some part of you is dancing. I added Dr. John doing "Junko Partner" because he's a hero of mine even if he's not exactly Southern soul. Heroin used to be a part of my life, unfortunately.
The problem is, I'm listening to a much more comprehensive Southern soul fish fry here on one of my WMP playlists, and, as a tune comes up, I feel the need to add it.
YOOO Nana, (Philly hello here) glad to see this post tonight.. love this music .. hey hey now now...
ms julie, may this gnome have this dance?
Because I know you like a good story, I was on business and rented a car and driver ( felt I may be having a few drinks) by my lonesome in Seattle and the driver took me to a club and guess who was playin' Dr. John. Live. He was incredible. Big Man can move on that stool.
Rita, I was hoping you'd like this. If your toe is tapping and there's a smile over there I'm happy.

Cyril, you reprobate gnome, it's goodtaseeya!
Yeah Rita, Dr. John, giant white dude that he may be, is one of the few people carrying on Professor Longhair's tradition of New Orleans piano virtuosity. I tried to find a good version of "Tipitina" for this post but to my horror there were none available.
I hate when I can't find the good version. Ah well. Enough good music here. Last I saw him on TV he lost a lot of weight, I hated the way he looked, I liked the Big Man. But I guess it's better for him.
frown emoticon here.
*curtseys to my Gnome partner, and falls off into the dancers*
Oh yeah Neville Bros. Forgot about them. hell yes.
Julie, watch out for that gnome!

I added Professor Longhair's "Big Chief." Just listen to his genius hands wing their way over those ivories, and the way the horns weave in and out of what he's doing. When I was a young man I had a drink or two at Tipitina's, at the corner of Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas, though it was after 'Fess was gone.
SOME don't...but I do! We had dem fish fry (sic) at our house on Saturday nights...and this music brings it all back. VERY good memories for me, all this. Pass the hot sauce...
the gnome will be busy half carrying my ungainly ass around the dance floor while I step all over his toes...you should be warning him
Kind of hard to comment when the music's so good; I forgot where I was for a minute and tried to order a drink from one of my kids. Now I have to listen to the new additions. And come back with some of my own.
That last video, very very nice. I also miss that crackle when you first put on an album. Dating myself here.
Keka: after reading your tribute to Rundgren (including learning about your experiences in the field of music reviews and etc. via Rolling Stone), I feel very honored by your comment. There's a show on public radio here in KC called the Saturday Night Fish Fry which helped first turn me on to a lot of this music.

Julie; I know the feeling. My dance partners carry me around too, in between bouts of having to watch out for my boots severing their toes. I love a woman's toes but my boots often cause collateral damage. :(

Marjie, please have one of y0ur kids mix me a Martini, Sapphire please with a Kalamata olive, none of that jarred shit we buy from Costco.

Rita; I used to have a collection of over a thousand vinyl records. I do miss that crackle.

Mort, couldn't you have stolen that LP anthology online instead? These days I find there's not much that's not available for free on the Internet.
I am keeping this. Some of this stuff takes me back to kid-hood. They only used to let me peek into the back room for a few minutes when they had parties with that music.

One night my bro was doing the gator in the floor...And the Oakland girls had such fabulous hair!

Triple Golden Zuma for musical compendium and Saturday, doggone, night!
Who wants some Red Snapper fried in cornmeal crust? Got some honey cornbread and sweet ice tea too!
I do Zuma.. pass it over..
Zuma, you're among a select group of OSers who I knew would get this. I just had red snapper fried in cornmeal at Mad Jack's Fish Shack on State Avenue in Kansas City, Kansas a couple days ago! The hot sauce in a little tub and a few slices of white bread was of course included in the price, and it's one of the best meals I've had in weeks.
Naneh, my niece was cooking Red Snapper with coconut oil. And now you had it too. Next week, it's gonna be snapper or nuthin'!!!!!!

Got some stuffed mirlitons too!

Yow! You throw a party.
Unfortunately, all I've got is Bud Light - and I've just cracked open the last one. Loved all your pics. How can you dance in boots?

Here's a few random ones I like although not from New Orleans and not funk. And maybe not Southern Soul. Okay, I just like 'em; they make me happy:

www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXr6pS-79m8 - Sonny Boy; love the man, love the harmonica.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=GUGsZgkjrco - Booker T; great dance tune, killer Hammond organ.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpznsLzGGvA - Staple Singers; always amazing but here they made a good song better than the original.

www.youtube.com/watch?v=UiZg82R89Qc&feature=related - PG& E; men don't get better looking or better-dressed than this - and how many guys can pull off orange velour pants. And it's kind of fitting for Easter in a seventies sort of way.
dance that merengue, nan-man!!!
*skates beyond reach of nan's outstretched hand, heads for his julie with a big grin*
ooaaah, yellow knife "can you tell me if that girl is coming ba-aa-ack." that is one smoking beat from those nevilles and hiatt.
~hi everybody~
Zuma, Rita, Marjie, Cyril, Candace; let's pass the hatchet, and if anyone here is doubtful of her and/or his dancing skills, please remember that standing next to me and my notorious boots on the dance floor will make you seem like a graceful woodland nymph by comparison. A-one-and-a-two-and-a-three-and-a...
oouchhh that's ok my fault, too close..
Ow! smile. EEEK Oooch! smile. Great dancing, N! Just don't try any John Travolta disco moves...
may I cut in? *twirls Nana around and then dips him, smacking his head off the dance floor, not once, but twice*
Sorry Rita, my internal hillbilly makes me stomp like that!
that's why i wore my steel-toed boots. have had far too much experience with men who like ta stomp, heh.

start that song over, 'k?
but i havv a rosh betwin my teeph, isn't thish supposh to be shexy?
it'd be sexy were it only s thorny stem--between your teeth*
Z, Travolta's leisure suit sickens me, yet I love disco (when it's good it's really good and it's actually a direct descendant of southern soul via funk music).

Julie, one more concussion ain't gonna hurt me... I don't know what a rosh is though I understand teeph so I'm restarting the tune as per Candace's instructions...
I added "Pretty Little Thing" by The Interpreters. Done now.
You should see your sexy adsense. I get it! But now I have to go to bed so I can wake up and delete things. Iko Iko!
Iko Iko oh my with the white people zombies.
Great post my friend!


I think....

I may have just reported you to the FBI though, who knows nowadays with how Open is running!


**Wanders off into the thorn bushes**
It's Easter Morning and I'm sittin' here with a 40KW grin. This is the kind of music that gave bass players a reason to live! Thanks. R
Wow! I have to come back later and watch all of this when my ADD isn't kicking up so badly, because I really liked Pass the Hatchet.
All great music nana. Just goes to show us old geezers were pretty hip at one time. I read the comment thread, helluva party!
The Nevilles and Doc John are the only ones I know, but this looks to be a good primer for "Southern Soul." It's Easter morning, and everybody's sleeping in, so I'll hafta wait until later to play these. Thanks for the vids.
it's [yawn] morning and i just had to let you all know that i tried desperately -- desperately -- to listen to nana's restarted dance-y tune last night but the server that badly serves the SoCal dancers slammed the door -- slammed it hard and wouldn't let me in. and look at what cyril said to julie about the stem!!! :::@@:::

happy easter, bunnies.
this was great and thanks so much. Lived in New Orleans, about 5 blocks from Fats Domino's house....passed it everyday to go to school and we'd all sing My Blue Heaven
I shouldn't have to tell ya that you ought to be dragging that bait in House of Autry.
What a terrific collection! You've got the funk!
If ya wanna play the piano in Nawlins you gots ta '"fess it up."
(play it like Professor Longhair). This makes me want to go to Tipitina's at Napoleon and Tchoupitoulas. Think I will soon

I played my electric National in a Big Mardi Gras party this year. We had a 12 piece band. Outrageous costuming and dancers, a pianist who worked with Professor Longhair and the sax player toured 22 years with Fats Domino.The building shook all night.
like Candace I got completely cut off from OS last night...oh well sleep is nice too :) thanks for the play!
Thanks all for coming by the fish fry, and Happy Egg-laying Rabbits to all of you! The servers here were working fine last night so Cyril and I danced 'til sunrise. Sleep is over-rated: I just had several hours of it and feel like living hell.
guess rollerskating can't make me a tenderfoot like some.
It was a special night - thanks for all this.
kim, we're all glad you've returned.
also, our lives here aren't the same without you at the truckstop's helm.
I gave it up at 3am. No little ones here anymore to get up early so just slept in a bit. But moving slow no doubt. Fun fish fry and dancin.
*pout* i missed the party...and there was dancing n stuff too! dang it
Great Fun! Thanks :)
The Meters, Irma Thomas, Professor Longhair - yep, you've rounded up the best of the best we have to offer down here. If you don't listen already, I highly recommend checking out two radio shows: Nick Spitzer's American Routes (widely broadcast on NPR, streamed on WWNO at 6pm Sunday), and Soul Sister's excellent Soul Power show on WWOZ (8-10 Saturday). If you make it back down NOLA-way, be sure to catch her spinning live at Mimi's in the Marigny on Saturday nights after her WWOZ show.
I do find myself jonesing sooo bad for New Orleans. They say she gets into your blood, and it's very true. NOLA v's comment about wwno and wwoz.. I remember the joy I'd feel after the long drive there when I'd reach the north shore of the lake and finally could tune in those stations. After fighting fatigue hallucinations through Mississippi into Louisiana, I'd come alive on that 24 mile bridge, dancing in my truck seat to the sounds of New Orleans as the skyline became visible, all of a sudden wide awake and wide eyed.
The cat and I kicked up our heels to Dr. John. That cat sure can dance. I taught him when he was young. I don't know nearly as much about music as you do, but I do consider the Dixie Cups' Iko Iko the iconic one. I have 22 versions of that song. Don't ask my why. I get obsessions.
savng this for sunday
The dancing Saturday night/Sunday morning at the fish fry turned my Easter Sunday into a Bermuda Triangle of lost time, a veritable vortex of vicissitude if you will. I'm better now.

Cyril, I didn't gnow gnomes rollerskated. And Kim, what's this about you being gone and then getting back? I'm obviously out of the loop here, but then I often am. Rita, thanks for showing up!

Lorianne, you were missed, and Gigi, I'm glad you had fun.

NOLA Viajera, I will check out those programs, I'm always looking for new places to find good music. Thank you.

Indelible Ink, thank you also for the links. Zydeco is another gift to us from that area and is worthy of a post of its own.

Trig, that's a very well-written comment and tells me you may have a post on the topic coming up.

Padraig, I wish I still had my vinyl collection. There is something about that analog sound that can't be duplicated by digital media.

Sirenita, 22 versions of Iko Iko? Here's to obsession being balanced out by a healthy dose of compulsion!

Indelible, I obviously need to find that album on a P2P network and illegally download it. Again, thank you for sharing great music with us.

Rolling; but it's already Monday!
I will check out Waterfowl Blog and FreshWap, but I ordinarily use Soulseek. I've downloaded many hundreds of albums off of there and never had an issue with trojans or mal-ware of any kind.
slanty bold reminds me of someone I know. he/she sounds like Romeo and Juliet at 3am somehow.
It was a pretty good party for just posting a few tunes off a WMP playlist. Next week I may do reggae. And who IS that Slanty Bold character over at Tink's? I tried to start a alter ego for that comment thread but GMail wouldn't let me open an account without giving them my cell phone number for a text message to *prove I wasn't a robot.* kpffft!
Youse knows me, I'm Slanty Bold, from down the street. I's heards about this place and I's was like, YO! SOUNDS LIKE A FUN PLACE TO DO MY THANG, so here's I is!!!!!

Youse all dos some nice stuff here, I's hopes I can keep up with it!

Sees youse in the funny papers!
I ain't no Tink, I's Slanty Bold! Sheesh, whose's this 'Tink' fella?
Tis 3;13AM Rand J would be just about a heartbreak now so pass a SLANTY BOLD see I just can't do it..
and tomorrow i am off to the beach, hungover or not.
We actually don't know who Tink is. He claims to be a cat from Indyucky but after tonight I suspect he's Pygmalion X111.2, agent for the Mossad and nasal sex fetishist.

Rita, IQ, are we talking about Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits? That's a good'un!
Hangovers are illegal on Tuesday mornings.
oh yeah DS, Romeo and Juliet, it's a 3oclocker.
Well ticket me then if Tuesdays are illegal for hangovers. Monday's suck. I happen to have off tomorrow and I am driving a couple hours to the beach.
Who wants to road trip? Tuesdays are a great hookey day.
I'll make some CD mixes for the roadtrip. I also need one of those beach towels. IQ, make sure to pack plenty of R&J's, shaken, not stirred.
Ok I guess I gotta put up R/J tonight Slanty and Nana.
Wait, R&J is the song, not a mixed drink. I think Tink's post tonight sapped what little synaptic activity I'm able to muster these days.
I 'll drive, just don't look at the speedometer, settle in. just wear a hat and sunglasses, top will be down.
winery stop half way.
SPF 145? What, have I lived in a cave my whole life? On the other hand it's been a long winter so maybe so...

I've added R&J to the post by request, and a Radiohead song which is appropriate for OS insomnia. I can drive to Rita's area in about 19 hrs if we don't stop to pee. Be here at dawn.
Changed the Radiohead to the studio version. It's better.
You don't have to hold it. That's what 2-liter pop bottles are for.
Oh I was just putting up a R/J post. 19hrs, I got two guest rooms we can bunk up then take off for the beach... we can have a nice spring bonfire in the woods here then take off for the beach.
I will plump the pillows.
I appreciate the music but the video is a bit 80's cheesy. Although the hair looks scarily familiar.
You'll recognize me by my spray-tan orangeness and IQ by a certain tenseness to her walk. I like an Ande's mint placed on my pillow and mimosa's for breakfast if you don't have Bloody Mary fixin's.
She won't use the pop bottle, that's the problem. And yes, the hair on the vid is way too poofy.
After the bonfire there will be no tenseness to her walk.
mint on the pillow.. sure. will you feel it.. prolly not. after 19hrs straight I will embark on finding some herbals that will make you forget about liter bottles altogether.
Mason jars are actually more user friendly but in an accident they can break, spreading dangerous broken glass around the vehicle. "Safety first" is the only sane motto for road trips. Herbals are good though once one's destination has been reached. Peyote for instance adds a certain shamanistic ambience to a good campfire.
Or psilocybin. That'll take the tenseness out of even a 19-hour stint of nonpeeing.
It's best to remember a container as it was before the pee. And yes, one can stop at rest stops, though it demonstrates a certain lack of masculinity. There would be at least two stops to get gasoline, which allows for guilt-free wazzing. Is "wazzing" a real word? It seems like it is, I think the ladies on Absolutely Fabulous used it to denote micturation, though maybe that's my synapses misfiring. The ol' dendrites and axons ain't what they used to be.
wasn't there an ex-astronaut that used diapers when racing against time cross county? I'll be waiting car packed whenever you two slanties decide to hit PA.
hey there is a lot to be said for a good ole road stop along the way.
meant the one that's on its way. the one that isn't here but is expected and the one that we all know will be here soon - why is everyone turning slanty bold?
turned my Easter Sunday into a Bermuda Triangle of lost time, a veritable vortex of vicissitude if you will.

what was that again??

waddles away scratching her weary head
IQ, Rita, y'all are thinking of that insane astronaut lady who drove in Depends to Florida to murder a woman who had a relationship with her astronaut boyfriend. I need to state for the record that I'm against road trips taken with the aim of committing major felonies.

Rolling, we became slanty bolds to defend ourselves from the vicissitudes of vengeful spammers. The spam was off the hook last night. :(
I wonder if Rita made it to the beach this morning. I hope so, we need her to scout out the best spots for the coming OS East Coast Sun Surf & Psychedelics meet-up.
Most Americans don't realize it, but true Jazz was invented in the Soviet Union by Georgi Palokowakosky. He blended it in a dialectical manner. Much has been written about this. Russia also invented the car, lightbulb, brick, sun, moon and disposable toilet paper square.
sigh, wish I went to the beach today... I vote to cancel all tues in the future. They all suck and one monday in a row is bad enough.
Julie, I second the motion that Tuesday be banned from the weekly round of days and that we just skip right to Wednesday. To make up for the shortened week we'll add 12 hours each to Saturday evening and Sunday morning.

Ernesto, I've read of Comrade Palokowakosky in Pravda in an article titled "The People's Committee on Culture Corrects Decadent Western Reactionary Lies." Though of mixed Ukrainian and Cossack blood he was awarded the Red Star of the Comintern for his contributions to world musical heritage. As I remember it, his odd notions about syncopation were a result of cranial injuries suffered while battling bourgeois elements in Nizhniy Novgorod shortly before the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk.
nana, I have the post ready to go on the OS Sun and Surf Road Trip.
coming soon to a spam ridden site near you.....
Excellent work Rita. With any luck many people will be insane with jealousy at not being able to make it to the meet-up, thus generating a wave of posts detailing how those of us who did get there had no business rubbing it in everyone's faces. If handled properly, and spam permitting, the resultant flame wars will last for weeks.
I am loved here!! ~TEARS~ And some spammers added me as friends last night but I'm guessing they must have gotten deleted!! Damn those Spam Cops killing off my friends like that!!

Two bottles of Mad Dog 20/20 in memory of Asdlfghh hhgfldsa and Ashley Croften!!! Two friends I never got to know, but I imagine their posts were like

OFF THE HOOK 45435345 345 345 345 34 5 345 35 35 345 345 5 34 534 5 345 345 34 5 35 345 34 53 45 345 3453 453 5345 345 34 53 45 345 34 !!!

South side, in the HAWSE!!!

Whatever the hell that means!! Slanty Bold, still alive, this morning was a rough one, wasn't it? Spammers to the left of me, spammers to the right of me and some lady from Madison Wisconsin wanting me to add her as a 'date' over at some dating site!!!

I did and now, we're in 'a relations and it's complicated' sure is!! EEK!!!
It is also not widely known that the Soviet Peoples invented soul food, R&B and Gospel music. Lenin, in fact, was great admirer of Atheist Gospel hymns, but these were usurped and turned into a form of vulgar Christian musical idolatry in the United States. Thanks for your assistance. Together, we can set the record straight and make the future more glorious for workers, soldiers and comrades, all--> Vanguards of our Soviet Revolution!
Exactly. Kind of like the ole Vegas of lore.
Tink, spammers or not, you're loved here as you're loved nowhere else, except for maybe at some other places. I do hope that if you're now in a relationship with a Wisconsinite you at least *scored* in a virtual or preferably analogue manner. Please PM me the details and any pictures or video that seem appropriate.

IQ, er, Slanty, that poem moved me in Seussish ways I can't even describe. I do hope you're aware that last week was the deadline for doing your taxes.

Comrade Che, I'm still laughing from your poopy pants story but we shall not let ill-timed, explosive diarrhea thwart the will of the proletariat!

Rita, I thought you might remember the Vegas caper. Good times!
Dear Nana, please find PM sent at 7:45 PM today with link to pictures of me and DarlingYung1 at our first meeting today at Wankers.com, we decided it would be better to visit on a site that was neutral ground for the both of us!

It was a very nice meeting, she has big feet, like a man, which I like. Her toe hair is almost as long as my hair on my back, which makes for a great conversation starter as you are very well aware.

I am loved here and probably will stick it out for as long as possible.

Open.Salon gave me life and how do I repay it?

By thumbing my nose at it. Very rude of me indeed. I have taken the first strike and repeatly have abused myself in punishment of this dastardly act.
Tink, I think DarlingYung1 is actually a hirsute hermaphroditic Thai midget who works out of Branson, Missouri, though down there (s)he goes by "Cum Uv Sum Yung Boi." Ask him if she still does that thing with the ping pong balls.

IQ, is that what's going on, a Mortifying Disclosure open call? I wondered why Ernesto was so eager to write about the time he crapped his pants in college. I have many mortifying, some would even say disgusting and hideous, stories to share but I doubt I'm gonna post them for a open call. Not unless it guarantees me a cover slot. Regarding April 30th, yeah, Canada's just a wild and crazy, devil-may-care place, making its tax day fall a full two weeks after ours! One of these days we're gonna have to tidy up our borders with y'all, tidy 'em up all the way to Ellesmere Island. :-|
I mets this one woman online, well, she had a penis, but she said it was 'an anonamly' whatever the hell that means, anyways, she did this thing with her tonsils no woman has ever done to me.

If I hadn't been 'prone to premature ejaculation' I so would have taken her home to meet mama, god rest her soul.

No, Mama not dead, she just sleeping, for a really long time!
Though messy, and not very satisfying for anyone involved, in s0me cases premature ejaculation is a blessing in disguise. RIP Slanty's mom.
there are a whole boatful of slanties bolding around here. i think all of us should change our names to some subtle variation of that, don't you? just **think** of all the minds we could mess with. whoa.
my husband grew up in the South and claims that even a street musician could sell out a bar in Wisconsin...I believe him. This was great - thanks.
i usually dont know wats going on around here. but sometimes, i get it...sometimes.
I had the joy of seeing Dr. John open for Neil Young last year in a concert (in Pensacola) to raise money for oil spill victims. It was sadly apparent that a lot of the audience was unfamiliar with the good doctor.

Speaking of music that is probably unfamiliar to most of the rest of the nation... I was in a bar in New Orleans (what are the odds of that, huh?) with a friend from the Midwest--her first time in the Big Easy--and the house chanteuse was belting out "Wang Dang Doodle" and I was just happily singing along when I was SHOCKED! to discover that my amiga had never even heard of it.

Don't our schools teach kids anything important anymore???

Thanks for doing your part to educate and entertain America :)
I'll have to wait until I get home to play these videos - so I can turn it up loud!
tht was the last thing I heard this Sunday and it has been a long one - good night Nana and thanks.