APRIL 1, 2011 5:27PM

I Apologize for the Flame Wars & the Razzing & Incivility

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I've been a member of OS for two and a half years now, and despite having the best of intentions to fit in and fly right, I have, on at least one and possibly even on two occasions, made remarks which deviated from the accepted norms of fulsome praise and formulaic, "This is such a moving post, rated" commentary.  Worse, I can't help but notice that, from time to time, somehow, I find myself involved in disputes of a sometimes acrimonious nature.  It shames me deeply to admit these things, and I feel the need to say there is no place here for the type of incivility which I have on occasion taken part in.  I humbly beg forgiveness for my uncouth behavior and promise that in the future I'll try to be a worthwhile member of our blogging platform/mutual admiration society, and, further, I hereby extend a heartfelt, shame-faced apology to anyone who may ever have been distressed by any of my actions or words during my time in Open Salon. 



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oh yeah, *checking calendar*, ok... for a second there I'd thought you'd flipped your gourd
You are a model of magnanimity.
Will your comments look like this from now on: http://open.salon.com/blog/gratiutous_nudity/comments, a stream of kind sweet commentary?

I think there is a lot to be learned from this particular OS character. A gushing erudite fountain of praise, love and devotion. It takes a certain nature to spew such sweetness and a certain festering cesspool of a soul and mind to fall for the devotion.
Less waste
More couth
no shame or apologize
hangout with Ritha shibr's ilk.
o say`
"sex in Galilee" on Open Salon.
If out of 'Ban' deodorant and/or\
'Right Guard' YA's just use Pine-Sol.
You add a constructive critique. Yes.
You underarms no smell. Kerry L.'s?
I could not comment this morning.
Please ask?
Kerry L.?
Why not?
no kiss eh`
bah editor`
smell his `
You're only an asshole if you never admit to being wrong.
No, problem.

I Love, Ya' man.

Oh, Nana...I never felt threatened by YOU.

But, if we are self-policing this place. I say my blog on how to act on my blog is acceptable.

Now can you put the gun pictures back up?

They really move me....
Oh my God. Not only beautifully written (natch) but such a story, I'll be thinking about it for a long, long time. Oh, a long time. I am most struck by how you tell a story that has such a component of tragedy with such spareness and emotional economy, no sentimental ick to cheapen the weight. It's funny and intriguing and loving.

I have lots to say, but would end up writing a post of my own here in the comments. You are the finest writer and probably the finest human being I've ever encountered in my life. Bless you for bringing this sort of insight, and, dare I say it, nobility, to everything you turn your hand to.
Don't you hate it when people don't know you're joking, and then you gotta explain it to them, and you both feel bad?
I agree .. more gun pictures.. makes everyone know who's boss around here:)
rated with hugs
Marlene was a piece of work, wasn't she?

i'll wait till tomorrow to laugh in public over this...k?

i adore you nannananananana...and not in the OS kinna way
BOOOOO peace, love and understanding! Bring on war, hate and miscommunication or I'll cap your ass!
Marlene is a hero of mine, her Stygian sorrow being a near-perfect match with my ouevre, but you are a pussy.
Nana, I have always thought that you are one of the best writers on OS. Such beautiful wordsmithery. Such poignant stories. And such honest self-evaluation. I SOOOO wish I could write like you.

Nope. Hell isn't freezing over. I just checked with some of my friends there:)
OS without acrimony = potatoes without salt.
Wonderful! I will ride my pig that flies over to your neck of the woods for that big group hug.
Why aren't more of you people Liking this post on Facebook?


Ooops, I mean, thank you all for your kind words. I saw a raccoon get squarshed by a SUV today and had an epiphany about the need for some serious self-examination. Namaste.
hey, congrats on thaat big fish you caught and sorry that you spend so much time on the phone.
You ole' softy you!
Karma Sutra! Hugs!

But wait. Is this April fools rascal trickery? Do I need to come over there and smack someone? Are you being held hostage? Just use your duress word for the day...we'll be right there!

What are we going to do when our most articulate and ventricular champion against trollery is acting like it's all Little House on the Prairie up in here?

*wanders off, muttering:

"Bullshit...going all soft on us...admitting to faults....hearts and shit...cmdndgmumble mumble..*
Geez Scanner, that's not a very nice thing to say to a guy over 45.

now imagine this being spoken by Doc Holliday in a lovely thick southern accent...
almost believable, elegantly written (which is much better than believable, at least in my book)
no one really likes formulaic praise now, do they?
hauntingly beautiful
You know I LOVE THIS!!!!!!! Marlene kann es sure singen!!!!!!!!
Hell just froze over, ja!!!????
I have a confession to make. I didn't just see a racoon get squarshed today. I squarshed him myself, but the little fucker cut me off as I was trying to make the intersection before the light turned yellow. He had to die, but pointless as his death was I feel I've learned something from it. ::sob::
oh this is worrisome...
told ya...

some critters just need killin'.
though using an suv is not the ninja way
Priceless. Glad to see you're back on your medication, Nana.
What the heck was a raccoon doing out in the daytime?
It was probably rabid. You did your community a service.
BTW, how long have you been driving a soccer-mom vehicle?
Soccer mom my ass, it has 4WD and a bike rack and little thingies in the back to attach bungee cords to.

Ooops, I mean, I feel it's best to embrace my feminine side. I've always mourned my lack of an uvula.
My post went nothing like that you know, ha! Oh, just grow up and get over it.

:-) LOL he he he You honestly cannot bother me anymore.
What post?

"You honestly cannot bother me anymore."

That's what the raccoon said.
If you can't bother Victoria, can I?
I accept your apology even though you have never done anything to offend me. I ljust like accepting apologies. I have a colleciton of them. Maybe one day I will write a post about it. BTW, you had me at Marlene. That is one haunting song. R
raccoons can be so disruptive.
Did the epiphany really happen on your birthday? Happy belated!!
Raccoons are the strangest creatures around, both in looks and behavior. They ate our cat and dog food, did not touch the rabbit pellets, tore a brand new screen and opened a window to do it and managed on a few other occasions to open a heavy sliding glass door and get into our kitchen pantry, another floor up, without detection. What is it god intended raccoons to do here anyway? One day our little family of 3 that used to stare at us through that sliding glass door, simply disappeared. So did our cat.
What Rita ((((((((said)))))))).
i once had an epiphany...

but my mom made me take it back to the pet store.
cindy P will certainly appreciate this.... seriously

on the racoon, I agree with the dude from the trailer court,
it was probably sick or demented, like... well, I'll just shut up now!
Yeah, but how will you feel about it on April 2nd?

Besides nobody can offend me except fernsie.
Alopecia? now THATS funny
This is simply the best post I've ever read!!

And you can get a uvula at any soccer match for $3.00
you dork. males have uvulas, too. they just don't have vuvulas.

namaste backatcha. pffffft.
Alopecia is damn funny. I think it was actually Annayomamatizer, but a peg leg's as good as a fanny-pack in the land of the one-eyed king.

Grif, remember back when our only worries were invading Canada and making fun of Dr. Amy? I realize now I've strayed from the ethos of those halcyon times and that it's best to make amends. On some level, I knew there had to be a reckoning, and it seemed best that I turn over a new leaf before I alienate everyone. ~sniffle, hONk~
Namaste backwards is "Etsaman." It means the same thing as when you make the Ozzy finger-horns at a Sicilian.

I don't care anymore.


Could you please grown up? And if not grow up, why do you have to ask your brother to fight with me?

If you want to let's do it on your blog this time, ok then?
nana - you are making me all teary eyed too. OS life is just sooooooooooooooo hard these days. Dr. Amy seems like a friend in comparison to present times. Ah for the good ol days where everybody ganged up on one OSer at a time. People just aren't the same - starting fights all over the place. Random hatred is hard to understand compared to organized hatred. God I miss those good times.
and I don't live in a trailer court!
Whatever. You're still hot.
double rate for Padraig's Alopecia!
and Art James following me over.
I hope the S..... poem will not offend him.
I honor your feelings Nana, and want to write something just for you.
Surely goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life: and you shall dwell in the house of OS forever ...
or some such shite.
wait a second...femme? why cant guys have volvos? thats sexist!
Grif is right. The hatred anymore is just so...disorganized. Back in the day there was Dr. Amy and that was pretty much it for someone to loathe, except for a random blogger we'd pick by lottery to attack on the weekends. Nowadays, with such a target-rich environment, it's harder to promote a sense of community.

Isn't the uvula next to the fallopian tubes?
Let's face it, conformity is boring, don't be afraid to let your inner 2 year old out on occasion
Yes... time to bite the old olive pit.

But I hear that coonskin caps are back in vogue...
I applaud your courage and bravery in writing this moving testament, Nannie. (Remember when shoveling on the fulsome praise to diminutize the blogger's screen name so it sounds like you guys are BFF's who meet weekly at Starbucks to go over ideas for new, inevitably-EP posts.)
I'm mostly away for a day and look what I miss. I should have known today would be *special*.

Anyway, I figure that now that your slate is clean, you can start all over again tomorrow. Fresh flames, dazzling razzing and incivility of a high odor, er, order. TOMORROW NIGHT IS SATURDAY NIGHT!
Snipper-doodles, don't let that secret out or everyone will be using it. And please don't piddle on the carpet, I'm out of paper towels.

'Til this evening, I feared I'd ne'er again feel the disturbing warmth of a strange dog humping my leg, or bask in the glow of a post which all my friends acknowledge should win an Editor's Pick if not a Pulitzer Prize.
No, Myriad, no more flames for me. Squarshing that raccoon changed me.
Patricia, I'd never stoop to such a trick, not unless it would get me in the top rated feed.
Nana, you complete me....don't tell Uncle Gary I got his password. OK?
The secret's out, Nannie. Myriadie, Patricie, sweetfeetie and Garie were spied at the Smoothie Shack on Broadway, admiring EP's and plotting to be the next wave of OS Elite (along with Mumbletypeggie.)
Phew - I got kinda scared here.... (Thanks for being a 'constant' in my OS life!)
"Isn't the uvula next to the fallopian tubes?"

It depends on where your mouth is at the time...
Larrie - you are so funnie!
If I wasn't so damned pleased with my own altered sense of reality right now..I'd probably appreciate your heartfelt apologies here all the more.
You are an example of the finest of gentlemen here, nana!
It's so good to see familiar OSers like Gary and Mynameise and Snippster-reno and JD the Studliest Man on OS and Larry the cunnilingist (sp?) and new OSers like Amy's Uvula and Dead Raccoon and...wait a minute. That raccoon shouldn't be here, I got it with two wheels!
Just enjoying it all ....
A vulture boards an airplane, carrying two dead raccoons. The stewardess looks at him and says, "I'm sorry, sir, only one carrion allowed per passenger."
Kelly, watch out for JD; he's had affairs with at least 15 OS women and the number is growing daily.

I knew that raccoon was a foul revenant when it didn't rate my post. There's some kind of Pet Sematary shit going on here, there's no denying it.

Disco, did the Toxic Avenger know how to assuage a fallopian tube?
Drum roll for Lorianne please! That story has an echo in the real world; I saw on CNN a while back the passengers on some flight or another started noticing maggots dropping out of the overhead luggage storage. Somebody caught it all on their video camera, the maggots dropping, the people screaming, here and there some vomiting. Turns out someone had left a roast beef sandwich up there which had gone all festery.
lorianne, calling them stewardess gets you a seat next to the toilet.
Padraig, I'm not sure why V thought this post was directed at her. It wasn't directed at anyone specific, was a generalized April Fool's kinda thing. And Larry, isn't being next to the toilet preferrable?
Peace and love. Peace and Love.

Oh, and thanks for the box of uvula-scented Scentsy air fresheners. That was so SWEET of you!! R
yes it is Nana, especially flying back from Mexico.
I was going to ask you what flavor of humble pie you were eating until I noticed the date. But if you really ran over the raccoon, I hope you took him home and froze him for later use. I can give you a great recipe for Rack of Coon. Tastes like chicken.
i was on a flight not long ago with a stewardess (why they changed their job titles i cannot fathom) who looked a lot like a raccoon. (i typed 'raccoom' which is way funnier). i'm pretty sure she drove a volvo, too.

extra ratings for the misspelling of preferrable and the use of 'festery.'

~walks off in a grammarian snit~
Nana, don't fly much do ya?
(and no, not preferable, not unless you're fond of the smell of diarrhea)
O uvulas vuvulas, vuvulas y uvulas... they're all coonskin caps to me ;~)
shit, typing too slow tonight....:) I'll go back to drinking and reading you all

Rim shot! That killed me..
"Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done"

I fly every couple years or so, it's just that sometimes I have Urgent Bowel Syndrome. Vuvulas y uvulas por todos, and uvula-scented thingies for your rear view mirror! Preferrable has as many Rs in it as I feel like using. :|
eet ees preferrrrrrrrrable to speak with a spanish accent. like when you say "tequila porrrrrr todos." or vuvulas with UBS, whatever.
Don't mock me Candace. And Marjie is mistaken, raccoon tastes a little like pork, not quite as good bear but way better than possum. Avoid possum if at all possible.
rrrrrrrrrrruffles have rrrrrrrrrrridges
As good AS bearrrrr, I meant to say. It's tragic so many mammals must die to feed our insatiable appetite for mammals.
Larry, can you do the Frito Bandito? God what a racist commercial that was.
larry, you're starting to remind me of that guy on the Dos Equis commercial, 'the most interesting man in the world.'

There's no way to "like" your post on Facebook - I tried it. At least I think I did. And if you really want a uvula I'll sell you mine. I'm done having kids so I don't need it anymore but it's still got a few good years left.
No way Candace. Larry is Keith Stone:

It's infection free, I promise! The doctor said that experimental drug trial I participated in would keep those sores from ever coming back.
Thank you Marjie. I can always have it rebuilt, maybe install some airshocks and Dayton rims and one of those horns that plays "La Cucaracha."
nawww, jeff. hold larry's pic up to the Most Interesting guy's face. dead ringer. plus, being surrounded by all those women and being able to rrrrrrrrroll his rrrrrrrrrrrrr's. slam dunk.

hi, marjie!!
No way Candace. Larry wouldn't be caught dead with a weenie imported beer. He's smooth like Keith Stone and that's final.
Raccoon, Mr. Fett, you're sounding a little uncivil there. This is about getting along, not about child labor or feeding on penises. Raccoon meets SUV and raccoon dies; it's the circle of life and there's no reason to hold a grudge for it.
Hi Candace!

FunFetti: There is only one point to having kids and that is to live vicariously through them. Unfortunately, I only have four and right now the pickings are slim at best. I am insanely jealous of the Duggers.
Marjie, take this raccoon home with you, it can stand in for one of your children once they fly the nest. You might want to get some extra Stick-Ups too, it's getting a little ripe.
Oh,a post about raccoons, sadness. One night I got three on one curve, so did the people behind me but I got them first. When I got on the Interstate I got a pheasant and on my way home I got a concrete block.True story, gruesome night, roads are for cars, don't drive in South Dakota. Cursed Bonneville, spendy repairs too. Annoyed husband, I sold it. Bought a lucky DeVille instead.

Great post, thank you.
It's a tragedy to not be able to "like" comments. Like the one from Margaret F. And sssssoooomany others.
Speaking of transfat, I've heard McDonald's has begun doing their fries in salvaged fat from liposuction operations. In a world of shrinking resources it just makes sense.

Bleue, I ran over a backhoe one night while driving home from a Pee Wee Herman costume party. Didn't run over it so much as into it, the boom part with the scoop to be exact, it was extended across the street to keep people from driving into the giant hole on the other side. My Granada looked like an accordion the next morning when I woke up next it on the sidewalk across from my house. Wound up selling it for scrap, which is ironic 'cause I still owed a years worth of payments.
Are you comparing my kids to maggoty, turgid road kill? Because I run a pretty tight ship here which is why I'm sure all four will still be hanging around long after I'm gone. In fact, they probably won't even realize they're tripping over my rotting carcass on their way to the fridge.

@aim: I never pander to "like" with my comments. I go straight for "reverential awe."
Oh a year, jeez how awful! It's a good thing you didn't have a husband or you would have had to wear a bustier and garter belt with seamed stockings to tell him. Things even out (almost).

A backhoe? Hmmm, were you wearing a Pee Wee Herman costume? Do you have photos? I like photos and I bet you would get liked on facebook with those photos (not the bustier, best to be demure).
thank you, nan, and while you are feeling properly humble, did you notice my shoes need shining?
@Aim, I did not mean to but cdnt help it once you appeared - Margaret F sounds and reads like a fun sporting straight forward and intelligent person and you would love her header :) and even I laughed at a lot of comments here today. I dont usu like the Leapin Larry person but his comments here today were fun too and less toxic than normal - in fact, so far nearly everyone has been non-boring (and I mean it both conditionwise and actionwise) (you know how it gets on OS?) and well, fun. You need a hug ((aim)). Nana's house is a great party place today. Felt good to be here
Disco Kid - I've found the most efficient and economic way to deal with children is on a rotation basis. I unshackle and allow only one out of the storm cellar at a time, and I never tell them how long their time above-ground will last. It keeps them on their toes and in my good graces. Also, holidays and things like Halloween are a lot cheaper since I only have to deal with one. I don't do birthdays - never told them when theirs were.
Heh, I believe in bipartisanship, too.

Maybe you just like the "making-up" part? I've heard of people like that before.
Bob, and his friend Joe went out hunting. This was Joe’s first time ever hunting, so he was following Bob’s lead.

Bob saw a small herd of deer and told Joe to stay in the exact spot he was and to be quiet!

After a few minutes, Bob heard a loud scream. He ran back and asked Joe what had happened.

Joe said "There was this snake and he slithered across my feet, but I never screamed.

Then there was this bear that came up to me and snarled, but I never screamed."

"So then what did make you scream," Bob asked, exasperated. "Well," Joe continued, "two squirrels crawled up my pants and I overheard them say, "Should we take them home or eat ’em now?""

sorry...i ran out of raccoon jokes.
Hakuna Matata

Der Fuhrer Fett: Why are you not on prime time. Why does that Super Nanny Brit twit get a show ("Emily, that is not assEPTable behaviour") where you know those brats are going to go right back to their disrespectful ways after she trots out the front door, when you promise real change. You decisively put to rest the silly notion of time-outs as punishment. Iron fist and abject fear are what works best in child rearing. You are equal parts Dr. Seuss, Dr. Spock and Pol Pot. You must get the word out! Children everywhere should be trembling but grateful parents will worship you like a rock star.
Lorianne, two guys from Arkansas were driving out to the country to go bear hunting. They came to a fork in the road where a sign read "BEAR LEFT" so they went home.

Rolling, Larry's not toxic at all. He's a little sarcastic sometimes but, as witnessed by this post, I like sarcasm. Sarcasm can set us free.

Al; bless ya, guvnor, let me get my shinebox...

Rick; ewwww!

Junk; then it wasn't a waste of time.

Marjie, Disco, I'll stay out of the way and let y'all carry on your Mr. Rogers meets Saw child-rearing discussion.
Bleue, I'm sure if I posted pics of myself in a bustier I'd get lots of new FB friends.
Because of this post, you can have fresh Stolichnya....8)
Comrade Che, I feel my bout of self-criticism has purged bourgeois sentiments from my personal dialectic. CAPITAL IS RECKLESS OF THE HEALTH OR LENGTH OF LIFE OF THE LABORER, UNLESS UNDER COMPULSION FROM SOCIETY.


Your vodka ration has been satisfactorily doubled, in light of your growing self-awareness, Comrade. As you continue on your journey of re-education and class conscious awareness of the errors of your prior class position and the thought-crimes inherent to this state, your vodka ration will gradually increase.

In time, Comrade, you will be permitted, perhaps, 3 bottles of Stolichnya each day. May it fortify you for the coming struggles ahead!

Workers of the World, Unite!
Comrade Che, for 3 bottles of Stoli I'd clean the politburo's latrines with a toothbrush. As Trotsky once said, "Fascism is nothing but capitalist reaction." Forward through solidarity with the people!

Disco, it seems to me that the financial meltdown of '08 may be the death knell of American capitalism. Now, if we had learned something from that meltdown and taken it seriously enough to implement real changes in our system, I'd be more optimistic, but we didn't and we and haven't. Capitalism, after wringing every bit of loot it could from our country, has left us sitting here in the rusting, gutted wreckage and has moved on to bigger and better things. The moneyed classes here don't want a healthy, educated, dynamic work force; they want serfs. I say the prospective serfs may as well start lining capitalist running dog motherfuckers up against a wall and machine gunning them down.

I didn't know You were on FACEBOOK, so I'll go like You RIGHT now, but, sniffle, sniffle, I, already, died.

Love Ya' Brother.

Peace, out!
"Now, would you like me to tell you tales of how communism, like capitalism, can be manipulated to control and take away goods from a populous? "

*gleefully claps hands and sits cross-legged on the story-time rug* oh yes please mr fett!
yayyyy story-time. will there be juice and cookies later?
Mark, I'm sorry to hear that. :( Luv ya too, man.

But...story time? Tales? hee hee hee! Mr. Fett, I'm a student of history (prehistory too, which is the same thing but without writing), and can recite an account of it, if you like, from the beginnings of agriculture and the first cities to what's happening right this second. In detail. I'm very well-acquainted with what happened under communist regimes, and I wasn't suggesting we should follow in Stalin's or anyone else's footsteps. All I was saying is that we need to start machine gunning down some motherfuckers. Sheesh!
I'm by no means "da man" but when someone asks me "Now, would you like me to tell you tales of how communism, like capitalism, can be manipulated to control and take away goods from a populous (sic)?" I take it as them saying I'm a dumb-ass. For the revolution we need thrash and hardcore punk, not Prince, and don't ever mention Lionel Richie on my blog again.
Nice to see that banner again..
Ric, it's good to see ya! I didn't even know I still had it, but I was going through a folder with old banners in it and there it was. Thank you for crafting it for me, both for me to use the first time and to rediscover and enjoy all this time later.
This is rather interesting; just as the thing calling itself "Stellaa" rated this post, I got a page load from someone in Florida. I won't post the town and IP addy at this time, but I do find it a curious coincidence. Hmmm...
She's rating my posts too. Apparently we were "warned." Florida...let me think on that a little.
the weirdness around here never ceases to amaze me. some folks just need to get outside...

when the urge to start a new identity here comes over you take a walk or somethin'.
Weird is not the word. How bizarre is it that my child-rearing techniques are mocked, yet lining up capitalists against a wall and machine-gunning them down is suggested not once but TWICE as a solution to - something.

lorianne, you have great taste in music!
Marjie, look at what's been happening for the last thirty years; salaries for the middle and working classes remaining stagnant even as the productivity of the American worker increased by a large margin and even as the corporate sector kept setting records for profits; an ever-increasing gap between those at the top and all the rest of us; the poverty rate climbing; the scapegoating of teachers and unions and the least powerful among us to divert attention from who the real enemy is; a tightening grip on the levers of government by a plutocracy which has moved from just gaming the system to gutting the system for short term profit. These things and others constitute class war, and I say if that's what they want we should oblige them.

Emma, Lorianne; it's sad is what it is, and kinda nauseating.
It's too bad they all couldn't have had me for a mother. I'da learned 'em right.
You mean "larned" not "learned." Get your hillbilly English right for God's sake!

I got another weird page load on this post today. It was from a computer in the Department of National Defense in Ottawa. I guess that's the Canadian equivalent of our DoD. They're apparently still using Windows XP there, which I guess isn't that surprising given the soshalistikul nature of Canada's government.
You're crackin' me up over here Kim. As they say in Joisey, da oily boid gets da woim.
Whatever happened to Dr. Amy? I miss her.....she was a good un, always with a kind word, like 'Apple sauce!' or 'Funtin' Prunes!' or something like, maybe not prunes.

I also miss the days of Roses, where we would get naked at mid afternoon and roll around in the horse dung.

Don't ask me why we called it Days of Roses. It just seem like the thing to do.

Ahh, the good ole days.

**Wanders off into the thorn bushes for tea**
Ah, the Daze of Rozez. Remember when you won an EP for posting those Photoshopped pics of Nancy Grace dressed up as a Baskin Robbins employee while giving a blow job to Lou Dobbs? It was then I realized the Gutter Krew had something to contribute here at OS, and I still hold to that ideal of artistic expression and fake celebrity porn.
Bueno! Just checkin' in sayin hey ya'll!
W&B! What up wich yer bad self?
Hey, nana !!! Things have been a lil tough in W&B land.. My ol man got laid off this last week and my mother-in-Law was in town daring me to whack her.. I'm still recovering...(((sigh)))). If only killin' mil's was legal!
I'm sorry to hear that. :( Fortunately, killing mother in laws is legal if you don't get caught. It's just a matter of disposing of the body parts properly.
don't I wish!!!! she is considered toxic waste so disposal requires an epa permit i think...sooo not worth the trouble!
Toxic waste and mother in laws; you can't just cut 'em into pieces and bury 'em in the back yard.

I'm off for a drive in the country now. The hills are on fire and I'm gonna try and get some pitchers.