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APRIL 4, 2012 12:59AM

Hope When There is None?

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Jane Smithie, a woman I admired and thought of as friend here on OS went away yesterday. I hope she is back and talking again. Indomitable spirit this woman is about.


When everything indicates there is no reason to hope for better, or scope of action, it is stupid, selfish, to bank on hope. A waste of time. And space and resources.


"Don’t be a coward"

I wont have to cower or be a coward of you didn't attempt to intimidate me with your "Lets see if you behave" kind of talk. Especially since it is I that's going through some pretty bad hell. Or bad karma.

No matter how you look at it, as karma or undeserved hell, hell is hell and any intelligent person would be scared. And am not even that intelligent as you yourself so rightly pointed out, so am doubly scared bec I wdnt know how to save myself if hell broke loose and the roof over my head came down with the storm of rude tales that they tell.

When you say "Let's see if you behave" , doesn't it imply "You better, or else?" Wont that make people lose sleep bec they then think in terms of what ifs?

"What if your "behave" doesn't coincide with my my idea of "behave" and if worse comes to worse what if you decide I dont "behave"? What then?"

Can one live normally under such conditions? With a sword like that hanging on one's flimsy head? You tell me.

Any intelligent adult would be frightened. And you appear to have a terrible temper. So naturally anyone with a bit of sense would be terrified of you. There is no knowing what you might do at any given moment. For the devil was an angel once. The devil is dangerous bec he was an angel once. So, he can be a terrifying "either-or" experience that could swing one up over the top of the Himalayas or dash one to the depths of one hell of an ignominous death. And am just this alone person on the face of this earth that is forever ending up with her big toes inside her stupid mouth, a dumbo that is forever unwittingly rubbing people up the wrong way, absent-mindedly stirring up hornet's nests and getting herself into stupid stupid soup. Why wdnt I be frightened? And of what you say? Am stupid but am I really that stupid? 

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Rated for the pics!!!
I have no words I can not even imagine living like this and wish I could change it for you. I send you a wish for hope and a home to live in safely....
Yes, Tink, 31 March with the extended family here in a strange city was like one of the best days of my life.

Lunchlady, thank you for your wish, I do hope you wd also wish for Dear Jane Smithies and I hope someone that knows her or lives near her wd try and contact her, am going to also mail everyone - I feel a little anxious though I do know she is so strong and has such a sunny heart she wd make all her trouble bubble away like soap sud in no time.